Issues You Risk For Skipping Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Marion, SC

Issues You Risk For Skipping Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Marion, SC

A backup generator is the perfect power source for your home or office when the electricity goes off. If you live in an area that experiences thunderstorms, you know how frustrating it can be due to prolonged blackout periods. This means having a backup generator alone isn’t the ultimate solution; you need to have it serviced regularly by a professional to keep it operational.

Ensuring your generator is in safe, working condition isn’t just a “nice-to-have,” and the alternative is expensive and dangerous. You should have a backup generator maintenance service at least once yearly to keep it in good shape.

Although you may not see the consequences of skipping backup generator maintenance service in the short run, it might surely pain you down the road. This write-up discusses in detail the problems that can arise from a generator that’s improperly or inadequately maintained, including:

Expensive Repairs

Many generators will not show signs of failure immediately unless and until the generator fails to start in the event there’s a power outage.

Regular preventive maintenance by a qualified technician in Marion, SC helps catch problems early, preventing them from worsening in the long run, which eventually can cause the generator to cease functioning. In such circumstances, the only option you might have is to replace it, which may be very expensive.

Postponing your backup generator maintenance service may save you a few coins now, but it might be costly in the future. Most homeowners don’t know that proper and routine servicing of their generators presents an ideal opportunity to address issues when they’re way more cost-effective.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Do you know that over 400 Americans die annually, and about 50,000 end up in emergency rooms due to unintentional CO poisoning?

Generators emit carbon monoxide (CO) when they run. The internal combustion engine of any generator that’s not regularly maintained is susceptible to producing CO, an extremely toxic gas to inhale.

During your backup generator maintenance service, a certified technician will ensure the generator is positioned so that any fumes released are directed outdoors rather than indoors. With that said, keeping your backup generator clean can also prove very helpful.

Helpful hint; a generator is not the only thing in your home that requires maintenance; your carbon monoxide detector needs it too. Carbon monoxide is called the “silent killer” gas because of its colorless and odorless properties. Thus, having a CO detector that’s in proper working condition is crucial to warn you of any potential carbon monoxide emissions.

Decreased Generator Efficiency

Birds, snakes, spiders, and other critters can infest your generator’s housing. Rodents are especially notorious as they chew on the device’s wiring, which results in the generator not performing to its potential.

When you call in the pros for your backup generator maintenance service, expect the tech to inspect all generator parts and clean them from dirt and debris. They’ll then test the generator to confirm it’s working as expected.

The service personnel will also disconnect and reconnect the batteries to ascertain that there are no underlying problems. Conducting the checks according to the recommendations of your generator’s manufacturer boosts the machine’s efficiency levels, and it begins to work as though it was new.

Shortened Unit Lifespan

Your generator may last longer if you maintain it well. Unmaintained or not-so-well-maintained generators will usually have shorter lifespans. You don’t want to be constantly looking for a standby generator for sale.

So, take good care of your investment. Ensure you adhere to your interim or annual backup generator maintenance service schedule. In addition, taking care of timely shutdown periods may help prevent start-up issues, keep your generator set for all occasions, and function smoothly for years.

Lack of Power

If you neglect regular generator servicing, the most obvious thing that can go wrong is a lack of power, the very thing you need the generator to provide. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that it will work perfectly without ever servicing it because you’ve got a generator at home or in your workplace.

You need backup generator maintenance service regularly, just as you need annual health checks. Well, you invested in that generator so that you wouldn’t have to worry about power loss, but what sense is there if you forget about your investment?

Would you throw money in the stock market and ignore it for some years? Unless otherwise, you’d keep an eye on it and make changes where needed so that the money grows and brings you value.

In the same way, you want to know if you can rely on your generator for safe, reliable, and uninterrupted power during a blackout. And that’s the value you derive from scheduling a backup generator maintenance service in your Marion, SC home.

Potential Exposure to Hazards

Wet stacking, which is simply the accumulation of unburnt fuel and moisture in the engine’s exhaust pipes, is a common problem with oversized generators and can pose a fire hazard.

During regular backup generator maintenance service, a certified generator provider conducts load tests to ensure your generator isn’t running for extended periods on light loads, which encourages the build-up of excessive unused fuel.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to overextend yourself or break the bank to keep your generator running effectively and efficiently.

It’s a matter of being mindful of what your power backup equipment needs and taking proactive maintenance steps before all hell breaks loose.

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