Signs You Need To Call A Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Dillon, SC

Signs You Need To Call A Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Dillon, SC

Backup generators have taken center stage in most homes and buildings today, providing backup electricity when supply from the grid is cut. Aside from providing power, these generators are a good way to promote safety and comfort in your home. When maintained, these generators can provide an uninterrupted power supply until you regain connection to the grid.

However, like all mechanical objects, generators have a lifespan and are susceptible to wear and tear, affecting their normal functioning. Mister Sparky Generators encourage clients to regularly inspect and maintain their generators before buying a new one.

The benefit of routine inspections is that you can catch signs of damage to the generator and act on them before they manifest into expensive repairs or replacements. Below are signs to alert you when to call a backup generator maintenance service.

Start-up Delays

A start-up delay is the most significant sign you need to call a backup generator maintenance service. This applies to both automatic and manual generators. Automatic generators are easy to note since they often start up immediately after a power outage. On the other hand, a manual generator requires you to turn it on.

When your generator doesn’t start right or takes time, it indicates there’s something wrong with the mechanism. Sometimes, the generator may work efficiently after starting up, making the owner ignore the delays. However, it’s advisable to have a technician inspect it to find the root cause.

Ignoring these delays may create room for more damage, resulting in expensive repairs. You should also schedule routine inspections with reliable firms such as Mister Sparky Generators to unearth any potential issues with your generator.

No Electricity Production

Your generator may be running, but there is no output, which may be a sign of a problem with the generator. It may be something wrong internally or with your wiring. However, it’s best to have a licensed backup generator maintenance check it and come up with a proper diagnosis.

When faced with this problem, you’ll likely pay for generator repairs and maintenance. To rule out faulty connections, check the wirings and plugins and see if they’re in place. No electricity production often translates into a problem with your home’s electrical system and the generator. Troubleshoot this by flipping the breaker for it to start.

However, any issues related to the generator are best left to a professional. Their experience and expertise will help them find the problem and advise on the appropriate solution.

Inconsistent Power Supply

Generators come in various sizes, meaning different outputs. Some are designed to channel power to the lighting system, while others are powerful enough to supply electricity to sustain your electrical installations. When you notice your generator isn’t generating enough power or alternating between sufficient and insufficient, you need to call a backup generator maintenance service such as Mister Sparky Generators.

This problem is characterized by dimming or flickering lights and low outlet output. An inconsistent power supply can easily damage your appliance, especially if you don’t have protective measures against power surges.

Have a professional look at your system instead of letting it run for a few days with the hope it’s a minor problem, as this could cause your generator to fail.

Strange Smells

Backup generators are mostly fossil-fuel-powered, hence shouldn’t give off any smell. If you catch strange smells like a burning smell, you should immediately contact your backup generator maintenance service.

A burning smell is often caused by burning electrical components, while other smells come from gas or exhaust leaks. All these are hazardous and are recipes for disaster when ignored for a moment. Shut off your generator and call your backup generator maintenance service to check the generator. Leaving this problem unchecked can lead to a fire, damaging your generator or residence, and forcing you to shoulder more expenses.

Don’t put the lives of your loved ones at risk; conduct regular maintenance service on your generator to find and address any complications on time.

Potential Issues with Your Generator

Electrical Issues

Your backup generator is designed to supply electricity to your home’s electrical system. This means it can develop issues with the wiring connection interfering with its performance. Electrical issues could also mean you have a problem with your start-up battery. Your backup generator maintenance service will check this to rule out issues with the battery.

Mechanical Failure

A generator features an engine that burns fuel and turns an alternator to generate electricity. Over time, these mechanical components are bound to fail, requiring repairs and replacement. Your backup generator maintenance service is well-placed to diagnose these issues and offer the best solutions. Belts are the most susceptible to wear and tear due to age.

Fuel Issues

At times, the problem with your generator lies with the type of fuel you’re using. Based on the type of fuel, your backup generator can develop several issues, including damaged fuel lines for propane generators. On the other hand, diesel generators are prone to clogs and contaminants that block their fuel lines and damage your generator. Your backup generator maintenance service can help you change filters to prevent contaminants.

Coolant Problems

A generator’s engine burns fuel to produce electricity; however, one of the by-products is heat. Because of this, they’re fitted with a coolant system that helps regulate heat produced and ensure it’s operating within safe temperatures. If you have a coolant leak, your generator will likely heat up, causing more problems. During your routine maintenance, have your backup generator maintenance service check the coolant level and the possibility of a leak.

Call Mister Sparky Generators to Schedule an Appointment for Your Generator

A backup generator is a valuable asset to add to your home, especially if you experience frequent power outages. However, you should pay attention to routine inspections and maintenance on the generator even if you hardly use it. This helps keep it in good condition when you need to use it.

Contact us at Mister Sparky Generators for more on our services, or schedule an appointment for your generator.

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