Stay Confident With Our Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Marion, SC

Stay Confident With Our Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Marion, SC

There’s an increasing number and severity of storms, vandalism, and other sources of power outages across the country and specifically in our area. Generator owners are glad that their power needs are covered. Chances are, when you hear about residents doing without power, you think about how nice it would be to have your power source spring into action when needed. At Mister Sparky Generators, we offer an important service that builds confidence in generator power for homes with new or years-old systems. It’s our backup generator maintenance service, delivered on a regular basis to service and test your power security in Marion, SC.

Confidence Comes from Expert Services

Carefully trained, highly experienced, and well-organized, our technicians and their backup generator maintenance service skills are a key part of our customers’ reliable backup power. They know that their job is different from regular maintenance in that they’re not just aiming for increased reliability. The goal of our backup generator maintenance service is to do all that we can to keep your power source ready whenever it’s called upon. We know that your family or business counts on it. Manufacturers build the generators we sell and service to provide uncompromising power, and the services we provide are part of their design.

Physical Maintenance and Manufacturer Service Schedules

The effects of time, wear, weather, and other physical factors play a big part in our checklist for backup generator maintenance service. Coolant, diesel fuel, lubricants, and other supplies need to be checked regularly for their condition and replacement so that their age can be tracked as well. Many of the service items are replaced based on schedules rather than waiting for them to wear out or fail, because of the unique role that your backup generator plays. It’s a different way of thinking, part of the high-reliability engineering world that’s normally confined to military equipment, space flight, and other applicants where failure is not an option. We’re proud to be a part of this field and its high standards of service.

Control Systems and Electronics

Modern generator systems contain plenty of electronics and electrical components that improve the unit’s reliability, but need checking themselves. In many cases, the circuit boards are capable of self-tests and also initiating some generator tests on a regular basis. Other components such as the backup battery which supplies power to the control systems and starting motor need physical checks for condition, and scheduled replacement. The battery is such a critical component, we take care to test it and also make sure it is properly installed and connected. The charging circuit that keeps the battery fresh is also essential for readiness, and we’ll make sure it’s doing its job. On many units, the electronics also provide monitoring of these components and may even report anomalies via an internet connection. Yet another facet of your backup generator maintenance service is now making sure it’s on the internet! We’ll be glad to explain internet-based generator monitoring and alerts.

Checking Key Components for Essential Reliability

The battery, charging system, and network connectivity are a few of the key components that our backup generator maintenance service verifies as reliable and meeting specifications. Lubricants and coolants are also key, since their role is to ensure that the generator can run for the duration of a power outage, even sometimes for days. Related components such as hoses, gaskets, and seals each have their own visual checks and replacement schedules. The same for drive belts, bearings, and other wear components. Periodically, full operational testing is performed, from making sure the automatic transfer switch performs the task of switching power sources, to ensuring that as your backup generator reaches operating temperature, everything performs as expected.

Operational Testing, the Ultimate Confidence Builder

Periodic testing of your backup generator throughout the year in Marion, SC provides confidence in its operation and also tests it in a range of weather and temperature conditions from month to month. Many newer models perform basic startup and short operational tests on their own. As these tests are unattended, there’s no skilled backup generator maintenance service expert on hand to note any visual or audible signs of trouble. Technicians look for signs of excessive vibration, loose cabinets and components, abnormal sounds or smells, and other issues that may not be noted by automatic self-checks by the generator system. Power quality is also an important concern, making sure that your home or business is receiving the proper voltage and frequency, even AC waveforms as most generators we service are designed to produce high-quality sine wave power.

Balancing Generator Services with Convenience

One of the reasons to select our backup generator maintenance service team is that we’ve been doing this for many years, and know how to fit our generator care into your lifestyle with minimal disruption. Our experts are selected for their communications skills and character as well their technical skills, and we’re sure that you’ll be glad to have them verifying your power source. The checklists they follow are designed to minimize visits and disruptions while statistically providing a high level of confidence in the equipment and checking for common problems on a regular basis. As always, if your generator lets you know through its smartphone app that there’s an issue, or you note one yourself, we’re ready to provide quick service to ensure your ongoing backup power reliability!

Your Full-Service Backup Power Source Team

In addition to leading brands of backup generators and related equipment, our team of professionals at Mister Sparky Generators provides expert equipment installation and configuration in Marion, SC. We’re here to make sure you have reliable power when you and your family or business needs it. An essential part of that ongoing commitment is our backup generator maintenance service, where we ensure that your power is ready when you lose commercial power for any reason. Call us at Mister Sparky Generators to schedule your confidence-building expert generator care.

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