Benefits Of Having A Backup Generator | Marion, SC

Benefits Of Having A Backup Generator | Marion, SC

Power outages occur during severe weather or problems with telephone lines and poles. If you’ve ever lived through a multiple-day power outage, you know how hard it can be. You can’t power your lights, appliances, and devices without electricity, bringing life in your home to a complete standstill until the power is restored. Fortunately, you can prepare for the next power outage by buying a backup generator to install in your Marion, SC, property.

The generator will kick on automatically when it detects a power outage and provides electricity to your entire house until the power is restored. When the power is restored, the generator will shut down on its own.

The average cost to install a backup generator is between $3,000 and $6,500, depending on your family’s electricity demand. If you aren’t sure it’s worth the investment, you should consider the benefits of having one.

#1 Your Refrigerator Will Keep Running

When the power goes out, your refrigerator will stop working, and it’s only a matter of time before the food starts to spoil. If you keep the door closed, the food will stay safe for just four hours before it starts to spoil. If the freezer is half full, the food will begin to thaw after 24 hours, and 48 hours if the freezer is full. When the power is restored, you’ll need to throw hundreds of dollars worth of food in the trash.

A backup generator will keep the fridge running during the power outage, preventing the food from spoiling. Also, you’ll be able to open the fridge and freezer doors as often as necessary without worrying about food spoiling.

#2 You Can Cook at Home

When the power goes out in your Marion, SC, home, preparing meals for your family can be challenging. You won’t be able to use the stove, microwave, or food from the fridge, so your options will be severely limited. You can go out to eat if you can find a restaurant with power, but taking your family out to eat for three meals a day can get very expensive.

If you have a backup generator, preparing meals for your family will be easy. The generator will power all your appliances, allowing you to prepare meals the same way you would if there wasn’t a power outage.

#3 You Have Kids

Severe weather often causes power outages that can last for days, making it challenging for your children to stay busy. They can’t play outside during a storm, and they can’t watch TV, use the internet, or power their devices during a power outage. Also, the lights won’t work, which can be scary for your kids at night. You can use candles and flashlights, but they will provide minimal light.

A backup generator will provide power to your entire house, allowing your children to do what they usually do even though the power is out, keeping them busy. Also, the lights will work, keeping your kids from getting scared at night. When your kids can keep themselves busy, it will make your life much easier until the power is restored.

#4 You Work from Home

Many people work from home today, and if you work out of your Marion, SC, home, you should have a backup generator. If the power goes out, your computer, internet, and other office equipment won’t work, preventing you from getting any work done. This can result in missed deadlines and pay, creating chaos in your professional life.

If you have a generator, your office equipment will have power, allowing you to work the way you usually do when the power isn’t out. Not only is this good for your career, but it will also help your bank account.

#5 Home Security

Your outdoor lights, cameras, and security system will also go out when the power goes out. Even if your cameras run on solar power or batteries, you’ll still need WiFi for them to work. Your home won’t be as safe and secure when the power goes out. Without outside lights and cameras, you won’t know if there’s an intruder on your property trying to gain access to your home.

Fortunately, a backup generator will keep your cameras, lights, and security system running, providing peace of mind that your home and family will remain safe until the power is restored.

#6 No Need for Storm Prep

When there’s severe weather in the forecast, people go out shopping for supplies, such as bottled water, canned goods, candles, flashlights, batteries, ice, a cooler, and more. You’ll need these items to help you get through the power outage, but if you have a generator, you won’t need to prepare for the storm. The generator will provide power to your entire house, so you won’t have to worry about preparing for the storm.

#7 More Convenient Than Portable Generators

Portable generators can help during a power outage but aren’t the most convenient option. You can only plug a few essential appliances and devices into the generator, which can be a hassle since there are many essential appliances. Also, unless you have a covered area for the generator, you can’t use it when it rains, which will be a problem if the power goes out due to severe weather.

Backup generators have protective housing and can be used in any weather. Also, the generator will power your entire home, and you won’t have to decide which appliances and devices to power.

Call Mister Sparky Generators Today

If you’re considering buying a backup generator, look no further than Mister Sparky Generators. We’re a full-service generator company and can help you choose the right generator for your family’s electrical demands.

You’ll need to have the generator regularly maintained to ensure it’s always ready for use, which is a service our techs provide. If your generator isn’t turning on, doesn’t power your entire home, or experiences any issues, our techs can inspect the unit to make the necessary repair, ensuring that it’s ready for use.

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