Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Generator Installation Company | Marion, SC

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Generator Installation Company | Marion, SC

Generators are a staple for most households, providing emergency power in case of outages. Investing in a generator is a huge decision, not just because of the financial aspect. The type of generator and the generator installation company you choose plays a key role in determining your unit’s operational efficiency and safety.

Here are a few questions to ask your generator contractor to ensure you hire the right one for the job.

Do You Have a License and Proper Insurance?

A reputable generator installation company will hold a valid license and proper insurance and have proof of both. All generator contractors need a valid license to operate in their specific jurisdictions. Contractors without licenses are running illegal businesses and are probably unscrupulous individuals posing as legitimate businesses.

Generator contractors need proper insurance to shield their clients from out-of-pocket costs should the unexpected happen. Generator installation is a risky job where anything can happen. Ensure the contractor you settle on has both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance before hiring them.

How Long Have You Been in Service?

Experience usually goes hand-in-hand with proficiency in the generator business. Asking a contractor how long they’ve been in business gives you a rough idea of what you should expect from them.

Pay attention to the company’s track record and look at how many similar projects like yours they’ve handled before. Ask them to provide references you can discuss later. As a rule of thumb, work with a company with at least ten years of experience to be safe.

What are the Costs Associated with the Installation?

Generator installation is a holistic task involving the interaction of various house systems to see its completion. Ask the generator installation company for a breakdown of all associated costs to ensure you don’t get blindsided with hidden fees.

The contractor should also provide a timeline of when the different phases will be completed and how long the entire process will take. The price should include all labor, materials, equipment rental costs, permits, taxes, and other miscellaneous expenses associated with generator installation.

What Permits Do I Need for My Generator Installation?

Homeowners require a permit before installing generators in their homes. The permits ensure the safety of the homeowners and that the installation procedure is up to code. Ask the generator installation company whether a permit is necessary for the job and whether they’ll take care of the permit.

You want a company familiar with the permit acquisition process to save you the hassle of obtaining them yourself. Also, ask whether they factor the permit fee into the final cost or whether you’ll pay for it separately.

Will You Also Handle the Gas Plumbing?

Gas-powered generators require connecting to the main gas lines. Ask the generator installation company whether they also handle the gas plumbing and if there are any additional costs associated with this service.

We advise going with a full-service contractor that handles the generator installation and gas plumbing in one package. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the entire installation process is in the hands of professionals.

What Post Installation Services Do You Offer?

Post-installation services are just as important as the installation itself. A good generator contractor will offer maintenance and repair services to keep your unit running efficiently year-round. Ask them about any additional charges that may apply to these services.

A generator is a long-term investment. You’ll want yours to be in tip-top condition for the longest time. Continued maintenance by the generator installation company ensures that your generator runs safely and efficiently for years to come.

Do You Have Any Warranty on Your Work?

Even the most experienced generator contractors make mistakes sometimes. Inquire whether the installation services come with any warranty for the work done. A good contractor should offer a warranty on the installation services and parts to protect you from unanticipated expenses.

The generator installation company should be clear about the type of warranty they offer and the warranty’s terms and conditions. Read the fine print to ensure you’re not getting a raw deal.

Can I See Your Reviews and Testimonials?

Reviews and testimonials speak volumes about the generator installation company you have in mind. No company is perfect, but a good generator contractor will mostly have positive reviews with a handful of negative ones. The opposite is true for a substandard one.

Ask to see the company’s reviews and whether they have a track record to back up the positive ones. After that, do independent research on authority review sites to check whether the reviews match. Some companies write their own reviews to dupe unsuspecting clients.

Do You Provide Emergency Repair Services?

Generators are prone to occasional malfunctions, especially with prolonged use. Ask whether the company offers emergency generator repair services to address these emergencies whenever they occur. You’re better off hiring one that does because you never know when your generator might give out. Most generator companies work by appointment, and finding one to repair your generator on short notice is nearly impossible.

Do You Subcontract Your Work or Hire Contract Laborers?

The last thing you want is to hire a company that subcontracts the work or hires contract laborers. Such companies are unreliable and often fail to finish jobs on time or up to code. Always go with a licensed, insured generator contractor that employs certified technicians.

Ask about whether they handle the installation work entirely by themselves. If they don’t, ask about the specific services they subcontract and how they maintain standards. Also, ask whether you’ll pay the subcontracted company separately or whether all costs are bundled in the same quote.

Get Experts to Handle Your Generator Installation

Asking the right questions will go a long way toward ensuring your generator installation goes on without a hitch. Explore your options to ensure you find the best generator installation company for your budget. Also, check out the company’s reviews and its track record of handling projects similar to yours.

At Mister Sparky Generators, we are the leading experts in generator installation. Our team of certified technicians is always ready to provide exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. Contact us today for reliable and professional generator installation services.

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