What Kind Of Generator Hookup Service Do New Battery-Based Portable Generators Need? | Myrtle Beach, SC

What Kind Of Generator Hookup Service Do New Battery-Based Portable Generators Need? | Myrtle Beach, SC

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New portable generators using batteries instead of an engine are becoming popular for camping and picnics, but what about for home use? At Mister Sparky Generators, we serve the Myrtle Beach, SC area with professional generator hookup service, which involves making sure your generator of whatever type is properly connected and safely operated. From simple arrangements like interlocks and manual transfer switches for portable units to permanent, whole-house backup generators with automatic starting and automatic load transfer, we’re your generator experts and generator hookup service specialists.

How Are Battery-Based Portable Generators Different?

Since they don’t use a fuel-powered engine, battery-based generators don’t have the sounds, vibration, and exhaust that engines emit. This can make it easier to find a place to operate them, and simpler to provide generator hookup service since you don’t have to be concerned about carbon monoxide emissions and disturbing your family’s sleep when it operates. The batteries can make these units quite heavy, and the batteries need to be replaced, usually every 4 to 5 years, but that’s about all battery-powered generators need for maintenance. Instead of refueling, these units recharge from your home’s power. That means they operate for a limited period of time, then they’re finished until there’s an opportunity to recharge. That’s not a big problem for power outages during part of a day, but unless the battery capacity is significant, multi-day operation is not an option. When it comes to permanent installation and generator hookup service, battery-powered generators with the capacity to supply your entire home for days don’t require the careful location planning and fuel supply design that engine-based units do. However, they are heavy enough that they need carefully designed support structures to handle the weight of the batteries.

What Generator Hookup Service Options Are There for Battery-Based Generators?

Portable units can use manual transfer switches or interlocks to properly and safely connect to your home’s wiring, the same as with portable engine-based generators. Because they don’t require as many precautions for exhaust, noise, and flammable fuel, they can be installed inside your garage or other location near your power panel, making generator hookup service simpler. As larger battery-based units become available with the right connections, automatic transfer switches can be used as well.

Can Generator Hookup Service for Battery-Based Power Be Used for Engine-Based Generators?

Other than the allowable locations for the generator, most of the hookup for either type of generator is the same. Ask our generator professionals if you’d like to design your generator hookup for a portable generator of either kind, so we can make sure the design includes the safety features for both types.

Are There Battery-Based Systems Big Enough to Power HVAC Systems?

Generac and other generator companies are offering larger-capacity battery-powered generator systems, often used in conjunction with solar power to ensure the home has sufficient power when solar is not enough or it’s dark out. Ask our generator hookup service personnel about current availability and our recommendations for systems designed for whole-house use. As with battery-powered EV vehicles, gaining experience with these technologies might take some time.

Can Larger Battery-Based Systems Be Connected with Automatic Transfer Switches?

As larger battery-powered generators become available from major generator manufacturers, the interfaces for automatic transfer switch capability are also becoming available on battery-powered units. For their use with solar power, additional features such as load balancing and multi-source charging are included with some. While a typical generator hookup with automatic transfer requires expert skills to install properly, once installed they are fairly easy to use. Many of these new load-balancing battery systems are fairly complex to work with.

Using Battery Powered Generators for Remote Locations

Our typical generator installations can be at remote locations, both those where the automatic start and transfer are necessary, and others where powering lights and sound systems for evening sporting events only require a safe connection. In many cases where a standard portable generator is used, especially those where the operation is only for a few hours, a standard generator hookup with a battery-powered unit can be a useful solution. Of course, the one critical element is making sure the batteries are charged before the event or other use since you can’t refuel battery-based units as you can with a gas-powered generator. This also affects the use of battery-based units for camping and other off-grid use, since the unit must either receive enough solar-produced electricity to recharge or be connected to the power grid from time to time to recharge.

What About Power Quality?

While it’s not directly related to generator hookup, it’s important to consider power quality for many applications using portable generators. There are a number of ways to produce the required voltage (120/240V) and frequency (60Hz in the US) and some produce power that is “cleaner,” as in the frequency is produced more smoothly, which electronic devices in particular often prefer. Battery-based units typically use an “inverter,” which is also one of several ways that engine-powered portable generators produce power. Larger, permanent generator systems are designed to supply entire households, so they produce power clean enough to be used by typical household equipment. Our generator hookup experts can tell you more about the type of power generation method that your generator uses and how well it should suit your needs.

Your Full-Service Backup Generator and Generator Hookup Service Experts in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Mister Sparky Generators, we serve the storm-prone Myrtle Beach, SC area with reliable backup generators and professional installation. Our customers know that when the winds blow and the lights flicker, they’re covered. Our maintenance and repair service makes sure that our customers are prepared to ride out the storm or other power outages, brief or prolonged. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you, starting with connecting your existing portable generator or going ahead and designing automatic power backup for your home or business.