Transfer Switches And Other Important Generator Hookup Service Features | Myrtle Beach, SC

Transfer Switches And Other Important Generator Hookup Service Features | Myrtle Beach, SC

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As professional generator hookup service providers, at Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, we understand the complexities of adding a second major power source to your home. Unfortunately, without a professional generator hookup service, people join the crowds at home improvement stores, buying portable generators just before a major storm and taking unnecessary risks as they quickly connect them. Instead of extension cords, carbon monoxide risks, and sometimes dangerous connections to home wiring, you can enjoy starting up your generator and knowing that our generator hookup service has connected it the right way.

When You Feed Your Own Power into Your Circuits, It Has to Be Done Right

There are a lot of unfortunate and dangerous side effects of a makeshift generator connection when people find ways to “back feed” power from a portable generator into their homes, reversing all the carefully designed circuits that electricians have installed, and heading into unknown territory. The effects can even lead out to the lines on the street, where an electrical worker, assuming the power is still off, discovers that in fact, a lethal current is flowing from your home into his workspace. Damage to equipment in your home and even damage to your home itself through fire are quite possible since your protective devices and wiring are made to protect you when used as designed. In other words, everyone might cheer as you bring the lights back on, only to find that smoke starts rising and dampening the mood.

Transfer Switches Aren’t Just for Permanent Generator Installations

One of the advantages of a permanent backup generator hookup service is that we can install an automatic transfer switch, which will switch over to generator power even when you’re not home. That can save a fortune in groceries by keeping your refrigerator on, for one thing. Manual transfer switches that you activate in conjunction with your generator can also support some portable models, giving you a safer way to connect your limited-power options. Our generator hookup service can help you learn how to run your portable unit as safely as possible, and understand how to adjust your home’s power use to fit within the capacity of the portable generator. For limited generator use, an option called an interlock kit provides protection against improper generator connections, helping you to power a portion of your home’s circuits. Note that in many states, generator hookup service requires a permit and inspection, emphasizing that it’s a job for a professional who understands the concepts and requirements of managing electrical power.

The Joy of an Automatic Transfer Switch

While it’s not an option for portable generators, having an automatic transfer switch handle your backup power has enough benefits that it might be worth considering a full installation with a permanent generator. Smaller capacity generators are available that can handle only specified essential circuits in your home, so you can keep the cost down and still have the full benefits of automatically provided backup power. If you have seen backup generators outside hotels, hospitals, and other facilities that require power for essential operations, you’re thinking much too big: a typical backup generator for a home looks a lot like an air conditioner unit, sitting on a concrete pedestal a safe distance from your home, with sound and vibration protection, and connected with a reliable fuel source so it can continue operating, often for days with natural gas. Our generator hookup service can provide the plans, connections, and installation of a full-service model for your family, ready to keep your home provided with power whenever the neighborhood goes dark.

Generator Hookup Service for Remote Locations

The same requirements for professional quality connections apply to generators that supply locations other than residences and businesses, such as pump houses, ballfields, radio transmitter facilities, and vacation cabins. In many cases, a permanent installation with an automatic transfer switch will be needed because of the need for unattended operation, but for some such as supplying lights and other power needs at a sports field, a portable generator with a manual transfer switch is an option. Backup power for these locations provides ongoing operation and safety when the commercial power fails, ensuring the pumps keep working or families gathered for sports aren’t left in the dark, finding their way by starlight if the power fails.

Extra Incentives for Automatic Transfer Switch Use: Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Many of the generator systems we offer include options for remote monitoring and control, including remote start options so you don’t have to go out in the weather, even if your system isn’t fully automatic. Remote monitoring allows you to use your smartphone or a monitoring panel in your home to check the status of your backup power, note any issues that the system has detected, and sometimes even schedule maintenance from the device so your system will get prompt attention. It can be reassuring to see exactly how your backup power source is doing, even if you’re far away, and know that you don’t have to go out and check on it or call someone to make the trip for you. From very basic portable generator connections to automatic and remotely monitored service, we have you covered.

Safe and Reliable Backup Generator Installations from Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC

When storms approach the Myrtle Beach, SC area and everyone is shopping for a backup generator to quickly install, our customers have planned ahead and have their systems safely installed with reliable transfer switch technology, ready to go. We invite you to contact us for more information on our professional generator hookup service, as well as our quality brands of backup generators. These have enough power to meet the needs of your family, are installed for the quick switchover in case of power loss, and are maintained for high reliability. Give us a call and find out how we can help keep you from relying on flashlights and blankets when the power goes out.