Troubleshooting Generator Problems

Any technician we send to your home has been to factory training and has been certified by testing that they can troubleshoot and fix your generator.

Mister Sparky has more certified techs for Generator & Briggs & Stratton in our area than anyone.

There are some electrical devices that we cannot live without in the modern era, and generators are one of them. Not only do generators provide you the peace of mind that if your regular electricity supply were interrupted, you’d have a reliable backup option, they also ensure you will have a sufficient electricity supply to handle all your family’s needs.

However, there are times when things don’t always go according to plan, and you might find yourself with a generator that’s out of order.

When it comes to generator repair, no one does it better than us. We say this because as far as generators go, we’re experts in fixing every kind of problem that you can face. And we can proudly say that every time we’ve left behind a 100% satisfied customer.

It is all but natural that you wonder about the different problems that your generator may face, what causes these problems, and most importantly, how to solve them.

Your Generator Won’t Start

As you can probably guess, this is by far the most common problem that we come across. There are many reasons why a generator might not start, such as:

  • An engine fault.
  • The oil level in the engine is dangerously low.
  • The carburetor has either become clogged, or there’s some other problem with it.
  • The battery is not charged properly or is facing other problems (over-voltage, under-voltage,
    Fuel issues, Transfer switch issues, Low battery voltage, Low engine oil pressure, Low frequency, High oil temperature)
  • There’s a blockage in the air filter.
  • The spark plug is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced.
  • The environment in which the generator is being used is unsuitable such as excessive exposure to sunlight, lack of proper airflow, or being placed on an uneven surface.

Generator Starts, Then Stops

This is another common problem that a lot of customers face. The generator might be starting properly but shuts off automatically within a span of a few seconds. There are a few possible reasons why this might be happening.

  • The overall load on the generator is exceeding the amount it can handle.
  • The engine oil level is dangerously low.
  • An internal electrical problem.

Excessive Smoke From the Generator

The generator might be starting properly and might even be handling the load properly. However, it might be producing abnormal amounts of smoke for no reason. The possible causes for such an occurrence can be:

  • An internal or external oil leak or the seal on the oil tank may have been damaged.
  • The piston rings have become damaged, causing oil leakage from the piston head.
  • Due to being placed on an uneven surface, the oil has shifted to one side, causing excessive smoke.
  • The wrong kind of oil or poor quality oil is being used.

Repairing Your Generator

This is the important part and probably the one that you’ve wanted to read the most. Generator repair is fairly easy to carry out if you know exactly what to look for. The above-mentioned three problems are the most common problems that you’ll face regarding your generator.

You’ll be happy to know that our seasoned experts here know how to solve all of these problems effectively and efficiently. By hiring our service, you’re not just getting generator repair but the assurance of quality that only comes when you have experts looking at your machine.

If you see our techs using the manuals and computers for your diagnostics, relax! They are trained at the factory to follow certain protocols every time, this way they eliminate potential issues while finding the root cause.

Why Use Our Services?

  • Fast: Probably the best and most convincing reason for you to enlist our services is because of the speed of service we guarantee. Once you call us and get yourself an appointment, you won’t have to wait for weeks waiting for your generator repair. We’ll ensure that we get one of our experts to your house within 2-3 working days so that the generator repair can take place as soon as humanly possible.
  • Quality: Never compromise on quality. That is the one rule that you can follow to ensure that you’ll never have to regret getting a generator repair. There are multiple services out there that offer cheaper generator repair, but you’ll be making a serious compromise in terms of quality, and that will not turn out well for you or your generator in the long run. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll have the services of some of the best generator repair professionals out there, who’ll do whatever it takes to keep your generator in top condition.
  • Inventory: We keep a large parts inventory at our facility in which we keep the most common items that fall.
  • Certified: Our techs are factory certified
  • OEM: Our parts are OEM

Preventing Generator Problems

Of course, there are some simple tips and hacks that you can follow to ensure that you won’t have to worry about excessive damage to your generator. These tips are fairly easy and simplistic, but they can aid you in keeping your generator in the best condition possible while also eradicating the possibility of any serious damage in the future.

  1. Change the engine oil regularly; if you don’t, it’ll only cause extensive harm to your generator.
  2. Clean the filters, or else you’ll have a generator that’ll experience a severe kind of depreciation in quality and performance over time.