Top Backup Generator Maintenance Service Mistakes You Should Avoid | Marion, SC

Top Backup Generator Maintenance Service Mistakes You Should Avoid | Marion, SC

Preventive maintenance and regular servicing are essential for running your backup generator smoothly. A reliable backup generator is an invaluable asset for any home – ensuring you have a backup plan for power outages and the peace of mind that your operations will continue in an emergency. But if you neglect properly maintaining and servicing your generator, even the best model can suffer serious consequences. To ensure you get the most out of your unit, there are a few common backup generator maintenance service mistakes you should make a point to avoid.

Not Running a Load Test Regularly

Your backup generator needs to be run under load at least once a month for 10 minutes or more to identify any performance issues. This will help ensure the engine works correctly and has enough fuel pressure and lubrication. Remember that running the test under load means connecting the generator to an electrical load like lights or appliances. Without running this test regularly, your generator won’t be able to adequately supply power when needed. Therefore, if you have been making this backup generator maintenance service mistake, start running load tests more frequently to help ensure the reliability of your unit.

Not Checking Battery Voltage and Charging System Performance

Your backup generator’s battery voltage should be checked monthly and recorded for future reference. You should also check your charging system performance regularly because if it isn’t functioning correctly, the battery won’t charge properly, leading to poor performance from the system. It’s also important to check the alternator brushes since they can wear down over time due to friction which will cause them not to make contact with each other properly, resulting in reduced power output from your generator. Certified technicians should do this backup generator maintenance service as they have the necessary skills and tools to properly diagnose and fix any potential problems. You don’t want to take any chances with a costly repair.

Not Replacing Fluids as Needed

You need to keep all your fluids topped up for your backup generator to function correctly and reliably. This includes coolant, oil, fuel filters, air filters, engine oil, and spark plugs, which should be replaced according to manufacturer recommendations or when necessary due to wear and tear or contamination. Not replacing these fluids can lead to decreased performance from your system and increased chances of breakdowns which could leave you without power when you need it most. Using the correct type of lubricant or coolant for your generator is also important, as using an incorrect type can lead to damage and costly repairs. Replacing fluids is a simple backup generator maintenance service, yet one that many people often forget about.

Not Checking the Fuel System

Not regularly checking your fuel system when performing backup generator maintenance service is a mistake you should avoid. An unchecked fuel system can lead to complications such as setting off faults due to contamination, so check it often. Fuel leaks in the system can cause engine failure, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. In addition, water in the fuel system can lead to corrosion over time, severely weakening your generator’s ability to function properly. Ultimately, paying attention to your fuel system during backup generator maintenance service could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs later.

Not Connecting the Generator to a Grounding Rod

One mistake homeowners should avoid when they diligently perform regular backup generator maintenance services is not connecting their generators to a grounding rod. Not connecting the generator to a grounding rod can result in an extremely dangerous situation as it can cause the voltage to fluctuate, leading to potential electric shock or even fire. These rods are designed to connect excess electricity and direct it away from the generator, protecting people nearby and the equipment from harm. Ensure your grounding rod is firmly and securely connected whenever you set up a new or existing generator or during maintenance checks for optimum safety.

Trying to Service It Yourself

It is no secret that many people are trying to save money by performing maintenance on their backup generators without professional assistance. While it is admirable to be budget-conscious, it is important to note that not all maintenance activities can be safely or correctly done without the help of a professional. Without the right tools and knowledge, servicing your generator incorrectly can lead to premature wear, catastrophic breakdowns, and sky-high repair bills. Instead of taking a chance with an improperly maintained machine, hire experienced backup generator maintenance service technicians. These professionals are familiar with generators and will ensure your unit runs reliably without major issues, saving you time and money in the long run.

Keep Your Backup Generator Working Efficiently and Safely

Backup generators are essential for keeping our homes safe and comfortable during power outages, but they require regular maintenance services to remain efficient and effective over time. Knowing some common mistakes people make regarding their backup generator maintenance services can help ensure these systems run smoothly while keeping us safe from potential hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning. By following these maintenance tips and ensuring regular servicing of your generator, you can have peace of mind that your backup power is ready for use when you need it the most.​

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