Troubleshooting Common Generator Repair Problems: Tips From Your Seasoned Generator Repairman | Florence, SC

Troubleshooting Common Generator Repair Problems: Tips From Your Seasoned Generator Repairman | Florence, SC

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Accidents do happen, and a storm of floods can damage the power supply lines to your neighborhood in Florence, SC, which may take several days to get fixed. That is where generators come in; to cover up for blackouts. Having a failed generator may make you suffer more damages and losses. Picture your loved one on home nursing care and an oxygen machine, and the power goes off, and your generator jams. Or you are working from home and have a skype interview, but a power blackout occurs. Both scenarios are troubling, with one making you lose a loved one and the other your dream job.

That sums up why you ought to have some skills in identifying problems with your generator and finding the necessary generator repair solutions from a seasoned expert. Read on to find out more about generator problems and how to fix them.


Generators can experience fuel, oil, or coolant leakages. The cause of new generator fuel leaks can be the inadequate use of the generator. However, in older ones, the belts or check valves may be defective hence fail to store fuel in the engine. Excessive temperatures emitted by overworking generators can make the coolant hoses to wear out. That will make the hoses prone to leaks.

Another cause of leaks is the overfilling of the base tank. Whenever you notice any leaks from the cooler or fuel tank, look for a certified generator repair expert to inspect the leakage source and afterward recommend and implement the necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement plans.

Generator power-on failure

If your generator fails to start, it may allude to one of the following two problems. First, there could be a lack of fuel or low-quality fuel. A low amount of fuel is self-explanatory, and all you have to do is add up some more to get your generator back to its functionality. On the other hand, the quality can be hindered by the invasion of water and contaminants such as dirt particles. If you are not sure about the quality factor, you can always seek advice from a generator repair professional.

Secondly, generator battery defaults could be another reason your generator system does not work. A large percentage of failing generators arises from faulty generator battery systems. You ought to address low charged and worn-out batteries to restore your generator to its optimal functioning. Talk to a repair professional to assess your generator and get insight on whether you require repairs only or a battery replacement.

Damages caused by weather and pests

Generator need usually occurs when weather is too harsh, i.e., during severe rains and hurricanes. Blackouts can occur, and you might need your outdoor-installed generator to work until the power returns. And if you installed your generator in an area that makes it vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, the very same thing that causes the power outage will be the cause of your generator woes.

Additionally, your generator may fall prey to pests. You can identify the pest menace by checking for any signs of shredded beddings, coolant hose chewings, and feces on parts of the generator. If your generator is in a location where it’s prone to destruction from pests or bad weather, talk to a generator repair technician to help you decide on a safer spot and handle the relocation on your behalf.

Inadequate oil levels

As a homeowner, you probably have a lot on your mind when managing your home, and so you might forget to address small matters such as checking up the generator’s oil levels. If the oil levels are low, the device might not turn on, or if it does turn on, the engine may sustain partial or complete damages due to inadequate lubrication.

That means you will have to spend money to pay for generator repair services, including engine replacement and servicing. To prevent these issues from happening in the future, use an oil dipstick to identify the oil level. Afterward, make a refill if the level is below the full line.

Dirty air filters

A generator is like a car. It needs a clean air filter to prevent contaminants such as debris from settling in it. However, while doing its job, the filters get dirty after some time. If you do not contact a repair expert to seek cleanup services for your generator’s air filter, it may fail to operate efficiently and to make matters worse, its lifespan may reduce. That would mean budgeting for an entirely new generator purchase!

The generator repair expert you hire for servicing can conduct filter inspections after a couple of months or as recommended by the manufacturer. And if the filter has sustained damages beyond repair, they can install a new one to help maintain the efficiency of your generator.

Worn-out block heater

Block heaters heat the coolant that runs around the engine block, preventing the oil from thickening during cold temperatures. They are also essential during warm weather since they maintain consistent temperatures in the cooling system. The block heaters help prevent wear and tear by swiftly lubricating movable parts during the engine start cycle.

Most block heaters become defective due to running 24-hours non-stop. If you use your generator often, always seek tune-up services from a repair technician to ensure the appliance and its parts, including the block heater, are always in optimal working condition.

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