Why Is Backup Generator Maintenance Service So Important? | Dillon, SC

Why Is Backup Generator Maintenance Service So Important? | Dillon, SC

If you have a home or business in Dillon, SC then backup generator maintenance service is something that you should consider looking into. Anyone who knows this region knows that severe storms are a part of life in South Carolina, which means that the power can go out at any time. A backup generator is the key to ensuring you have power when you need it and that you don’t have to evacuate if the power gets knocked out for a sustained period of time. 

However, simply owning a backup generator is not enough, because if you don’t have to use your generator frequently there is no way to know what condition it is in. Many homeowners discover in their time of need that the backup generator they invested in is not able to produce the same power that it could a few years ago when they bought it. Others are shocked to find out that their backup generator won’t even turn on. If you keep you with backup generator maintenance then this person won’t be you. 

With that in mind, here are a few more reasons why you should take the time to call an electrician and make sure they take a look at your generator on a fairly regular basis. You can’t predict exactly when a storm is going to hit, but you can plan for it so that you can minimize the discomfort and displacement your family or business has to deal with in its aftermath. A generator that is well-maintained can mean the difference between a hotel stay and being able to rough it out until the area is back on the energy grid. 

Prevent Dangerous Conditions from Developing 

One of the main goals of a backup generator maintenance service is to protect yourself or your family from ending up in a dangerous situation. While your generator may appear harmless, it does pose certain risks. One fairly common and scary risk is that there will be a carbon monoxide leak. Many generators produce CO2 while they run, which is fine if it is being properly piped back out of your home but becomes a serious issue if the gas manages to escape the machine and seeps into your home. 

As part of backup generator maintenance service, the technician will carefully inspect your generator and also run it to ensure that CO is not leaking into your home. If you have not yet installed carbon monoxide detectors in your home, this is also a great reminder that the time to do so is now. If you have carbon monoxide detectors, take a minute to go around your home and make sure that they are working correctly. Five minutes is worth the extra protection that working CO detectors bring with them whether or not you are actually worried about your backup generator because there are other appliances that can potentially emit carbon monoxide.

Prevent Electrocution 

Most people don’t worry about electrocution when it comes to their generator, but maybe they should because at the end of the day the generator is still an electrical device. If a generator is not properly serviced or has not had a backup generator maintenance service for years then the risk of electrocution incidents rises. This is even more concerning if the generator gets wet or ends up near moisture or water which is entirely likely given the storms that are known to rush in quickly around Dillon, SC. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your generator is ready for any situation. 

Prevent Future Costly Repairs

While it can be a pain to have to worry about a backup generator maintenance service, it can be worth it if you look at the long-term benefits of regular maintenance. The point of backup generator maintenance service is to proactively catch issues and potential complications so that they can be corrected before they get too serious. A lot of people think skipping the service call every few years will help them cut their household budget down, but if your generator ends up requiring a costly repair because it’s been awhile since your last backup generator maintenance service you will end up spending much more. 

The simple truth of the matter is that most problems are easier to correct if they are caught in the early stages of rust, decay, or cracking. A problem that is not caught will continue to grow and worsen leading to bigger damages and more problems down the road. Fixing a simple problem is always advisable to wait until the problem is so big that you cannot even get your generator to work without investing a lot of money into the unit first.  

Make Sure You Never Lose Power 

The entire reason that you probably own a backup generator in the first place is that you don’t want to deal with losing power. However, if you don’t keep up with your backup generator maintenance service then this is exactly what will happen. First, you will lose your power due to a natural disaster or an issue within your home in Dillon, SC, and then you will discover that your backup power source is gone as well. This is not a situation that you want to find yourself dealing with. 

Something a lot of people don’t know is that if you leave a generator unattended for a large amount of time it will lose its ability to effectively supply power to your home or business. Even worse, it slowly loses its overall energy capacity and slowly starts to become less efficient. 

If you want to avoid that situation, call Mister Sparky Generators and schedule your backup generator maintenance service today.

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