Should I Use Portable Generators Instead of Whole-Home Generator Hookup Service? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Should I Use Portable Generators Instead of Whole-Home Generator Hookup Service? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Although it may be tempting to rush to the local hardware store to buy a portable generator in case of a storm, there are good reasons to plan ahead and have a whole-home generator on standby. A home generator with a larger capacity provides sufficient electricity to run heating, cooling, lighting, and electrical appliances during power outages.

You can rely on the experts at Mister Sparky Generators to have the background and expertise required to advise on which generator is right for your home. Using a reputable generator hookup service to install a whole-home backup generator at your Myrtle Beach, SC home will also ensure safe, hassle-free installation.

Generator Capacity

While a portable generator may be okay for camping or tailgating at a football game, and requires a less intensive generator hookup service, it isn’t likely to provide enough power to cover your home’s full electrical requirements in an emergency. To decide whether a portable generator or a whole-home backup generator is best for you, you need to consider the amount of power you require.

Generators are rated according to the wattage they produce. 1000 watts equals 1 kilowatt (kW), so a generator of 10 kW can produce 10,000 watts. A microwave uses approximately 1,200 watts to operate, while a light bulb consumes around 60 watts. You will need a larger generator to power more devices. A typical portable device can only produce between 2 kW and 4 kW.

A small generator with 5-10 kW can be sufficient if you only need to keep the lights on and run your fridge and freezer. Medium-sized homes usually have a 20-22 kW range for air conditioners and furnaces, so you’ll need a larger generator if you want to keep either of these essential services running. A generator hookup service from Mister Sparky Generators covers the installation of generators of any capacity.


The unsafe use of portable units has resulted in many deaths over the past decade. Many of these deaths have been caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from placing a generator too close to a home or inside a house. Since a portable generator installation doesn’t typically use a generator hookup service, you could be making costly installation, storage, and usage mistakes without even knowing it.

There are other safety concerns associated with portable generators. Portable generators often use extension cords to run throughout the home directly to an appliance. This is not only inconvenient but also exposes you to the risk of electrical shock if the extension cords become frayed. Extension cords are also trip hazards, and they can prevent you from fully closing windows or doors in your home. Another unintended consequence is the possibility of electrocuting linemen trying to restore power to the local grid. These dangers can be eliminated by using a generator hookup service that includes the installation of an electrical panel transfer switch, or generator interlock kit, together with a whole-home generator.

Running Time

It can be difficult to predict how long a power outage will last. Most cases of power outages will last for a short time. In the event of a major natural disaster, however, your home may require a backup power source to provide power for several days or even weeks.

A whole-house standby generator can use propane or natural gas stored in large tanks to provide power. This means that they can run longer and provide you with a reliable source of power, which is better than a portable generator.

Portable generators require frequent refueling because they have a smaller fuel tank. A whole-home standby generator is a good backup power solution in an emergency because of its versatility, larger capacity, and extended run time.

Generator Placement

The location of the standby generator will affect how intensive the generator hookup service is. The best place for generator placement is between an electric meter or a gas meter. Installation becomes more difficult the longer the electric or gas supply line has to run. The voltage drop that electricity experiences when it has to go far can cause it to lose its charge, which can affect your electrical loads. To combat this, it is necessary to increase the size of the electrical wire in order to reduce the resistance. Since whole-home generator installation requires working with electrical or gas supply lines, it’s best to opt for a professional generator service.

A generator hookup service will place the generator in the safest location possible on your Myrtle Beach, SC, property. Guidelines state that a generator should be:

  • At least 5ft from your lot line
  • At least 18ft from the side or back of your main house
  • At least 5ft from any windows or doors, e.g., nearby sheds.

The Generator Hookup

A whole-house generator can be permanently wired to your Myrtle Beach, SC home, and will automatically turn on when power is lost. This eliminates the need for extension cords and reduces the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Standby generators can be connected to either large fuel tanks or natural gas lines so that they have enough fuel to last you through an extended power outage.

You can choose to have the generator placed on a concrete pad or on a gravel-filled pad made from landscape timbers. Residential generators prefer gravel pads because the generator can be easily re-levelled after many years of settling.

After the generator has been set, the transfer switch can be installed. The type of transfer switch chosen will affect the installation process. The conductors and control wires are then connected to the generator via separate conduits. Gas is then routed from the gas meter to the generator if it’s possible. For emergency maintenance and stoppage, a shut-off and drip tray are installed in front of the generator.

Generator activation is the final step. Different generators have different requirements. A generator hookup service provided by an experienced technician will know these requirements and be able to swiftly activate and test your new standby generator for you. Book a generator hookup service or find out more by contacting Mister Sparky Generators online or by phone.

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