The Advantages Of Local Generator Hookup Service You Can Count On In The Future | Myrtle Beach, SC

The Advantages Of Local Generator Hookup Service You Can Count On In The Future | Myrtle Beach, SC

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At Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, we provide and service major brands of backup generators with top reliability ratings, and provide generator hookup service second to none. There’s a reason why so many local homes and businesses turn to us when they select their first backup power system, and again when they decide to upgrade or replace an existing system. They know that the reliable backup power they count on comes not only from their generator itself, but from its dependable fuel supply, and our trusted maintenance, repairs, and sometimes emergency service. On that dark and stormy night when your generator comes on right away, you can thank our maintenance team that keeps it in top condition, and if something goes wrong, you can call our emergency team instead of trying to remember what subcontractor from the store you visited might be able to help. In fact, in situations like those, we’re here for you as well, with generator hookup service that can take a look at your current configuration and make it right, no matter who installed it.

Does “Keep It Simple” Apply to Your Generator Wiring, or Operation?

Our generator hookup service serves many homeowners who want a simple, legal, and safe connection for their generator to their homes. They’ll start the generator and make sure it’s outside where the exhaust won’t put their family at risk, they’ll plug the refrigerator and other essentials into the backup power outlets, and they’ll live with a bit of downtime during occasional refueling. After all, how often do you need backup power? Typical numbers for our area indicate a few surprise power failures during the year per household, more in some areas than others, plus storms and other major event-related outages that can be lengthy. It might be simpler to aim for more automatic operation and more integrated wiring, so no one has to be on “generator duty.” Our generator hookup service can help you decide what level of service meets your budget and your family’s needs, as well as your philosophy.

Self-Monitoring and Diagnosis Make Generator Ownership Even Simpler

As backup generator manufacturers realized what a rapidly growing market home generator systems are, they started adding in features to make operating your own electric supply even simpler than before. For instance, many generators now include a network connection so they can pass along information to the homeowner when they need service or maintenance, and also let the homeowner know, even from a long distance by mobile phone, that the generator started successfully and is keeping the home powered during a power outage. Our generator hookup service is experienced at providing the wired or wireless internet connection in addition to all the rest of the generator hookup service wiring. And while we still provide routine maintenance to make sure your system is visually inspected, the maintenance checklist is followed, and the unit is started and ran until it gets to operating temperature, many generators will actually start themselves up for a brief test run on a regular basis just in case, and report in if anything goes wrong so we can have it fixed and ready right away.

We’re Not Afraid of the Weather

Not only is our generator hookup service and generator repair team nearby in Myrtle Beach, SC, we’re also ready to head out and take care of you in all sorts of weather if for some reason your system isn’t serving you the way it should. We can check the wiring and other hookup components, and tend to the engine and power generation components, along with the fuel supply and any other potential sources of trouble. These are checked and serviced during maintenance as well, but our goal is the reliability of your home’s backup power, and that’s not based on “shoulds.” As your local generator source, we’re proud to be here for our local residents and businesses, and that’s one of the significant advantages of getting to know us when you call for generator hookup service to get started on a new unit.

Taking the Time to Get to Know You

The best way we can make sure we’re meeting your needs for reliable backup power is by getting to know you so we can put a face with a name, and understand your unique backup power needs. Do you have a home office that needs to be on-line during critical hours each day, or are there seniors who would be at risk without basic living standards such as lights and maybe a well pump, temperature control, refrigerator, and microwave? Maybe there’s a family that would be hard to manage in the dark, or you just would like to ride out storms and power outages as if nothing is wrong, because that’s the kind of service we can offer. We hear that! These days, life pretty much shuts down without electric power, and everything from spoiled food to stubbed toes in the dark can start getting on your nerves pretty quickly.

Highly Qualified Electricians Make Our Generator Hookup Service More Flexible

Besides installing a new unit following a standardized installation process, our team can upgrade your existing installation to our standards of safety and functionality, or provide a new generator to meet your expanded power needs such as supporting your HVAC system. We can add wiring to your home specific to using generator power, like specific outlets that have reliable power for critical items, and others that only operate from commercial power, allowing you to select the capacity that makes sense for your needs, while still keeping backup power convenient to use. With expert electricians, everything is done professionally and to code, the way you, the city, and your insurance company would like. After all, our team does commercial work, too! Call Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC for local generator services.