Long-Term Trusted Service From Our Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

Long-Term Trusted Service From Our Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

Purchasing your generator from our generator installation company can be the beginning of a long-term relationship that enhances the value of the backup power system you’ve selected. At Mister Sparky Generators, we’ve been providing electrical and generator services for over 20 years, with a BBB A+ rating. You can rely on us for maintenance and repairs whether we installed your system in Dillon, SC or it was in place when you purchased the property. In fact, there’s a good chance that we already know your existing generator as the generator installation company that put it there! Our knowledgeable team provides comprehensive installation services from paperwork and fuel to site location and wiring, plus follow-up maintenance and testing. If you’d like to have backup power you don’t have to think twice about, working with us is the right way to go. As our saying goes, at Mister Sparky Generators, we uncomplicate things.

Backup Power Should Be Simple

For many of our customers, dealing with a power outage is really simple. They may even be out of state or overseas when it kicks in, and they note on their generator app that everything’s fine. Modern generator technology is quite advanced, from automatic power failure sensing, generator starting, and the switchover to periodic self-testing. There’s still a lot that our generator installation company does behind the scenes to ensure reliability, but the operation is simple. Compare that to the backup power that some people had before they discovered us. They might have been hauling a portable unit out of the garage for safe operation, possibly into the weather. Then, making connections and manually switching over, and limiting the load to just lights and maybe a toaster, they manually switch over. It’s not that different from camping, but now they can run everything, even heating and AC if they have our generator installation company provide the capacity. The well pump works, the house stays comfortable, appliances are available and refrigerators and freezers don’t thaw. The biggest benefit of simple is that there’s rarely a reason to worry, even in a storm.

People Here Know Us as a Trusted, Long-Term Service Provider

For decades, we’ve been known not only as the best source for backup power as a generator installation company, but also as a local trusted electrician. The two combine beautifully when we carefully design automatic transfer and power load management systems for our customers. If your budget or needs limit the generator capacity you have installed, we can make it work with features that keep only your essential power uses connected. You don’t have to run around unplugging devices when the generator starts. We can also provide features that take care of your computers and networking devices during that brief moment when generator power switches over, which can cause computers and networks to reboot. A simple solution using UPS power does the trick, and can be part of our overall design. With years of experience in backup power systems and knowledge of the latest homes and their technologies, we’re your best choice for a solution provider, even if you have a smart home. We’ll help you keep things simple, while we provide the services behind the scenes that keep everything reliable as well.

Our Team Has Technical Knowledge and Local Experience

Our generator installation company technicians know the equipment we install and most types of generator systems through extensive training and experience. They also know what it takes to keep a backup generator running reliably in Dillon, SC, from the fuel supply and frequency of power outages to the local weather and extreme conditions. It’s all part of designing, creating, and maintaining the most reliable backup power for you by our generator installation company. When storms blow or unexpected cold arrives we’re ready to provide help if needed, but we work to design and install your generator so it powers through. We think about being ready for tough conditions as well as the beautiful days when the power goes out for no apparent reason. Over the long term, we’ve found that has paid off for our many local customers.

Long-Term Generator Ownership Often Means Upgrades

Our customers often start with a basic generator system and limited capacity, and eventually decide to upgrade so they can use their HVAC systems and other high-power devices. The generators we sell and install can handle some pretty heavy loads with reliable service, even over days if you like. They’re made by companies that provide commercial backup power, trusted in the industry to keep essential services running and businesses on-line around the world when local power fails. Their generator systems for home use are designed for the convenience and needs of homeowners, and they’ve made great improvements in recent years with network monitoring and other features. At some point, you’ll probably think about having us upgrade your generator for power capacity or useful features, even though it’s still working great. One important reason why homeowners are now considering upgrades for power capacity is to provide enough power for their Level 2 EV charging station, which keeps their electric vehicle on the road. After all, in a widespread power outage, who can you count on?

When you choose a generator installation company for initial design and implementation of your backup power solution or ongoing care, make it Mister Sparky Generators. We’ve been the area’s trusted electrician and generator source for a long time, getting to know our customers and their equipment over the years. We’ll be proud to tell you about the many different backup power implementations our team has created over the years, and how they’ve been serving their owners well for years. From weather to technical issues and power line damage, we get our share of power problems in the Dillon, SC area. Having a backup power solution from our generator installation company really pays off! Call Mister Sparky Generators today to create yours, or get expert care for one you already have.

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