Generator Installation Company: Types Of Generators To Consider For Your Home | Dillon, SC

Generator Installation Company: Types Of Generators To Consider For Your Home | Dillon, SC

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Did you know that the average U.S. homeowner experiences a power outage once or twice a year for about three hours? Sometimes due to extreme weather, the blackouts can even last for days or weeks. This leads to various inconveniences such as frozen pipes, moldy walls, spoiled food, and flooded basements.

Luckily for you, you can have a backup generator at your disposal to provide you with electricity every time there is a blackout. However, with various models in the market ranging from small recreational units to standby models, choosing a generator can be challenging.

Not to worry, though; this post has been brought to you by a trusted generator installation company in Dillon, SC, to help you know the type of generator that’s suitable for your residential property.

Diesel Generators

Homeowners with large families prefer this type of backup generator. Diesel generators provide both heat and light as well as keep your appliances running and house secure.

To operate efficiently, diesel generators utilize diesel and an electric generator to generate electrical energy. When shopping for this generator, it’s important to note that some of these work well with other liquid fuels and natural gas.

If you are looking for a long-lasting generator with lower maintenance levels, then you can contact a generator installation company to help you install this type.

Another perk of diesel generators is that they utilize diesel that, hence the engine will not be overworked because low heat is produced.

Lastly, they are economical to operate and last for long. If you schedule regular maintenance from a reliable generator company they can last for a long time. Despite their benefits, diesel generators are not eco-friendly because they release emissions into the atmosphere and can’t function in wet environments.

Natural Gas Generators

They are commonly used by homeowners in Dillon, SC, to generate power and electricity. Natural gas generators function like other types of generators and use propane or liquefied petroleum to produce energy. They are durable because they can be easily stored above or below ground tanks.

You can hire a generator installation company to help you mount a natural gas generator if you don’t want the disappointment of running out of fuel. This is because they operate on natural gas, which is an endless supply, and the gas lines run to the site of the operation.

Natural gas generators are popular because gas is very affordable compared to other non-renewable fuels. Before calling a generator company to install this generator, you should beware of its short life span and high installation costs because it has to be connected to running gas lines.

Gasoline Generators

For a long time, these generators have been popular because they are powered by readily available gasoline. Also called ‘gas generators,’ they are economical to operate because gasoline prices are reasonable. Since they are available in small sizes, gas generators are highly portable, increasing their demand compared to other generators. In addition, their small size makes them compact, thus can easily be moved depending on your needs.

However, this generator can be noisy, and sometimes, during a power outage, you may not access gasoline because it’s made available by electricity. Also, you may have to hire a generator installation company for frequent servicing, especially if you tend to rely on the portability feature of this generator. Without regular maintenance, they may not last long. Lastly, they may not function effectively in a cold environment.

On the brighter side, if your household doesn’t consume a lot of power, then gasoline generators can be the best option. Suppose you are installing this type of generator in your home. In that case, it’s essential to request a generator installation company to mount a standby gasoline generator because they have a higher output and are not very noisy, nor do they cause gas pollution.

Portable Generators

They are perfect for folks who need temporary electrical power. These generators are powered by diesel or gas and can be used in remote areas. To generate and supply electricity, they utilize a combustion engine to produce enough power to run freezers, refrigerators, and televisions.

There are two ways to use a portable generator; the first one is to hire a generator installation company to wire it to the sub-panel of your home. Another way is to plug all your electrical appliances directly into the generator’s power sockets.

Many local residents use portable generators to keep their vital appliances such as refrigerators, lights, and phones running when they experience power outages for a short time.

Although they are the cheapest and come in handy when you cannot access other power sources, you cannot operate portable generators inside your home or garage, and they have to be protected from the weather.

Solar Generators

Solar generators are impressive! They only need solar panels to absorb energy from the sun to charge the generator’s battery. It produces power using the charge stored in this battery, and the inverter converts the power into alternating current.

A solar generator is a small unit with various interconnected components inside, including the inverter and charge controller as well as batteries. These parts work together to convert solar energy into electricity.

Before purchasing these generators, it’s important to note that it takes almost eight hours of strong sunlight to recharge their batteries. Therefore, they may not be effective during winter and are costly compared to those powered by fuel. Also, it takes a long time to charge their batteries to full capacity. Despite their cons, these generators are not noisy and are ideal for individuals with minimal electrical requirements.

Mister Sparky Generators: A professional Generator installation company in Dillon, SC

Every type of generator has its pros and cons, unique uses, and features. The generator you choose will depend on your needs, but selecting an efficient model can be daunting. Don’t sweat it; our generator installation company is staffed with licensed technicians who will help you weigh the pros and cons and assess your needs to ensure you make an informed decision.

At Mister Sparky Generators, we provide comprehensive generator services such as fluid sampling, load management, battery and generator belt replacement, and rodent screening. You can also rely on our generator installation company for emergency services. We are a phone call away.