Whole-House Backup Generators Can Avert Power Failure-Related Worries like Magic | Backup Generators in Florence, SC

Whole-House Backup Generators Can Avert Power Failure-Related Worries like Magic | Backup Generators in Florence, SC

Heavy winds, possible tornados, cyclones, and other forms of storms result in several types of problems and emergencies for homeowners in Florence, SC, and elsewhere. These can usually include yards full of debris brought by the winds, house damages, and power failure.

Even with the power companies putting in a lot of effort and taking every possible measure to avert and deal with such failures, it is difficult to restore big cities in a few hours. This is the reason homeowners are looking to buy backup generators in Florence, SC.

Apart from the direct damages due to storms, you also have to deal with the nuisance that power failure brings, such as rotten food in the fridge, loss of data on any connected devices, and so on.

In this case, the only thing that can save you from losses and emergencies is having a whole-house backup generator in Florence, SC, for both your home and business.

Whole-House Backup Generators

A backup generator in Florence, SC for your house is installed permanently on the concrete pad outside. Such generators are linked up directly with the home’s electrical system so that they can power your home uninterruptedly whenever there is a need.

Whole-house backup generators run on propane or natural gas, based on what type of gas is being used at your home, and the size of the generator itself. You have the sole choice of deciding which appliances, areas, or systems in your home should be powered by the generator in case of a power outage.

Installing a Whole-House Backup Generator on a DIY Basis

Like most electrical chores, repairs, and installations, it is strongly advised for individuals to not engage in DIY generator installation or repairs. This will require you to deal with the gas and electrical connections in your home and can become deadly even because of a single slip up. It is best you hire a professional backup generator service in Florence, SC, to minimize risks and losses.

The Functioning of a Whole-House Backup Generator in Florence, SC

The backup generator you buy will have an automatic transfer switch. The switch is designed to identify power outages immediately. As soon as the power grid goes down, this switch will automatically open up power supply from the home backup generator in Florence, SC, home of yours. Later, when the original source of power is available, the switch will bring your home back to the main power grid. This implies no manual switching!

The Benefits

The top and foremost benefit of standby generators in Florence, SC, is that they are worry-free. With automatic switching option between the main power grid and the generator power supply, you don’t have to worry about getting up from the bed in the middle of the night to manage things. In addition, your mind will be at peace knowing the food in the refrigerator will not go bad and the family’s comfort will not be harmed. It is particularly important for you to have a generator in Florence, SC, and everywhere else if there are seniors and children in the family.

Lastly, a power outage can cause your home to be highly affected by extreme weather conditions. This will not only lower down the comfort levels but will also result in illnesses as the temperature drops. With an unobstructed power supply, you can ascertain there will be no such problems because heat supply will remain on regardless of electricity going out.  As an added bonus, your home will not have any frozen pipes either.

The Difference between Portable and Whole-House Backup Generators

The major difference between a portable and a whole-house generator is that portable generators are powered by gas cans. This implies you will have to get up and do some hard work to get your home powered by the generator.  The panic will be even higher if the power outage occurs in the middle of the night. Imagine waking up and fumbling in the dark to find the gas can, fill it, and then connect the generator.

Portable generators yield carbon monoxide, which itself is very dangerous. This is why these generators are kept a little away from the property and long extension cords are used for running these. These generators in Florence, SC, can get unplugged time and again and cause you to bear through a lot of hassle.

On the other hand, backup generators in Florence, SC, prevent all this hassle. These generators may also bring you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

The Cons of Having a Whole-House Backup Generator

While there are cons associated with everything in this world, those that are linked with whole-house generators are almost negligible. The only drawbacks of these generators include installation costs and them being noisy.

Whole-house generators in Florence, SC, are a little too technical to be handled by untrained hands. You will have to bear the cost of professional generator service in Florence, SCto ensure there are no mishaps or losses.

Apart from this, backup generators are a bit on the pricier side as compared to portable generators, but for all the obvious and good reasons. The extra cost you bear will be worth it when you finally get to see the level of comfort in case of a power outage.

Backup generators are extremely useful and perfect for families with seniors and small children, people who are engaged in home-based businesses and jobs, and households that have members relying on medical equipment.

Hiring an Electrician for Installation

Hiring an electrician for generator repair in Florence, SC, and general service is extremely important. The professionals are qualified, trained, and have vast experience in the field to deal with any problem they might come across during the procedure.

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