Telltale Signs Its Time to Buy a New Backup Generator in Myrtle Beach, SC

Telltale Signs Its Time to Buy a New Backup Generator in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Regardless of whether it is a high-end backup generator in Myrtle, Beach, SC or it is a small portable generator, generators are always a fantastic addition to homes.

Usual benefits of having a backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC include less dependence on direct electric supply and reduced risk of discomfort due to power outages. However, a few more interesting advantages aren’t commonly known. For instance, they can be a great investment especially if you are a camping person or own an RV as they can easily power these vehicles.

However, even the most superior qualities of generators will not last forever. There will be a time when all the maintenance measures and generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC will fail to restore your generator upon malfunctioning. And that is when you will have no other choice but to get a new generator for home use in Myrtle Beach, SC.


If you are confused about whether or not it’s already time for you to opt for replacement, read on to learn about signs that can confirm.

Signs You Need a New Generator in Myrtle Beach, SC


1.   The Generator Is Too Small for Your Family That Has Expanded Over Time or for the New House That You Have Bought

As much as homeowners neglect it, size really matters when it comes to buying home appliances and machines like generators for home use in Myrtle Beach, SC. In fact, buying the wrong size is a big issue and this is what usually keeps generators from yielding desired results.

Remember that a generator that is supposed to support two fans and lights each will not be able to power a house with 5 lights and fans that run simultaneously. Here we can consider the example of a light bulb that can only light up a single space and not the whole house.

So, if your generator is relatively old and you notice that it is failing to power as many appliances as you need, check the changes in the size of your family and house. What worked for you and your spouse in a small home will not work when you have two kids and a big house.

And even if your family doesn’t grow but you move to a new, bigger house, it will be nearly impossible for your old generators for home use in Myrtle Beach, SC to run properly.

The best you can do to be sure you choose the right generator is hiring a professional generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC. They will acquire the necessary details to determine if you really need to buy a new generator and the capacity that will be needed.


2.   Increased Fuel Costs

Generators run on sources like natural gas, propane, gasoline, etc. Regardless of the type of fuel that your generator for house in Myrtle Beach, SC uses, increasing fuel costs is often a surefire sign you need to invest in a new machine.

Everything ranging from home appliances to cars tends to age with the passage of time and so do the generators. Upon aging, they lose their efficiency and require extra fuel to perform and deliver what it is expected to. And this is what results in increased fuel costs.

The reason behind aging is that mechanical components get warped or worn out over time, causing machines to struggle. This implies more fuel for the hard work they do and ultimately, high fuel costs.

If you notice this problem with your generator in Myrtle Beach, SC, it’s high time you start looking for a new generator.


3.   Your Generator Doesn’t Start Easily

When generators age, the first problem they present is taking a lot of effort to start. This will not happen all of a sudden but over time. Initially, it will take you a couple of tries to get it to work. These tries keep on increasing gradually until you notice the machine jitter upon starting and finally failing to start at all.

More often than not, a slowed startup can be because of a minor problem in the generator in Myrtle Beach, SC, which is more likely if your generator is relatively new. This is when you can call a professional generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC to diagnose the problem and introduce repairs.


4.   Your Generator Keeps Needing Repairs

Another sign that can help you easily decide that you need to opt for generator replacement is when the machine keeps needing repairs and fixes regularly.

While routine maintenance and servicing can largely help in keeping generators in a good shape and increase their life span, all generators age and at one point, they simply start struggling to perform. This struggle is what further deteriorates their condition, hence causing different components to get damaged and requiring fixes.

It is normal for generators to require repairs once in a blue moon, but if it keeps happening time and again, it’s about time you buy a new generator in Myrtle Beach, SC.

One similar sign that indicates the need for generator replacement is when the total amount spent on repairs nears or equals the worth of your generator. In this scenario, investing in a new generator will prove to be a more cost-effective option in the long run.


5.   Aged Generators

It is not only years that determine the age of generators but also the usage frequency. Sometimes a simple realization that your generator is too old is enough to save a lot of money wasted on repairs.

Nonetheless, the generator in Myrtle Beach, SC home of yours will itself show signs of aging as soon as it nears the excepted life span. These signs again include excessive repairs, a failure to perform optimally, strange sounds, and trouble starting.

Still confused between opting for a full replacement and hiring a professional for generator repairs in Myrtle Beach, SC? Leave it all to the experts at Mister Sparky Generators.