Life Has Few Guarantees, But Installing A Backup Generator Ensures That Your Home Has Power | Dillon, SC

Life Has Few Guarantees, But Installing A Backup Generator Ensures That Your Home Has Power | Dillon, SC

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It seems like we live in uncertain times, but at Mister Sparky Generators we help families in Dillon, SC count on a very important part of their lives: their electric power. Our backup generator solutions are designed to fit each home’s requirements, from targeted power for essential needs, to whole-house backup generator power including HVAC systems for comfort and routine life so you hardly notice the changeover from commercial power. Our team handles everything from system design and installation to home wiring, transfer switch installation, and fuel system preparation, plus working with the local government to ensure the proper permits are issued. When the project is complete, you can have a system that senses power loss and quickly starts the generator and switches your home’s electrical circuits to the new source for as long as is needed. A remote monitoring capability is an option useful for families to make sure seniors have power for their medical equipment for example, and our company provides periodic maintenance and testing to ensure the backup generator is ready to go at all times.

Answering Your Questions About Backup Generator Power

You’re bound to have questions about how a backup generator can serve you and your family, starting with what’s the difference between a portable generator and one that’s permanently installed. There are several notable differences, including the typical power capacity of portable units which is usually much lower than installed backup generators. Portable backup generators also present several potential hazards that have to be managed, including exhaust routing that limits where they can be located while running. Connection to your home’s wiring is also a concern, which typically is performed using a manual, rather than automatic, transfer switch so your power changeover includes noticing power loss, going outside and starting the generator, and throwing the transfer switch so that your home’s wiring is switched over. Fuel needs to be resupplied, usually, while the unit is turned off which means occasional blackouts for your home while you refuel. With permanently installed units, a large tank for diesel units and propane, or a continuous flow of natural gas provides the energy for the backup generator.

Another common question is how much backup generator power you’ll need. That depends, of course, on how much of your home’s electrical equipment you want to power when commercial electricity is unavailable, and what that equipment consists of. Do you have a standard refrigerator, or do you need to power a chest freezer as well? Would you like to power your HVAC system including air conditioning or a heat pump? Perhaps you’ve decided that you need only essential appliances such as the stove or microwave, and lighting throughout the home. We can arrange wiring to limit your backup power use to the areas you specify, and some generators will even manage your power load themselves using special switches. A typical whole-house power supply runs up to 20 kW, much more than the one to five kW available from portable units, and with a quieter, safer, and more reliable installation including periodic testing.

What About Specialized Power Needs Such as Home Office or Medical Equipment?

While our backup power systems with automatic transfer switching provide quick changeover to backup power, there’s still a small gap that can lead to computer rebooting, network routers restarting, and other issues with electronics. The answer is straightforward, in the form of a commonly used protective device used for essential computer equipment both in large server “farms” and offices. It’s an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS, which charges its internal battery and can switch to quality backup power in a short enough time that most electronics won’t be affected. For a typical battery size, the UPS can supply your computer and network equipment for fifteen minutes to several hours, amply bridging the transfer time to your backup power equipment. UPS equipment is also a valuable asset if your home’s commercial power is prone to brief disruptions as well as longer outages, as the UPS will keep your systems running through the “hiccups.”

What About the Neighbors? Can People Sleep While Backup Power is Running?

The design of your backup power generator system includes careful location selection, a solid installation platform that reduces the conduction of vibration through the earth, and units that are designed for residential use, with exhaust protection features to avoid carbon monoxide concerns, enclosures that reduce noise while the system is operating, and other sound and vibration suppression features. Not only are the neighbors unlikely to object, but your own family should also be able to sleep well while the generator is running. In addition, the unobtrusive design of our residential generators’ enclosures fits in with your home, making it even less likely that people will notice the unit and start listening hard to see if there’s anything to bring up.

Expert Electricians and Backup Power Generator Technicians

You can rely on our team to provide top-quality service from pouring concrete pedestals and running fuel connections to wiring connections to your home’s power and sometimes network as well, and installing the automatic transfer switch that disconnects from commercial power and makes the changeover to your own power. We also set up and explain additional features such as indoor monitoring panels and smartphone apps which allow you to remain indoors during wild weather and verify that your system is working well, even checking in on it while you’re traveling in some cases using the network connection available in many generator units.

Your Backup Power Experts in Dillon, SC

Are you unsure about the future reliability of your local power or the power grid in general? Taking the issue into your own hands with a high-reliability backup power system is a sensible solution, and at Mister Sparky Generators, we can install and service one for you in Dillon, SC, or any of our local service area cities and towns. Call us for more information.