What Are the Most Common Generator Problems? | Tips from Your Florence, SC Generator Repair Service Provider

What Are the Most Common Generator Problems? | Tips from Your Florence, SC Generator Repair Service Provider

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There’s nothing quite like having a good standby generator when the power goes out, but people often go long periods of time without using their generators. Because of this, some people don’t even know the generator at their Florence, SC, home is having problems until there’s an outage and it doesn’t work properly. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your generator, so you need to know what to watch out for. Keeping up with generator repair and maintenance is the best way to make sure your generator fires right up when you need it most.

Bad Belts

Just like car engines use belts to drive components, so does your standby generator. And much like the belts in car engines, these belts can eventually get dry and crack, causing issues with your generator.

One telltale sign of a belt that needs to be replaced is a squeaking noise coming from the generator. If you hear a noise when you stand next to your generator, you should call a generator repair expert to take a look at your belts.

Fuel Problems

The whole idea of a generator is to deliver power to your Florence, SC, home when there’s an outage, which means it needs a different source of energy. Most residential generators use either propane or natural gas a source of energy.

If your generator is low on fuel or the fuel is dirty, your generator might not run or might provide inadequate power. You should clean your fuel tank and replace your fuel filter somewhat regularly to avoid paying for generator repair.

Coolant Problems

Staying cool is a tough task for your generator because creating energy creates heat, so it uses coolant to stay at a reasonable temperature. Problems with this coolant can make your generator overheat, causing excess wear and tear and other problems.

If you’ve never had the coolant in your generator replaced, you should have a generator repair professional take a look at it to see if it needs some.

Dead Battery

Fuel alone isn’t enough to provide your Florence, SC, home with power when the power is out; generators also need a little kick start to get that fuel flowing, which is why they have batteries.

No matter what type of battery you’re dealing with, they’ve all got the same problem; longevity. Batteries eventually wear out, so you need to have yours looked at on a somewhat regular basis. If you do have a bad battery in your generator, you should immediately call a generator repair company.

Wear and Tear

Most generator repair problems we deal with can be prevented by keeping up with routine maintenance, but that doesn’t solve everything. As hard as you may try to keep your generator in good condition, there’s always going to be some wear and tear.

Generators, like many of the larger appliances in your home, have a life expectancy. While this life expectancy is far from a guarantee, there’s a certain point where no amount of maintenance and repairs will keep a generator up and running. If you’ve had your generator for a long time, talk to a professional about whether or not it’s time to upgrade to something new.

Physical Damage

A lot of generator problems have to do with the components inside the generator failing, which usually takes a while. However, some people have very premature problems with their generator due to things like storms and pests.

If debris from a storm physically damaged your generator or you noticed some sort of critter found its way in, have an expert take a look at your generator to see what kind of generator repair needs to be done.

Burnt Components

As we mentioned previously, generators put out a lot of heat to provide energy to your Florence, SC, home. That being the case, there’s always the possibility of components simply burning out.

Excessive heat is a common cause of accelerated wear and tear, which means burnt components in your generator are a big problem. If your generator has a burnt component inside, you may notice it emitting a burnt smell when it’s on.

Preventing Problems

If you want to avoid hefty repair bills, the best thing you can do is keep up with regular maintenance. Generators are no different than anything else in life; the better care you take of them, the longer you can expect them to last.

Ideally, you should have a generator repair expert service your generator at least twice every year. You need to have the exterior and interior of the generator inspected as well as the cables and connections, plus you need your generator’s fuel levels checked. In addition to this, a professional can also tell you which parts are worn out and need to be replaced, check for leaks and change commonly changed components such as spark plugs and filters for your fuel, air oil and coolant.

Paying to have somebody service your generator a couple times a year may seem like a big investment, but it’s well worth it when you consider the cost of repairing or replacing your generator. Because generators are so large and have so many different components, a little maintenance goes a long way toward preventing serious problems with your home’s standby generator.

A Helping Hand

Being a responsible homeowner isn’t easy, especially if you have a standby generator you need to keep in good shape. While it might seem like a lot of work, the best thing you can do if you want to keep your generator running smoothly is have somebody service it at least twice yearly.

If you’re looking for a good generator repair and maintenance company in Florence, SC, to help you take better care of your generator, Mister Sparky Generators has you covered. We can help you make sure your generator is ready to go whenever you need it. Call us at (843) 213-6610 to schedule an appointment today.