When Do You Need Generator Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC?

When Do You Need Generator Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC?

Are you continuously facing generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC?

The advent of the 21stcentury has moved everyone into the digital world. 24/7 electricity is a necessity in homes, offices, and industrial facilities. Power interruptions and outages are prone to occur anywhere and at any time. A major storm can also cause an area-wide electrical issue. At such critical times, if a generator fails to start, then it can be a major inconvenience for your family. Generator failures can amount to property and operational damage and may pose health and safety risks for your family members.

These unfortunate scenarios can be avoided by regular maintenance checkups. A generator is comprised of different components that require regular attention for the identification of an issue that can affect the overall performance of the generator. The issues of a generator can most commonly be related to the following factors.

Battery Issues

When a generator is unable to start properly, a battery problem is most probably the point of failure. Battery problems are mostly caused by the compounding of lead sulfates, which often form on the battery’s plates. This is due to a chemical process in which the sulfur molecules discharge heavily. When this process goes on for a long period of time, then the battery is unable to function properly. It fails in the provision of sufficient current, and therefore there is a need to replace the battery. Often, a battery’s failure is associated with because of a drop in electrolyte levels.

Experts of generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC believe that batteries should be replaced frequently in order to remove these mishaps. A battery failure can be caused by an issue with the charger breaker, which is found to be mostly a human error.

Battery problems are a difficult to manage and are often hard to be identified. You can try to identify them by regularly monitoring the charging rates each month. With any noticeable fluctuation, an issue can be predicted. Inexperienced and uncertified professionals can worsen the battery issue if they make loose connections during the installation of a generator. Sometimes, certain batteries are not suitable for certain generators. This is why  you will require the guidance of an experienced professional to inspect your generator and recommend the best batteries.

Coolant Conundrums

A coolant is a liquid substance that functions as a cooling mechanism in generators. However, if the coolant level is low, the performance of a generator is strongly affected. A low coolant is caused due to a leak. You can identify a leak by observing the area around the generator. However, for this observation, it is necessary to know the colors of the coolant as different manufacturers use different types of coolants. If you find coolant accumulation near the generator, then it is a sign that you need a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Fuel System

When there are problems with the fuel, a generator exhausts itself quicker than ever, lining up additional fuel costs that can put a significant dent on your wallet. Experts for generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC believe that a dependable and pristine source of fuel is vital for the performance of a generator. The diesel fuel is often contaminated with the water coming from the condensation in the storage tank or any other source, which degrades the generator’s performance.

Fuel can be safeguarded by continuously keeping the tanks full and by using fuel stabilizers. Water is a worrying presence because it gives a rise to the bacterial growth in the tanks, diminishing the efficiency of the entire generator. With the inspection of regular samples of fuel of your generator, a professional in the field of generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC will be able to smell and see any contamination in the fuel’s composition.


The engine of a generator requires proper ventilation, which is provided through the intake and exhaust valves. If these valves are closed and opened, then the fuel can be managed easily and the engine’s temperature can also be controlled. However, in the case of the flawed adjustment of the valves, an engine failure is imminent. Often valve failure results in the debris harming the external parts of an engine. Therefore, it is necessary to have the valves examined regularly by a professional for generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.


While an engine is the most critical part of a generator, the generator’s windings also require frequent inspections. These windings are damaged by external agents like oil, dust, and dirt. When the temperature changes, water particles because of condensation collect on the windings. When dirt and moisture combine, insulation breakdown and corrosion is anticipated. As a consequence, the winding can be grounded or short-circuited. Thus, you will require a reliable professional for generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC who can perform insulation testing. The presence of any insulation problem can help to negate a bigger disaster.

Circuit Breaker

Adjustments of trip settings on the circuit breakers are necessary for a generator’s load management. If loads are modified, then the required adjustments become a necessity to avoid nuisance tripping. Nuisance tripping occurs when transformers utilize the entire circuit load. As a result, current surges heavily and the generator trips. Therefore, you require a certified professional for generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC so that they can lubricate, clean, and test your circuit breakers.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to realize that a generator is an important electrical device in your home. It is highly valuable and deserves regular attention to ensure quality performance.

If you find an issue with your generator or are concerned about recurring problems with your generator, then you can benefit from the services provided by Mister Sparky. With our excellent service, we can provide assistance by carrying out a proper evaluation of your generator and by performing the required generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.