Backup Generator Maintenance Tips From Our Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

Backup Generator Maintenance Tips From Our Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

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Backup power can provide a sense of control when the world is chaotic, traffic lights are out and houses are dark, stores may be shuttered and your usual routine is disrupted. The one place you can turn to for bright lights and a nice dinner is your home, where the backup generator is humming along and making up for the power grid’s failures. That’s the plan, anyway, and we’d like to remind you that whether you just had your generator installed, or bought a house or business with a generator already in place, what ensures that you’ll have order during the chaos is your investment in maintenance. At Mister Sparky Generators, we offer generator repair service and expert maintenance for our customers in Marion, SC and beyond.

Reviewing the Load Your Generator Is Supplying

Since the goal of maintenance is to ensure that your generator will operate reliably when it is needed, making sure it can still meet your power needs without shutting down from overload is important. Full-building power from your generator is designed to supply the power that your home or commercial building needed when the unit was installed. As you install new appliances in your home or equipment in your shop, the load may exceed the capacity of your standby generator. Our generator repair service technicians need to know if your load, that is the power required from the generator, has increased over time. They can help you make adjustments to your load, called load management, by adding special wiring in your building, or you may want to talk about upgrading your generator to comfortably supply the power you need.

Checking and Changing Fluids

The fluids in your backup generator are similar to the oil, gas, and antifreeze in your car. Although the generator typically doesn’t run much, fluids can also degrade over time even when they’re not protecting your generator’s engine. Our generator repair service maintenance team will make sure that fluids and related filters are tested and replaced if necessary. This keeps your generator ready to perform reliably and steadily when it is called into service. Your fuel may not be a fluid, but natural gas or propane, in which case our team will make sure that regulation and flow are correct. Part of a fluid inspection and change is noticing if there are any signs that the engine needs attention due to discoloration or particles in the fluids, which can help get your engine serviced when required for longer life and better performance including fuel efficiency.

Cooling System Cleaning and Check

Our generator repair service team also checks your generator’s cooling system as part of maintenance. Part of the service is done during the fluid checks if your generator’s engine is fluid cooled, and for both air and fluid cooled systems, the radiator or fins that remove heat should be cleaned and checked for damage. If these components aren’t in good shape, your generator won’t be able to shed heat as efficiently, especially in hot weather, which could lead to excess wear or even overheating. In Marion, SC, the climate doesn’t typically require cooling system protection against deep freeze, but if your generator has a block heater for easier starting in winter months, that will be checked as well.

Battery and Starting System

When it’s time for your backup generator to kick in, it’s power from the battery that operates the starter and gets it running. If the battery isn’t in good shape, your investment in a quality generator will sit idle. Our generator repair service team checks and replaces your battery according to its condition and the recommended maintenance schedule. They also evaluate the starting system to make sure that it is in good condition and has the starting power to quickly bring up your backup generator in the event of power loss.

Belts, Hoses, and Wiring

The engine and power generation components of your backup generator include a set of belts and hoses that need regular inspection and replacement. Belts should be free of cracks and glazed appearance, unstretched, and otherwise in good shape, and should be replaced on schedule. Hoses should also be free of cracks and bulges, and appear in good shape, with replacement on a regular schedule. Any leaks should be noted and corrected. Wiring connectors, harnesses, and individual wires should be checked for damage including cracks and exposed metal. If there is any sign of wire damage or wear adjacent to the connector from flexing, repair or replacement should be considered for reliability.

Infestations and Damage

An important consideration for generator repair service on units which sit idle outdoors most of the time, is nesting and infestation problems. Creatures entering and living in the generator cabinet can create cooling and other operational problems from material brought in for nests, and damage to hoses, belts, wiring, and other components from chewing by rodents or insects. In addition to repairs and removal of material and creatures, it’s important to locate entry points and ensure that reinfestation doesn’t occur.

Electronics and Protective Gear

Many of the backup generators we service and sell include electronic control and monitoring systems that should be checked as part of routine maintenance. These systems allow homeowners and business management to check that the unit is operating correctly, from the comfort of indoors and in some cases even from their smartphones. Our generator repair service also verifies backup generator safety gear to ensure proper protection.

Your Local Backup Generator Repair Service Experts and Much More

Generator repair service and maintenance by Mister Sparky Generators keeps our Marion, SC area customers ready for the next big storm, minor outage, or unexpected electrical failure. Regular service is an important part of keeping your backup generator ready to serve, and our team consists of trained experts who will do the job right. Give us a call for all your backup generator needs, from maintenance and repair to upgrades or new installations.