Should You Invest In Briggs Generators? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Should You Invest In Briggs Generators? | Myrtle Beach, SC

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With all the problems that can come with a winter storm and power outage, it’s no wonder so many people are finally considering investing in a generator. The problem is, many Myrtle Beach, SC, homeowners don’t know a whole lot about generators, how they work and how much they cost. If you’ve been looking at some of the newest Briggs generators but aren’t sure whether or not you should buy one for your home, here are some quick basics to help you make the right decision.

How Do Generators Work?

The first thing you need to know if you’re thinking about buying a generator is how they actually work. With a typical standby generator, you have a large unit somewhere near your home which is driven by an engine that’s powered by fuel, which includes things like natural gas, diesel and liquid propane.

The real beauty of a standby generator is the automatic transfer switch. With a normal generator, you have to manually fire up the generator and connect anything you want to power to it. Standby options like top-of-the-line Briggs generators are always ready to go when you lose power, and the automatic transfer switch means your power is immediately switched over to the generator. Plus, the automatic transfer switch will switch your power source back when power is restored to your home.

Standby generators are a great option if you want something that can power your whole home without needing to be portable. If you’re looking for a portable generator that doesn’t quite need to pack the same punch, you can find smaller Briggs generators which are also good.

Types of Briggs Generators

The biggest things you have to consider when it comes to shopping for a generator are the fuel source and the type of generator you’re buying. For some people, a small generator that needs to be manually started is the best way to keep some power on during an outage or while camping. If you’re looking for power for your entire home, however, it’s best to get a standby generator that offers uninterrupted power and greater capabilities.

You also have the option of different fuel sources when you’re buying a new generator. Older generators usually ran on diesel, but for newer generators you’ll have your choice between natural gas and liquid propane. Liquid propane units tend to put out a little more power while consuming less fuel, but ultimately the difference is small and it mostly depends on preference and availability.

Are Briggs Generators Expensive?

One thing you might be wondering if you’re considering investing in a generator is how much you’re going to have to spend. If you’re talking about large standby Briggs generators that are capable of powering your entire home, you’re going to have to spend a decent bit of money. The good news is that generators aren’t all that expensive to run since most people don’t use them very often. While running a generator costs a few hundred bucks a day, you may only run it a few days a year.

The other thing you have to consider when it comes to Briggs generators is that the price is largely dependent on the specific generator you choose. Generators come in lots of different sizes with different power capabilities, and the larger, more powerful generators tend to be more expensive. If you want to find the best generator for your budget and needs, an expert can help you calculate the right size for your home.

Finding the Right Generator

Precision is always important when it comes to electricity, which is why you need to make sure your generator is right for your home. While there are a lot of good generators on the market, some of them are made for smaller homes with less demanding power requirements. You can remedy this by having an expert calculate the peak power usage of your home, then find a generator that can output that much power.

Keep in mind that your generator doesn’t have to be able to power everything in your home simultaneously. Chances are you’re not going to be running the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, dryer and heating or cooling all at the same time. This nuance in terms of sizing is one of the reasons it’s so important to talk with an expert before you make your pick from the wide selection of Briggs generators.

How Hard Is Generator Installation?

If you want a standby generator, you also need to consider the installation process involved. While you can run a portable generator by simply filling it up yourself, turning it on and plugging things in, a standby generator needs to be hooked up to the electrical system in your home. No matter the circumstances, you should never install a generator on your own. Instead, you should have the work done by a licensed electrician who’s familiar with generator installation.

As is the case with generator installation, repairs and maintenance should also be left up to the experts. While it’s not a bad idea to keep the area around your generator clean and change the oil in your generator, you should leave any major work up to an expert or the manufacturer.

Get a Generator Today

Whether you’re without power for a day or a week, there’s nothing worse than having no heating and cooling, no hot water and no refrigeration. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for the next power outage, Briggs generators are a smart thing to consider.

If you’re in the market for a generator for your Myrtle Beach, SC, home, Mister Sparky Generators is here to help. Not only can we help you find the best generator for your home, but we can also get it installed for you. To find out more or get your generator today, call Mister Sparky Generators at 843.213.6610.