Top Generators Recommended By A Trusted Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

Top Generators Recommended By A Trusted Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

Electric failure can happen for many reasons, such as system failure, natural disasters, infrastructure breakdown, or load shedding. In such situations, everything goes dark, and a generator can save the day.

During power outages, a generator can keep the lights on in your home and most of your appliances running. Generators have become popular because of their reliability, and in 2015 approximately 51 percent of U.S. households were using generators.

This blog will focus on the different types of generators and their applications. It will also assist you in understanding their pros and cons. When choosing a generator for your home, you can also seek an opinion from a licensed generator installation company professional.

Whole House Generators

Also referred to as the standby generator, this system keeps all your appliances running, your HVAC system operating, and lights on in an emergency. You can connect most whole house generators to your home’s available power supply, including propane or natural gas.

Some of these machines come with backup power sources such as natural gas and gasoline; thus, they continue operating even when you run out of fuel.

These machines can turn on automatically in an emergency and do not require extension cords since they are connected to a home circuit cord. Also, they are designed in such a way that they can run for a long time.

However, homeowners in Dillon, SC, should expect to pay a heavy price for these generators, especially on initial cost and installation. You’ll also need a reliable generator installation company to perform annual maintenance to ensure it operates smoothly.

If you live in areas prone to natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes, you can contact a generator installation company to install a whole-house generator in your home.

Inverter Generator

This generator doesn’t work like other generators. Instead of running at a continuous speed like other generators, inverter generators automatically adjust their engine speed to meet your home’s electrical requirements. Thus, fuel consumption and noise are greatly minimized.

Technicians from a generator installation company recommend this generator since it produces clean energy, which is suitable for charging laptops, phones, and tablets.

For families or Individuals in Dillon, SC, planning to travel, go camping, or boating, this generator is the best fit for you; power can be stored in the generator. Also, the generator is easy to maintain.

However, compared to the portable generator, this generator is more expensive. The inverter also has a lower power outlet and cannot run massive electronics. But you can run two inverter generators simultaneously to increase the power.

Diesel Generator

Diesel generators perform well in harsh conditions. Just like the name suggests, these generators are fueled by diesel.

Before reaching out to a generator installation company to help you mount this generator in your home, you should know that since these generators are heavy, thus not portable. Also, they can only be used outdoors because they release harmful emissions, which are toxic if inhaled. In addition, they are more costly than gasoline generators and tend to be very noisy.

On the brighter side, they are long-lasting because of the low diesel burning temperature, which puts less strain on the engine. Also, diesel generators are more fuel efficient.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are small, compact, and easy to carry around. They are typically fueled by solar power, propane, or gasoline because these fuels are readily available. This generator is less expensive, and you don’t need a generator installation company to help you fit it into your home.

From working in a workshop to camping and tailgating, portable generators can power many small appliances and tools. The portable generator has outlets where you can plug in all your devices and appliances.

However, in an emergency, portable generators cannot power all the devices in your home; they can only operate small tools and appliances for a short time. Plus, they tend to be noisy.

Gasoline Generators

Gasoline generators are very common and perfect for homeowners in Dillon, SC, who want a generator to power low-powered tools and appliances. Compared to diesel generators, they are less noisy. In terms of costs, gasoline generators are the least costly generators.

Conversely, gasoline stored in air-tight containers can only be safe for about three to six months. However, you can add a fuel stabilizer to make it safe for three years. The gasoline generators cannot be used indoors since they discharge CO and are highly flammable.

Natural Gas Generators

These generators produce fewer emissions than gasoline and diesel since they run on natural gas. Natural gas generators are considered the most effective. Also, they do not need any storage because the natural gas is transported through the gas pipelines.

Experts charge high prices to install and maintain natural gas generators. But with routine maintenance by a technician from a generator installation company, these generators are very durable.

If the natural gas supply is cut off during an emergency, these generators cannot work since they rely on natural gas. Also, natural gas generators cannot be used indoors.

Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen generators are relatively new in the market and aren’t easy to find. As the name suggests, they are fueled with hydrogen gas and built with internal fuel cells that manage the system’s fuel efficiency.

A significant benefit of these generators is that they produce a higher power output than other generators. Also, they are strong and relatively resistant to impact damage.

However, since hydrogen generators aren’t common in the market, they tend to be relatively expensive. You may need to hire a reputable generator installation company to find one that meets your particular requirements since they require a lot of searching.

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