Versatile Backup Generator Sources from Mister Sparky Generators | Marion, SC

Versatile Backup Generator Sources from Mister Sparky Generators | Marion, SC

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If you live in the Marion, SC area, you know that electric power is subject to forces of nature. When the winds blow strong, trees fall, power lines snap, and backup generators kick in to keep homes and businesses running smoothly. There are many other reasons to have your own power source for emergencies and keep running when everywhere around you is in the dark.

At Mister Sparky Generators, we not only supply all the power you need, but we provide convenient routine maintenance and 24/7 service and repairs so you know your power will be there when you need it.

Unexpected Power Loss Happens in Many Ways

You know the power can get unreliable when hurricanes are blowing, but what about on a sunny day? Electric company equipment problems, cars hitting power poles, a fire in the neighborhood, and underground power cable cuts can suddenly cause power disruptions that leave you in the dark for hours or more while repairs are dispatched.

Your Need for Reliable Power May Be Critical

Hospitals, TV stations, police stations and fire departments are just a few of the essential services that have critical needs for power, and having a generator is essential. Your home has essential power needs, too — if you have a sump pump, well pump, or other important equipment, it may be a candidate for emergency power to prevent flooding or other damage.

From Sports Lighting and Camping to Cold Storage and Computing Backup Power

Homes, businesses, or recreational locations –we’re experts at configuring a backup generator system that will meet your specific needs. If you’ve been considering a noisy, low-power, portable store model, that you haul out when needed, we have a better solution. We provide solid, reliable, professionally installed power that you can count on.

Remote Locations and Other Special Cases

Remote locations are especially vulnerable to power loss, and may even use a generator as their primary source of power. Cabins, transmitter sites, and other difficult to access locations need a backup generator that is ready to supply power automatically when needed.

Capacity — Meeting Your Power Needs Fully or Targeting Specific Needs

Your generator can supply all of the kilowatts you need or just the critical ones like light and refrigeration. We supply top brands that you can count on, whatever your power demand:

  • GE
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Generac

Generator Specific Facility Wiring Helps Allocate Backup Power

A hardwired backup generator system can be wired into your main power or you can have separate circuits for essential power use such as medical equipment and computer servers. We are fully qualified electricians and can make the necessary updates for your power needs.

Power Quality for Today’s Sensitive Equipment

Inexpensive generators sometimes supply power that’s not a “clean sine wave” required by most electronics and other sensitive equipment. They’re good for incandescent lighting, stoves, and toasters but not much more. We can help you make sure that your generator supplies power that’s high enough quality to safely power your electronics and other sensitive equipment in your business, residence, or even your recreational site — even your smart home.

Backup Power That Lasts

When a hurricane or other major event knocks out power for days you’ll need a backup supply that keeps up. Ask us about backup generators that run from a large fuel tank or even your propane or natural gas supply. You can focus on your work when things get chaotic, not whether the power will run out.

Industrial Power Needs

Does your business use special power for industrial equipment? In some cases, your equipment may need three-phase power or a higher voltage such as 240 or 480 volts, or even 50Hz AC frequency. We can help you keep your whole operation going during power outages by installing a specialized backup generator configuration. You’ll have access to the power you need without using low-wattage converters or other makeshift arrangements.

Backup for Renewable Energy Sources

Power utilities complement their renewable power sources such as solar and wind power with a traditional energy source. They employ solutions such as a backup generator site for times when the energy source is unavailable or insufficient, like a cloudy day. We can create a similar arrangement for you, allowing you to run on your own solar power, for example, on all those great days, and when the clouds roll in, the generator kicks in to meet your needs.

Our Generators Run on Diverse Fuels

A temporary generator for your camp will usually run on regular gasoline, but larger backup generator installations have a wide variety of fuels to choose from. These can include gasoline, diesel, propane, your natural gas supply, and even hydrogen.

Do You Need a Smooth Switchover to Backup Power?

As electricians, we think about important power details such as whether your home or facility needs a smooth, in-phase switchover to avoid problems with computers or other sensitive equipment. Sometimes you can live with a brief blink of the lights — sometimes not. Let us design the power solution that meets your needs.

Our Expert Maintenance and Repair Ensures Your System’s Reliability and Your Peace of Mind

A surprising number of generator owners pay little attention to maintenance or even periodic generator tests. These precautions ensure that your critical power source is ready to go when unanticipated power loss happens. Even the most reliable equipment needs to be maintained and occasionally repaired. A regular maintenance schedule for your backup generator ensures that it’s always ready for the unexpected. Call on us 24/7 for expert assistance.

Do you like to be prepared? Is power critical to your lifestyle or business? At Mister Sparky Generators, we provide power sources and round-the-clock service for Myrtle Beach and Marion, SC plus the surrounding area. Call us at 843-213-6610 24/7, or fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back in touch with you and help you design your ideal, reliable backup power source.