Prepare For Winter By Hiring A Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

Prepare For Winter By Hiring A Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

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1. Stationary or whole-house generators

Automatic standby generators are designed to seamlessly restore power to select circuits or entire homes as soon as the devices detect an electrical outage. They are capable of running essential appliances, including water heaters, HVAC systems, garage doors, and refrigerators. Whole-house generators can be used for days or even weeks. Stationary units may require technicians to install a concrete pad. These devices deliver up to 20,000 watts of power and must be housed in weatherproof insulation. Standby generators are generally quieter than portable units, emitting between 65 and 100 decibels, an ideal range for most residential uses. A generator installation company can talk you through any additional details you need to know.

2. Portable generators

Portable generators from your local generator installation company can be effective in emergency situations. They must be refilled frequently and have shorter run times than stationary units. Portable devices must be moved, fueled, hooked up to fuel lines, and activated manually. This allows for easy storage but provides a short-term solution for extended power outages. On average gas-powered generators burn 20 gallons of fuel every 24 hours. To avoid carbon monoxide from building up inside the home, portable generators must be run outdoors and positioned at least 25 feet away from your home. These devices provide up to 10,000 watts of power.

3. Design a generator to fit your needs

Begin by listing all devices that you intend to power with your generator. If you just plan on using the generator to keep your heating system and refrigerator running, a partial-house or portable unit may be suitable. Electricians at your trusted generator installation company, Mister Sparky Generators in Dillon, SC, calculate the total wattage used by your home’s essential appliances and choose a generator with an output rating capable of bearing that load.

4. Choose the most accessible fuel option

Gasoline is usually used to power portable generators. However, it’s difficult to store and deteriorates over time, making it useless for whole-house systems. Diesel is an efficient alternative to gas that is popular among hospitals, schools, and businesses. It’s rarely used in homes because it requires the generator installation company to install an external tank to hold the diesel. Propane is safe and easy to store. Although it’s not as efficient as diesel, it’s much more accessible and can be purchased from local dealers. Natural gas burns cleanly and is rarely affected by natural disasters. Generators that run on this fuel are reliable and consistent. The units can be hooked up to the home’s existing natural gas fuel line, eliminating the need for storing fuel.

5. When is a generator necessary?

You or someone in your household relies on an oxygen machine or other medical devices that require electricity to operate.

Your household includes children, elders, or immunocompromised people that are vulnerable to illnesses associated with extreme temperatures. Winter blackouts make water heaters and electric furnaces incapable of operating, resulting in dangerous indoor temperatures.

You live in an area that is prone to severe weather and regular blackouts. Power outages are often caused by severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and snowstorms. In Dillon, SC, high-speed winds and heavy rainfall are common occurrences that greatly increase the likelihood of electrical failure.

You have a home security system that does not function without power. A backup generator from your generator installation company provides a line of defense for businesses and homes by maintaining surveillance cameras and alarm systems during blackouts.

You have medications that must stay refrigerated.

6. The costs of power failure

– Blackouts are expensive. Without a generator, you will have to eat out for every meal and buy supplies, such as flashlights and ice. Foods in the fridge and freezer will deteriorate quickly. Other costs may include overflowing sump pumps, lengthy hotel stays, and frozen water pipes. Additionally, when power returns to your home after a lengthy blackout, your electrical panel may sustain a dangerous surge of electricity as it transitions back to grid power. By hiring a generator installation company, homeowners can save money when the power goes out.

On the other hand, installing a generator increases the value of your home and reduces the costs of homeowner’s insurance.

7. The installation process

Primary consultations from your generator installation company allow customers to consider the size, timeframe, and cost of the job before making a final decision. The generator must be installed in a stable location that isn’t vulnerable to flooding. Technicians require enough room around the unit to perform maintenance and inspections. The site where the generator is installed is stabilized with a concrete slab or gravel to make the unit safe and secure. After the electricians hook the generator up to a fuel source, they install a transfer switch next to the home’s circuit box. This switch manually or automatically changes the home’s power source and prevents the unit from back-feeding, or sending electricity back into the grid, which is dangerous for electricians and households. To finish the process, a power outage is simulated throughout the house to ensure the backup generator is functioning correctly.

8. Repairs and maintenance

Some generators include built-in monitoring features that remind homeowners to contact Mister Sparky for regular inspections and maintenance. With professional upkeep, most generators are expected to last about 30 years. Mister Sparky electricians are familiar with diagnosing and treating common causes of generator malfunction. This may include coolant temperature alarms, low coolant levels, leaks, defective block heaters, and battery replacement. Regular service ensures that problems are identified and resolved before the generator fails. Maintenance also improves fuel efficiency. The generator installation company also offers fluid sampling and load management services.

9. Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring features allow you to check the status of your generator without leaving your home. Additional monitoring options include smartphone access to generators and automatic identification of maintenance issues.

Mister Sparky Generators is a generator installation company that provides electrical solutions to residents of Dillon, SC. Its technicians are skilled in repairing, maintaining, and installing both residential and commercial generators.