Problems Homeowners With Whole-House Generators Face And Generator Repair Service Solutions | Myrtle Beach, SC

Problems Homeowners With Whole-House Generators Face And Generator Repair Service Solutions | Myrtle Beach, SC

Most homeowners prefer the whole-house generators because they keep all the appliances and electrical devices in their homes running during a power outage. Also known as standby generators, they are the best option for households based in extremely cold or hot locations and during severe storms in the country because they can operate the HVAC system at peak performance. 

They use the existing and conveniently accessible fuel, including natural gas, propane, solar, and gasoline, to generate power for the lights, washing machines, and HIVAC, among other appliances. Despite the benefits, the generators can break down, leading to several inconveniences during the storm or power outage

It is wise to leave all the generator troubles you are facing in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home to generator repair service professionals with extensive experience and skills with generators for the best customer outcome. The following are issues faced by homeowners with standby generators. 

Generator Won’t Start

One of the whole-house generator problems in homes is a malfunctioning generator that fails to work when needed the most, compelling you to look for generator service contractors. It is an irritating issue that requires urgent repairs from qualified generator repair service experts to check the entire system, diagnose the mishap and fix it.

Some of the reasons behind a generator that is not working:

Battery Failure

Generator batteries can fail due to loose connections and dirt. Generator repair service providers come in handy in fixing loose connections and cleaning the dirty parts to make the standby generator work efficiently.

Low Coolant Temperatures

After fixing the loose connections in the battery and cleaning it, and it fails to work, the issue might be low coolant temperatures. The generator specialists can let your whole-house generator run at lower loads or no load for a while to make the temperatures rise for the unit to start running smoothly. 

The Fuel System has Air

Air bubbles in the fuel system lead to the engine not starting, thus the need for generator repair service specialists from an insured electrical company to remove the air inside the fuel unit.  

Low Coolant Levels

The coolant or refrigerator in the generator is responsible for dispersing heat in the engine to prevent overheating or freezing, affecting how the unit works. The coolant should be at sufficient levels to regulate the temperature of your standby generator. 

When the coolant levels are low, it becomes hard for the generator to control overheating or freezing of the unit, leading to sudden breakdown that requires immediate fixing by a highly trained and certified generator service technician.

It can only be low due to an internal or external leak that a contractor can find and fix promptly to restore the peak performance of the whole-house generator. The hired generator experts from a nearby electrical and generator company can also replace the coolant to the factory set limits.

Leaks in the Generator

Homeowners can also encounter issues with their whole-house generators from oil, fuel, or coolant leaks. Luckily, the problem is preventable by generator repair service providers performing regular maintenance on the system. 

Fuel leaks result from the base tank that can either have a crack or be overfilled. A malfunctioned fuel pump leads to an excessively filled fuel system, making the base tank leak. Coolant leakages also occur in worn-out block heater hoses exposed to high temperatures when the generator generates power to run all the appliances in your home during a storm or power outage. 

Generator service providers that address the fuel and coolant leaks can also check for wet stacking issues. The wet stacking occurs when carbon particles, condensed water, lubrication oil, and acids accumulate in the exhaust system, causing engine slobbers that seem like oil spills. 

No Fuel

In addition to the above issues that can make the system not operate is lack of fuel. Even though the standby generator works with most fuel types at your disposal, including natural gas, propane, or diesel, sometimes the generator can be without any of them.

Solving the issue requires the hired generator repair service contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC, to refuel the tank for the system to work efficiently in powering your electrical appliances and lighting units.

Sometimes the problem can be more complex when your generator shuts off unexpectedly while the fuel level gauges indicate plenty of fuel. It is a problem that needs the expertise of a generator service professional to check the fuel system to identify the problem and fix it promptly. 

The mishap might be due to faulty gauges indicating full fuel when it’s empty. The expert might find the gauge stuck in one place, misreading the fuel levels that might inconvenience you during an outage, exposing your fresh foods in the fridge to rotting and people to temperature-related discomfort. 

Control Malfunction

Generator repair service professionals carrying out periodic tune-ups in your whole-house generator can also identify issues with the control panel during maintenance. The control panel helps homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, adjust the settings of the generators.

It displays information such as battery voltage, coolant temperatures, and oil pressure, helping you keep track of the system and identify an issue early for timely repairs before the system suddenly breaks down.

When it is faulty, a skilled and qualified generator repair service provider is in a position to check the control panel, identify the problem and fix it as fast as possible. 

Here with Professional Generator Solutions!

As earlier mentioned, the whole-house generator can run all the appliances in your home, regardless of the energy they need to operate efficiently. However, problems are inevitable, especially if you overlook and ignore periodic maintenance, which increases its lifespan and ensures peak performance for longer.

Do not hesitate to call Mister Sparky Generators, if your standby or whole-house generator has problems for a qualified technician with experience and skills in generator repair service. We are an electrical company that provides exceptional services with expertise and professionalism to meet the needs of our clientele. 

Mister Sparky Generators’ trained, highly educated, skilled, certified, and qualified electrical technicians address numerous types of electrical and generator issues. We are available round the clock for emergency services.

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