Issues That Require A Call To A Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

Issues That Require A Call To A Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

A backup generator is the best way to prepare for a power outage. The generator will kick on when the power goes out and provide electricity to your home until the power is restored. When the electric company gets the power up and running again, the unit will kick off automatically until another power outage occurs. There are several ways owning a generator can benefit your home and family during a power outage, including:

  • The food in your fridge and freezer won’t spoil.
  • You can prepare meals at home.
  • Your kids will stay busy.
  • The lights will stay on.
  • Your home security system and cameras will continue working.
  • You can keep working if you work from home.
  • Backup generators are more convenient than portable generators.
  • There’s no need to go shopping to prepare for the storm.

When you install a generator on your property, you expect it to work correctly when the power goes out. If the unit experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call a generator repair service in Marion, SC, immediately.

#1 The Generator Has Trouble Starting

Your generator should turn on and provide power to your house as soon as the power goes out. If there’s a delay or the generator struggles to turn on, a generator repair service in Marion, SC, can help.

The most common causes of this problem are old or poor-quality fuel in the unit, creating sludge in the tank or lines. This often occurs if you fail to maintain the unit regularly.

A generator repair service can send a tech to your home to drain the gas and remove the sludge, allowing the unit to turn on immediately.

You should have the unit repaired even if it starts on the second or third try. The next time the power goes out, you may not be so lucky and can’t be sure if it will turn on next time, so it’s best to call a professional the first time the generator has trouble starting.

#2 Inconsistent Power

Does your generator suddenly turn on and off on its own? If so, it isn’t providing consistent power, and you’ll need to hire a generator repair service in Marion, SC.

This can signify an internal issue that must be repaired immediately to prevent more power issues. If the power is inconsistent and the lights flicker, the generator may not have enough energy to meet your electrical needs.

A generator repair service will send a tech to inspect the unit to determine if the problem is due to a faulty internal part or if you need a larger generator that provides more power.

#3 The Generator Runs But Isn’t Producing Electricity

When you hear the generator kick on, your house should have power. If the generator turns on, but there’s no electricity going to your home, you’ll need the help of a generator repair service.

The problem could either be an issue with the generator or the breakers. You’ll need a licensed electrician who works on generators to inspect the generator and test the breaker to determine which is causing the problem. When the job is complete, your generator will produce electricity as soon as it turns on.

#4 You Smell Rotten Eggs

Your generator shouldn’t emit a smell when it runs, and a rotten egg smell indicates a gas leak. This is a serious problem because the leak could cause a fire or explosion, as well as a significant health hazard, and requires a call to a generator repair service.

They will send a tech to repair the leak, ensuring the unit is safe to use.

#5 The Generator Makes Strange Sounds

It’s well-known that a generator won’t be whisper quiet when it runs; however, if the unit starts making sounds you’ve never heard before, it’s best to call a generator repair service.

A few issues can cause the problem, and a bad fuel mix is one of them. A bad fuel mix issue will cause the generator to make a sputtering sound because the unit won’t get the necessary fuel.

Rattling, chattering, popping, or a metal-on-metal sound indicates a broken component in the generator. Allowing the problem to persist can result in further damage that can be more challenging and expensive to repair.

The best way to prevent further problems is to call a professional as soon as you hear a strange sound.

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