Getting It Right: Experience Is a Key Ingredient in Our Generator Hookup Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Getting It Right: Experience Is a Key Ingredient in Our Generator Hookup Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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A quality generator hookup service combines many factors in addition to skilled electrical work in making the right connection to your home’s wiring. At Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, our experienced team knows how to bring those factors together for a top-quality generator installation. There are considerations like making sure the generator is in a safe operating location that will allow it to operate during heavy storms without flooding, and ensuring that the exhaust is prevented from entering your home. If your fuel supply is from a tank or gas line, it takes experience to coordinate that with the rest of the generator hookup service so everything comes together for a durable, safe installation in the end. Even if all you need is an electrician to make the final connections of your generator hookup service, there are many ways to safely accomplish that, and with our extensive experience, we can help you find the one that will make your generator a reliable, trustworthy source of electric power when the weather is wild or the power lines are down.

Choosing a Generator Hookup Service Strategy

What’s driving your choice of generator and generator hookup service method? Is it cost, power requirements, convenience, reliability, or other factors involved in your backup power needs? Our team of expert generator system designers and generator hookup technicians has the experience to help you review your assumptions and expectations about backup generators, and make sure you’re really getting what you want. As an example, the convenient installation of a hookup method for your portable generator can be a great idea for dual-use, but there are concerns that should be considered about where the portable unit can and cannot be operated. When it rains, for example, the garage is not a good option because of the dangers, including carbon monoxide, that is present. Some homeowners build an enclosure for their portable unit, but at some point of course it becomes worthwhile to permanently install a backup generator for home use.

Are we biased? In a way, yes, because generator hookup service for permanently installed backup generators is standardized, and we’ve done many of them. We know what’s safe, what works well, and how to provide the maximum features for the safety, convenience, and comfort of our customers, limiting noise and vibration, providing a steady fuel supply, and arranging automatic switchover, even smartphone monitoring. Our generator hookup team also provides custom installations for your specific situation, which might involve connecting your portable unit to sports field lighting occasionally and needing a safe and legal way to do it. Look to our professional generator hookup service for experienced solutions for your backup power strategy, and feel free to ask questions about what, in our experience, works best or the challenges we’ve encountered and how we’ve solved them.

Varying Ways to Engage Your Backup Power — Automatic

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the street lights go dark while your home automatically switches over to backup power and life goes on normally. It could be during a storm, a transformer failure at your local power distribution station, a car hitting a power pole along the road and knocking out your neighborhood, or even a larger power grid problem. As long as your fuel supply continues, your power is there for you until the world reconnects and brings commercial power back to you. At the heart of this scenario is a carefully installed backup generator, and the work of our generator hookup service that ensures your system works in all kinds of weather, even limited flooding, and you have reliable connections not only to supply power from the generator to your home safely but to switch over to generator power automatically when needed and back when power is restored. Your generator will also need commercial power to charge its starter battery and keep its electronics operating while it awaits eventual activation, and these days a network connection is either wired or wireless for monitoring and control. Typically, permanently installed systems receive regular testing and maintenance to ensure they’re ready when called upon to provide power.

Manual Engagement of Backup Power

Manual switchover and manual starting of your generator is also an option, and a practical one for occasional use when you’re around to make the switch. Our generator hookup service can provide an affordable manual transfer switch wired into your home’s electrical service with additional wiring to support a limited load if your generator is of less capacity than your house typically needs. For example, many homes use a 20k generator as a starting point for full coverage, with additions for larger homes or more extensive HVAC operation.

Simpler Generator Connections for Your Home

There are other ways to safely and legally connect your generator, usually a portable one, to your home for limited access to emergency power. You may just want to have a few outlets inside your home that are connected to your generator, or perhaps supply your lighting with power, and make do with limited electrical power in one location inside your home, expecting that you’ll have enough backup power to get you through most minor power failures. Our highly experienced generator hookup team can help with designs for these solutions as well, and also provide the numbers for other options because, in many cases, customers enjoy backup power at whatever level they have selected, and soon began asking us questions about upgrade options. Even whole-house backup generator customers with the automatic switchover and more start thinking about adding capacity for heating and air conditioning, high-powered home theater equipment, and other luxuries.

Backup Generator System Experts, Ready to Meet Your Hookup Needs in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, we’re ready to help you connect your backup power safely and reliably, at whatever performance level is right for you. Our experience makes us a valuable ally, so call us today.