Critical Backup Generator Maintenance Service And Practices You Should Know | Marion, SC

Critical Backup Generator Maintenance Service And Practices You Should Know | Marion, SC

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A backup generator is an essential appliance in your home, especially if you live in areas experiencing frequent blackouts. Backup generators ensure food in your refrigerator doesn’t go bad, and your sump pump keeps running to eliminate flooding possibilities. These appliances also make working from home convenient when there’s no power in your Marion, SC, neighborhood.

With proper maintenance, generators can last up to 3000 hours, which translates to about 30 years. Some homeowners avoid subscribing to backup generator maintenance service plans since they believe these appliances only run for a while.

Well, inadequate or lack of maintenance can trigger bigger issues, including exposure to hazardous conditions such as carbon monoxide, fire, and electrocution as well as costly repairs and early replacements.

Between 2005 and 2017, over 900 people lost their lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning from portable generators. You can prevent these problems by simply liaising with your electricians to create a suitable generator maintenance service schedule.

Let’s discuss some of the critical maintenance practices the technician should include in the backup generator maintenance service plan.

General Inspection

When you put on your generator, you should closely monitor how the components, including the exhaust, engine, fuel, and electrical systems run. Since general inspection can be a daunting task for you to identify any defects, visit your generator maintenance service company to get an electrician to do the activity for you.

This maintenance service is crucial since it helps identify minute problems before they become hazardous. A small leak in a diesel-run generator can ignite a fire when it comes into contact with loose wires of the electrical system.

Avoid burning down your precious investment by scheduling a backup generator maintenance service appointment with your generator specialist.

Lubrication Service

Generator lubrication is one of the main maintenance activities to ensure a smooth operation. If your generator produces abnormal noises, the problem could be inadequate or dirty lubricating oil. You should check the oil using a dipstick before switching on your generator and when putting it off at regular intervals.

You can look for a company that offers backup generator maintenance services to conduct lubrication tests. The technician you get assigned to should keep the oil level as near as possible to the full mark on the dipstick by refilling the same brand and quality of oil initially used.

The specialist offering you generator maintenance services should also set dates to change dirty oil and filters. The professional should dispose of the removed oil and filters safely to avoid environmental degradation and legal action.

Testing Batteries

Undercharged starting batteries can make your generator fail. Batteries should be in top-notch working condition always. It can be done by ensuring they’re fully charged at all times.

The electrician offering you backup generator maintenance services can conduct frequent inspections of the batteries to ascertain their current statuses and prevent any start-up defects.

The generator maintenance service company you choose should also offer battery cleaning and electrolyte levels checkup services.

Evaluating The Cooling System

Cooling systems help reduce the heat produced by generators, ensuring the affected components don’t get damaged. Your generator’s cooling system should always be in tip-top working conditions.

The expert you get from your trusted backup generator maintenance service company in Marion, SC, should create a schedule to check the coolant levels in your generator during shutdowns at particular intervals.

The technician will open the radiator cap after confirming the engine has cooled down, and afterward, add more coolant if the levels are low. If you have a heavy-duty generator, the technician should ensure the coolant entails balanced quantities of water, coolant additives, and antifreeze.

The generator specialist can also assess the radiator and eliminate all dirt and foreign materials, carefully not to destroy the fins, using a clean and soft brush or cloth.

Routine Engine Exercise

This maintenance procedure is ideal for homeowners that experience few or no blackouts. Constant routine engine exercises keep the engine parts well lubricated and use up the fuel before it deteriorates in value.

Regular exercising also prevents oxidation of electrical contacts and ensures reliable engine starting. Most backup generator maintenance service companies recommend the maintenance process to be carried out at least once every month for about 30 minutes per session.

Thorough Cleaning

It will be easy to spot issues like fuel leaks and oil drops if you clean your generator at all times. Super clean generators guarantee a successful visual inspection, making it easier for you to know whether hoses and belts are in perfect working condition.

However, you’ll need to get help from a technician that offers backup generator maintenance services for a thorough cleanup of interior components. The professional will unscrew all bolts and carefully clean all parts, removing any nestings of insects such as wasps and spiders.

Exhaust System Inspection

Lack of backup generator maintenance services can lead to leaks in the exhaust system. The leakage usually happens at connection points, gaskets, and welds. Such issues should be fixed promptly by a specialist to prevent generator breakdown and excessive emissions.

However, you can prevent such unexpected repairs by scheduling a maintenance plan with your tested generator specialist. Manufacturers recommend regular maintenance services, especially 24 hours before starting the engines.

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