Generator Hookup Service: Why Are So Many People Who Work From Home Having A Backup Generator Installed? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Generator Hookup Service: Why Are So Many People Who Work From Home Having A Backup Generator Installed? | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Our most popular generator brands are mostly manufactured right here in the USA, easy to ship to us and for us to get and deliver to your home, and yet they’ve been working hard to keep products available. The reason is that, as so many people have turned to working at home, they’ve realized how dependent they are on reliable power. They reach out to a generator hookup service like ours at Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, and arrange for their own backup power source. With all the new features available in the backup generator brands we carry, they often decide to have a permanently installed and fueled generator system that supplies all the power their home needs, and makes it easy to operate, monitor, and maintain their systems with a minimum of distraction from their work. In an age of uncertainty, our generator hookup service can provide remote workers, families, seniors, disabled people, and others a sense of security and power they can rely on to keep their lives going smoothly even if storms encroach, wires are down, power company transformers fail, or portions of the electrical grid are disrupted.

A Few Words About Backup Power and Our Generator Hookup Service

Homes in our area are subject to intense storms and other events that can knock out power for days at a time. With this, our generator hookup service customers have decided that waiting for power to be restored is not a good option for them. For some, it’s to carry on life as usual, rather than living with flashlights and being concerned about whether their refrigerator and freezer contents will spoil. For others, there are medical reasons for having power, heating, and air conditioning, and a source of electricity for medical equipment to charge from so the batteries won’t run flat. Still, others have responsibilities that require them to have power in their homes so they can continue to provide services, keep their businesses operating, or stay connected with the world, the stock market, or other non-local enterprises that don’t stop when local power goes out. These days, it’s not just day traders and technology experts working from home, but people from many different types of companies and occupations, from customer support to accounting, medical and behavioral healthcare via telehealth, and office workers who have taken their work home for the long run, and will miss days of work if the power is out. Our generator hookup professional ensures that your backup power is connected skillfully by experts, and we follow up with other services to ensure that your generator is ready to respond when commercial power fails.

Your Backup Power Is Only as Good as the Company That Supports It

Maintenance and responsive emergency service are essential for making sure that your backup generator is ready to step in when your power goes out. Our generator hookup service ensures that your system is installed carefully and professionally, with our licensed and insured electricians using their extensive experience to install your system right for your specific situation. Our team also has experience with permits and HOA requirements and setting up for the fuel source that you need, including propane and natural gas supplies. Our maintenance includes a careful checkout of your generator’s operation and testing to make sure it’s ready to start and run when you need it. Without expert care, factors from starter battery issues to rodent intrusions can compromise your backup power. Some generator systems perform automatic self-testing and communicate maintenance and repair issues when identified so that you can call us in-between visits to tend to urgent issues.

Generator Emergency Service

Our company provides generator hookup service with careful system design and documentation, so if you need emergency service for your generator, our team already knows your generator installation and can get to work quickly resolving the problem and getting your backup power online. The generators we provide are proven to be reliable and serve our customers over many years, and with careful maintenance, we reduce the need for emergency service even further, but we know that having all bases covered including coming out in the storm or driving down darkened roads to restore your generator while the power company is still organizing their repairs is part of the value of backup power.

Different Configurations for Different Needs

It’s possible to provide generator hookup service for limited purposes, even temporary portable power if it’s carefully installed and operated to avoid hazards like carbon monoxide release. Our typical generator hookup service is a permanent installation, with fuel, support connections to network and battery charging, and a power connection that’s handled by an automatic transfer switch that senses power loss and takes the necessary actions to provide power, even if you’re not home or don’t want to go out in a storm. The capacity of the generator governs what part of your home’s needs can be powered, from just your home office and perhaps your refrigerator and lights, to everything including your HVAC system for normal living. Our skilled electricians can create a custom power solution that directs backup power where you want it, and make sure that devices such as computers, network devices, and data backup systems all have UPS power that covers you during the brief transition to generator power, and any other time there’s a brief interruption in your home’s power, just as your office would have.

Your Backup Power and Work From Home Power Source in Myrtle Beach, SC

Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC is the reliable source of backup generators and generator hookup service for families and businesses in our area, including people who are working at home and need power they can count on with support from our expert team. Give us a call and find out how you can stay working and connected even when the rest of the area goes dark.