Home Generator Installation Company: Things To Consider Before Installing A Generator | Dillon, SC

Home Generator Installation Company: Things To Consider Before Installing A Generator | Dillon, SC

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Did you know that an average homeowner in the US experiences almost 200 minutes of power outages every year? This does not seem like a long period, but for homeowners, this can be risky due to the extreme winters or summers. A generator can be a solution for power outages, giving homeowners peace of mind that comes with having a backup source of power. It would be best if you shop smart before buying one. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing the wrong and improperly sized system that can result in high electricity bills. Before calling an expert generator installation company, here’s what you should know.

Power Needs

Generators generate a set amount of power; that’s why you should select the right-sized system for your power needs during outages. For large buildings and business operations, you would need a bigger generator with a high power output to run the operations when required.

Before contacting a generator installation company, calculate your home’s energy needs with the help of an electrician.

Power Source

Fuel type is a significant factor to consider when making purchasing decisions. Fuels have different delivery and storage requirements. The most common types of fuel available for homes in Dillon, SC, and beyond include natural gas, which lacks strict storage requirements for the end-user, making it a top choice amongst residential property owners. It’s also an unlimited fuel source, making refueling unnecessary.

You can also go for gasoline-powered systems. This is because gasoline is widely available and often the first choice considered for many homeowners. However, this type of fuel is highly inflammable, which makes them quite lethal in case of leaks start plaguing your home’s generator. Homeowners may also consider diesel-powered generators. Diesel’s a popular fuel type because of its high efficiency and durability since it can be stored for up to 1.5 to 2 years.

On the other hand, you may also go for propane-based machines since propane has a long shelf life. However, it’s not ideal for larger generators. At all times, you should choose a type of fuel that is safe for your family and meets your budget.

Size and Placement

Installing improperly sized generators can lead to poor efficiency and recurrent system breakdowns. Worry not though, an electrician from a reputable generator company can help inspect your home before the job to develop accurate estimates that can ensure the generator you choose fits your household needs.

Additionally, it would help if you considered where your home’s generator will be installed. Conventionally, generators make a lot of noise and emit exhaust fumes, which you may find repulsive during operation. Therefore, it’s advisable to have it installed in a place with good ventilation and on that’s far from your living space to avoid noise distractions.


The installation process requires well-trained electrical engineers with extensive knowledge of the logistics, transportation, and unloading concerns surrounding the generator installation job. You should seek referrals to know the brands that your preferred company installs and to determine if they service power backup systems. To ensure a hassle-free installation process and seamless operation down the line, you should involve expert technicians from a certified generator installation company in Dillon, SC.


When dealing with generators, the primary safety concerns include fire and explosions, significant carbon monoxide emissions, and an elevated risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or electrocution. As such, homeowners should immediately clean up any spilled fuel and refuel the generator when its fuel supply dwindles to avoid fire ignitions. Also, they should store inflammable fuels away from living rooms and burning appliances such as heaters.

Similarly, the generator should be installed in well-ventilated areas to control the impact of the subsequent carbon emissions. Additionally, homeowners need to place the generator in dry places and shielded it from rain to prevent electric shocks. If you want to safely connect a generator to your home’s wiring, ensure you choose a competent generator installation company for the job.

Maintenance Services

Generators need to be serviced regularly to work efficiently and without the risk of unprecedented system failures, especially during power outages.

It can be quite easy to forget about your home’s generator. After all, they’re primarily in use only when there’s a power loss.

Therefore, you should subject it to regular maintenance to ensure it’s always ready to supply power when required to.

When planning for a generator installation project, ensure you adopt a regular maintenance and service plan with your preferred generator installation company.

Brands of Generators

There are many generator brands that homeowners can choose from based on their different and unique needs. Popular brands include GE, Generac, Briggs, and Stratton, which feature different sizes and styles of generators.

If it’s your first time buying a generator, you can browse the internet to find a perfect brand that suits your tastes and preferences. You can gain valuable insight by looking at other people’s product reviews. It’s advisable to consult with a trusted generator installation company technician to seek informed recommendations, given their extensive experience working with wide-ranging types of generators.

Fuel Storage

If you’re planning to install a generator, you need to figure out a way to store its fuel safely. The precautions you take determine the overall shelf life of the fuel. As such, you should have a working understanding of how to store the fuel safely.

Fuels such as natural gas don’t need specialized storage since it moves through the main gas pipeline. On the other hand, diesel-operated generators need a storage tank or container so you can have a stable fuel delivery system, especially during emergencies. A reliable generator installation company should be able to assist you with this.

Your Reliable Generator Installation Company

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