7 Benefits Of Having A Backup Generator Maintenance Service Performed | Marion, SC

7 Benefits Of Having A Backup Generator Maintenance Service Performed | Marion, SC

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Anyone living in Marion, SC knows that severe weather is common. When tropical storms or hurricanes hit, widespread power outages can occur, and they can last for days and even weeks. When the power goes out, life in your home can come to a halt, which is why many residents have backup generators. Backup generators have many benefits, including:

  • Keep your refrigerator running to prevent the food from spoiling.
  • Keep the kids busy.
  • You can still work from home.
  • You can prepare food in your home.
  • You won’t need to rely on candles and flashlights.
  • Keep your home security system up and running.
  • Your home will be more secure with the lights on.
  • Backup generators are more effective than portable generators.
  • Keep your whole house powered until the power is restored.

If you have a backup generator, it is essential that you have a backup generator maintenance service performed regularly. There are several reasons why maintaining your generator is so essential.

#1 Complete Inspection

Having a regular backup generator maintenance performed will ensure that your generator is always functioning properly. During the service, the tech will check the following:

  • The health and status of the oil filters
  • The oil and fluid levels
  • The health of all accessories such as the hoses, lines, belts, and connectors
  • The condition of the exhaust system.
  • The health of the control panel.
  • The health of the engine

If the tech sees any issues with the generator’s components, they can be repaired, ensuring your generator will always function properly. You will be happy you had the service performed when there is a power outage.

#2 Catch Issues Early

Your backup generator is durable, sturdy, and reliable. Unfortunately, if there is an issue with your generator, it won’t always show signs that something is wrong. You might not even know that there is a problem until the generator doesn’t kick on during a power outage.

If you have a backup generator maintenance service performed regularly, the tech will be able to detect issues before the unit breaks down completely, and you won’t be able to use it when you need it the most. Also, minor issues that can cause a complete breakdown will be caught early, saving you money on the repair.

#3 Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If your backup generator isn’t properly maintained, it can produce carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. When you have backup generator maintenance service performed, the tech will ensure that the generator is properly positioned and that the fumes it releases are directed outside rather than inside, which will keep your family safe. They can also detect issues that can cause too much carbon monoxide generation, which can affect the air around the generator.

#4 Prevent Issues With the Fuel

Your backup generator runs on fuel, which should be changed twice a year. Over time, the fuel can deteriorate, particularly when the generator goes for long periods without running. If you neglect to have the fuel changed, it can start to clump up, causing issues with the fuel line, and the generator won’t kick on during a power outage, and your home will have no electricity until the power has been restored.

When you have a backup generator maintenance service performed regularly, the tech will replace the fuel, preventing fuel issues and a complete generator breakdown.

#5 Increase the Generator’s Efficiency

When the power goes out in your Marion, SC home, you want to be sure that your generator will kick on and function efficiently. Because you only use your backup generator when the power goes out, it can sit for weeks, months, and even years without kicking on. During this time, rats, snakes, birds, and other critters can infest the housing, chewing through the wiring. Also, dirt and debris can settle in the generator, affecting its efficiency.

When you have a regular backup generator maintenance service performed, the tech will inspect the unit for infestations and the damage that it caused. They will also clean the dirt and debris from the unit, all of which will ensure your generator is functioning at peak performance.

#6 Extend the Lifespan Of Your Generator

Backup generators are expensive; therefore, you want yours to last as long as possible. The best way to protect your investment is to have a backup generator maintenance service performed regularly. Routine maintenance will extend the lifespan of your generator, which will prevent you from needing to replace it sooner than you should have.

#7 Save Money In the Long Run

Although there will be a fee for a backup generator maintenance service, it will be less expensive than paying for a major repair that could have been prevented if you had your generator maintained by a professional.

Why Choose Mister Sparky Generators?

If the generator on your Marion, SC home is due for a backup generator maintenance service, schedule an appointment with Mister Sparky Generators. Our techs are highly skilled and highly trained and can ensure your generator is ready to use when the power goes out.

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We offer a variety of services. If you don’t have a backup generator yet and believe you need one, we can help you choose the right model to power your entire home. We also perform generator repairs if your existing generator is acting up.

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