Top Generator Repair Problems, Solutions, And Preventive Maintenance Practices | Florence, SC

Top Generator Repair Problems, Solutions, And Preventive Maintenance Practices | Florence, SC

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Generators are essential machines for the residential and industrial properties in Florence, SC. They ensure continuity of operations in homes and industries in case of an electrical outage. Generators malfunction for many reasons, and you should always be ready to troubleshoot the problems in both home and industrial environments. With a little knowledge on how to fix the common issues, you can ensure the shortest downtime possible after a problem occurs.

Common Generator Problems and Their Solutions

Low Coolant Levels

The most common culprits for low coolant levels are internal and external leaks. When you overwork your generator, excess heat is emitted, causing wear and tear on the coolant hoses. To prevent total failure of your machine, you have to seek generator repair services as soon as a leak is detected.

You should schedule a regular inspection of your coolant hoses and replace those with visible signs of damage. Another simple way to prevent coolant leaks is by periodically changing the coolant in your hoses according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Low Fuel Levels

When your generator fails to turn on, check the fuel level before you contact generator professionals. Failure to turn on could be a result of too low fuel for the engine to respond. It’s essential to check on the fuel level before turning your generator on because when it entirely runs out of fuel, air gets into the system and creates an airlock that takes much time to remove.

Generators are fitted with systems for monitoring fuel levels, which will alert you when you need to refuel your generator. At times, fuel level indicators malfunction and give the wrong signs. If you’re experiencing such a problem, contact experts in generator repair in Florence, SC.

Battery Malfunction

Battery failure is usually a result of human error and is common with all types of generators. When conducting a repair, the electrical board is shut down intentionally for safety purposes. This can be easily solved by flipping on the slot that had been turned off.

With time, the terminals that connect batteries to the generator accumulate dust and debris, preventing a strong connection between the two. You can scrub away the dirt using a wire brush and then ensure that the battery terminals are tight enough to restore a strong bond.

Clogged Air Filters

Generators have air filters used for filtering dirt, dust, and debris. When too much dirt accumulates on the air filter, then the generator will not be efficient. You should regularly inspect your air filters and replace them with new ones if they are too dirty. To avoid high replacement costs, professionals in generator repair recommend using a quality reusable air filter.

Other common generator problems include:

  • Weather damage
  • Pet damage
  • Sludge in fuel tanks and lines
  • Burnt components on the board
  • Damaged belts

How to Maintain Your Generator in Top Condition

To ensure that your machine serves you efficiently and for the longest time possible, conducting preventive maintenance is mandatory. The main benefits of regular maintenance are maximum reliability, reduced long-term costs, and minimum repairs over the long-run. Below are the key maintenance tips for preventing significant generator repairs.

Air Intake System Service

You should check for leaks, cracks, holes, and loose connections on the pipes and hoses in your generator. It would help if you did this every day to avoid other severe problems arising from delayed leak detection. Check for loose hose clamps and tighten them.

Inspect the air cleaning filters for dirt, dust, and debris. The frequency for replacing or cleaning your air filters is determined by the environment in which your generator operates. The paper cartridge filter in the air cleaner can be cleaned and reused if not damaged.

Exercise Generator Engine Regularly

Exercising your generator engine once a month for half an hour helps prevent oxidation of electrical contacts, provide reliable engine starting, use up the remaining fuel before it deteriorates, and keep the engine parts lubricated.

Check Engine Oil Levels

When the generator is shut down, allow some time for all the engine oil to settle back to the crankcase. After this, you can accurately read your engine oil level using a calibrated engine dipstick. You’ll check on not only the levels but also the viscosity of the engine oil. If the oil does not reach the full mark, refill it using the same quality and brand. If the oil is completely used up, make proper disposal to avoid environmental pollution. Ensuring that you have quality and sufficient lubrication oil can help prevent expensive generator repairs.

Servicing Batteries

Undercharged starting batteries often cause standby power system failure. When lead-acid batteries are charged and stored over time, they tend to deteriorate and lose the required charge, hence the need to replace them.

The batteries should be kept clean by wiping them with a clean damp piece of cloth every time they appear to accumulate dirt. If there is corrosion around the terminals, remove the battery cables and clean them too.

If your battery’s electrolyte level is low, fill the battery cell with distilled water up to the bottom of the filler neck. You can use a battery hydrometer to know the specific gravity of electrolyte in the battery cells. If it’s below the recommended level, you have to charge the battery.

General Generator Inspection

It’s essential to hire an expert in generator repair to check on the systems below regularly:

Fuel System

The fuel system is composed of fuel supply lines, return lines, abrasions, and filters. The generator repair expert will repair the leaks present and ensure that all the lines do not rub against any surface resulting in wear and tear.

Engine System

Check the coolant and oil levels, pressure, and temperature. Any change in engine performance indicates the need for urgent generator repair. Many engine problems show early signs like vibration, excess smoke, increased fuel and oil consumption, and misfires.

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