How Our Generator Hookup Service Can Help Keep Your Life On Track | Myrtle Beach, SC

How Our Generator Hookup Service Can Help Keep Your Life On Track | Myrtle Beach, SC

It was a dark and stormy night. The power went out. That beautiful fish that you caught and cleaned from your offshore fishing trip is starting to defrost, and that’s just the beginning. In modern homes, power loss can cause plenty of damage, from loss of heating, cooling, and refrigeration to lost work time when your home office is down. If your home automation and security equipment go through your wireless internet, they can be cut off from the outside world. At Mister Sparky Generators, we can help. Our generator hookup service is a flexible, highly experienced team of generator experts and professional electricians that can make sure your home has the right backup power for your needs in Myrtle Beach, SC. Home and business backup power is much more advanced now than in the past, with automatic starting and periodic self-test, remote monitoring, internet connections, and quiet operation. A home unit installed by our generator hookup service typically looks much like a central air conditioning unit, carefully located in your yard so that you can sleep well at night, both from the quiet and from the knowledge that your home is running normally with backup power until commercial power returns.

With Permanently Installed Backup Power, There’s Not Much to Think About

Our generator hookup service can install an affordable backup power generator that fits in with your yard, runs quietly, and, with a natural gas fuel supply, doesn’t require fill-ups. Propane-fueled generators offer lengthy operation times but do require tank fills and of course, portable backup generators, which our generator hookup service can provide manual transfer switches for, require a careful location for safety from carbon monoxide, manual connection, and manual refilling on a frequent basis, with downtime while the unit cools for refilling. Operational time frames for some residential generators permanently installed by our generator hookup service can run as long as three weeks by manufacturer recommendation, fed by your home’s natural gas connection. That leaves enough time for major storm recovery, running a new power line to a remote location, or another extended commercial power downtime. If there are any concerns about operation, many of these models will send internet-based alerts to you for your review and quick communication to our service technicians. If you’re away from home and want to make sure your power needs are covered, you can also check that your backup generator is running, even from another country.

Comfort That Doesn’t Quit

Many homeowners depend on their HVAC systems for more than heating and cooling. There may be occupants who are sensitive to heat or cold, plants, plumbing, and other items in the home that shouldn’t get too warm or freeze, and other reasons that your home should stay at the right temperature and humidity. Our generator hookup service can size a backup generator to meet your home’s power needs so you switch the entire load. In other words, you can connect your entire home’s electrical service to the generator when needed. We can also provide backup generator power to in-law apartments, garages, and other separate buildings that have their own heating and cooling, for instance using mini-split heat pumps. Our team is creative in supplying safe, code-compliant generator power that lets you live the way you like, even when the power is out for an extended time.

Partial Power Supply for the Essentials

In many cases, it’s not practical to provide power for an entire building during a power failure. The cost of generator power may be more than the budget allows, which can be the case for homeowners as well. Whole-home backup power is typically affordable, with financing for approved credit available. It can sometimes boost the value of a home, especially when professionally installed by an expert generator hookup service like ours, with proper permits and electrical code practices followed. In buildings like hospitals, you’ll notice color-coded outlets, typically red for generator power, so that essential equipment can be connected to reliable power. In your home, that could include your refrigerator, internet router, and a few other items, as well as your lighting. Our generator hookup service includes expert electricians who can provide the wiring you need to support partial power to your essential needs, allowing for the capacity of your generator system. When the power fails, you’ll have lights and other essential equipment automatically with an automatic transfer switch and self-starting generator. If you decide to upgrade at a later time, we’ll be here to make it happen.

Care for Your Electronic Equipment, Computers, and Other Custom Needs

Backup generator power from our high-quality systems is what your computers, home theater equipment, and other sensitive electronics need. Lower-cost generators can produce power that’s appropriate for some purposes, like running traditional lighting and heat, but doesn’t have the proper AC properties that electronics and many motor-based devices need. Our team of experts can help you meet your specific needs for backup power, including UPS systems that bridge the momentary gap between power failure and generator power, allowing your computers, smart home hubs, and internet routers to continue uninterrupted. We can also help ensure that your home office power is carefully designed so that even in the midst of one of our famous storms, you can stay on that live conference with the overseas office. We know that your home is a busy center for an increasing amount of your tech-connected life, we can help!

Your Expert Generator Hookup Service Backup Power Equipment Source in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, we have the expertise and the right residential and commercial backup power equipment to meet your needs. In particular, residential backup generators have become so popular that manufacturers have loaded them with features for homeowners’ convenience. Let us provide the generator to fit your family’s needs, and the support services to install it and keep it running smoothly. Call today and learn about what’s available!

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