Stormy Weather, Reliable Backup Power, Briggs Generators, and Your Remote Working Environment | Myrtle Beach, SC

Stormy Weather, Reliable Backup Power, Briggs Generators, and Your Remote Working Environment | Myrtle Beach, SC

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If you’ve been working at home for a while now here in Myrtle Beach, SC, you’ve realized that there are a few important responsibilities added to your job. You still have to join meetings on time, produce whatever you’re paid to produce, and do the research that’s required for your job. On top of all that, in your remote outpost, you now have to make sure that you have everything you need to meet your deadlines and deliverables. It takes planning.

No Excuses, You’re in Charge of Your Facility Now

You’re not only the person responsible for your daily activities, you’re also responsible for making sure that everything is working when you need it. Your computer, phone, network, printer, even your computer monitor all have to be functioning for you to perform. If anything goes out, you’ve got to spring to action and at a minimum, make calls and get someone in for service. But what if everything fails at once? It’s not such a crazy idea, all it takes is a power failure.

Resources You Depend on Need Backups

A busy day at your office depends on a lot of features that you may take for granted. Usually, phones just work, your computer is the reliable hub of your daily activities, and of course, the lights stay on. All of these basic resources are reliable because they were designed to be. The people responsible for supplying them at your office building included an adequate, readily available power supply. That’s why we offer Briggs generators for ready power on standby.

Power Capacity to Keep Your Office Running, or Your Whole House

Our electricians wire backup power to meet your specific needs. Depending on which of our Briggs Generators you choose, we can provide power for your home office independently from the rest of your home or add backup power for key parts of your home such as your refrigerator and hallway lighting, too. We can also install a complete generator system for your entire home that simply fires up and switches over when power fails.

Monitoring Briggs Generators is Simple and Reassuring

Briggs Generators are available with basic monitoring features that provide status information inside your home so you don’t have to go outside in rough weather just to check on the generator. If any concerns come up, you’ll know right away. With the more advanced smartphone-based monitoring, you can keep an eye on your system even if you’re on the road, making sure that your assistant and your family have power when they need it. The advanced monitoring system also provides maintenance reminders and the ability to order service calls through the app.

Reliable Fuel Sources and Operation

Where available, we recommend Briggs Generators be fueled with natural gas so there is no need to monitor your fuel supply and replenish it. Most generators we install can also be fueled with propane, gasoline, or diesel. When we plan an installation for generators, we include all the details for a fully functional system meeting local requirements, from fuel to switchover gear to inside wiring, giving you peace of mind. We also provide coordinated servicing and maintenance so you can count on us to make sure your system is ready for you, year-round.

Automatic Switchover

One of the advantages of permanent Briggs Generator installation is the ability to use fast automatic switchover equipment. This gear senses and verifies power failure, starts the generator system, and transfers your circuits to emergency power until commercial power is restored. We can recommend a small battery-based switchover supply for your internet and computer so you don’t have to reboot, and the rest of your equipment will experience only a momentary disruption. After that, you’re back to work, day or night, running on Briggs Generator power and meeting your employer’s or client’s expectations without a hitch.

Quality Power That Protects Your Electronics

Briggs Generators for home and commercial use are designed to provide clean, well-regulated sine wave power that meets the specifications of even your more delicate electronic equipment. Many smaller generators take shortcuts when they produce AC power, resulting in less-clean power that is mostly suitable for electric lights and heating equipment, not motors and computers. It’s an important distinction that we’ll be glad to explain further, since using low-quality power can cost a lot in damaged equipment.

We Can Install Additional Power Protection for Your Home

Ensuring that your electronics and other sensitive electrical equipment aren’t damaged by power quality problems isn’t just a matter of investing in Briggs Generators, it’s also something we can help with when you’re on commercial power. Your power lines can bring power surges from nearby industrial power usage or high-power devices in your own home, and lightning strikes in your neighborhood or even further down the power lines can produce high-voltage spikes on your line. Mister Sparky electricians can install surge protector devices for power line fluctuations and lightning strikes right at your electrical service. This is higher quality protection than in power strips, and covers your entire home no matter where your equipment is plugged in.

Commercial Power Solutions from Mister Sparky Generators

Of course, if you are running a small business or other facility that requires backup power, you can count on us to install a commercial-quality generators system that keeps the lights on for you there. Many of our generators can supply 240V as well as standard 120V to provide power for machine shop tools, welders, and other higher-power commercial devices.

Count on Mister Sparky Generators for Reliable Power, Expertly Installed

We serve the Myrtle Beach, SC area with electrical services and backup power including Briggs Generators that will keep your lights on even during stormy weather. Count on us for the power you need and the maintenance and service that keeps our customers’ Briggs Generators running year after year. Call us at Mister Sparky Generators for more information at 843-213-6610.