Why A Quality Generator Hookup Service Is Key To Your Backup Power’s Reliability And Safety | Myrtle Beach, SC

Why A Quality Generator Hookup Service Is Key To Your Backup Power’s Reliability And Safety | Myrtle Beach, SC

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There are lots to think about when selecting your backup generator, and generator hookup service is often an afterthought. It’s actually an essential part of making sure that the generator takes good care of your family or business, operating safely and reliably through storms and other power outage events. At Mister Sparky Generators of Myrtle Beach, SC, our backup generator hookup team is composed of experts in generator installation and skilled electricians who understand proper physical and electrical connections for backup generators. They also know the unique risks and concerns that backup power can present, such as miswiring at the transfer switch or even a lack of one, and managing the load presented to the generator for safe operation.

From Transfer Switches to Full Installations

A transfer switch to change your home’s power connection from the power grid to your backup generator is important, but it doesn’t have to be automatic. In addition to providing a method for the switchover, it provides one that is safe for you and for all the circuits that are involved in switching to backup power. Without these safeguards, shock hazards and cross-connected power circuits can occur and cause damage or injury. A manual transfer switch makes the change when you decide to, and is the way to connect to smaller generator units without automatic controls. An automatic transfer switch will start the generator and switch the power even if you’re still on your way home. With some generator systems, it will even let you know it’s done the job by messaging you on a smartphone app. In addition to switching over, our generator hookup service can expand to cover all your installation needs including generator pedestal, fuel supply, location selection and insulation packages to reduce noise and vibration, and much more.

Building Wiring to Support Your Generator

Backup generators that are small, portable, or provide less than the building’s full power needs may benefit from custom wiring. Our generator hookup team can provide specific outlets or circuits in the home that are connected to backup power, such as the refrigerator, lights, heater, and microwave oven. With specific connections, you won’t have to worry about transferring the home’s entire power load to a generator that doesn’t have the capacity to supply it. Our generator hookup crew includes qualified electricians who perform these connections and circuit additions to meet local electrical code, providing potential legal and insurance benefits.

Generator Hookup Service for Upgrades and Replacements

When it’s time to replace an older backup generator or upgrade to a more powerful model, our generator hookup service team goes through a process that ensures that your existing installation is correct and up to date, then performs the necessary procedures to connect the new unit. We know that your unit has to be properly connected and reliable in order to provide the backup power you’re counting on. If you need significant upgrades such as manual to automatic transfer switch changeovers or fuel supply relocation, our generator hookup service will make sure it’s done professionally and correctly.

Replacing Informal Connections with Expert Generator Hookup

If your current generator connections are somewhat informal, no worries, we’re glad you’re upgrading to a professional, reliable, and safe installation. Our generator hookup service will provide the right connections for your existing generator, or replace your equipment with a new generator, transfer switch, and other wiring as needed. You’ll enjoy the advantages of expertly installed equipment and wiring, and have options that you may not have realized were possible when making the informal installation. For instance, electronics prefer to stay powered while the generator starts, so let’s talk about UPS units. Our generator hookup service makes your life easier.

Safety Concerns with Proper Generator Hookup

Floating grounds, hot and neutral wires, three-phase power, and 120V/240V circuits are just a few of the concepts that our professional generator hookup service understands. We can make sure that your generator installation avoids the common pitfalls of household wiring and provides the electrical safety features in your home that you and your family need. Proper electrical connections meeting the electrical code standards protect you and your equipment, helping avoid electrical shock, damage from improperly supplied power and other concerns. After all, your expectations from backup power go a lot further than keeping the lights on these days. Your computer and audiovisual equipment is quite sensitive and requires quality power, your refrigerator and other appliances need some extra headroom for when motors start, and you still need protection from power surges and lightning energy when you’re dealing with your own power source instead of commercial power.

How Professional Generator Hookup Enhances Your Generator’s Reliability

When the storms roll into the Myrtle Beach, SC area and our customers’ generators kick in, we’re glad that we have a professional team of generator hookup experts who ensure that each system is reliable. We ensure that the generator doesn’t face a load that’s greater than its capacity, causing it to fail, and we make sure that starting battery power, control connections, and fuel supply are all as they should be, ready to serve in any situation for which they were designed. It’s hard to anticipate all the ways that a backup generator can experience problems when it’s called upon, all the different kinds of weather, temperature, and varying power demand that it might face. The experience and knowledge of our professional generator hookup team is what’s required to be prepared.

Your Expert Generator Installation and Hookup Team and Much More

At Mister Sparky Generators, we’re the local source for backup generators as well as generator hookup service for the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Our goal is to make sure that our customers have the power that they need, professionally installed and carefully maintained, at the location where they’ll be using it. Give us a call to ask about our backup generator options, or with your backup power questions.