7 Signs Your Generator Needs Repair | Backup Generators in Florence, SC

7 Signs Your Generator Needs Repair | Backup Generators in Florence, SC

The need for backup generators in Florence, SC increases in summers due to the high possibility of tropical storms that can cause blackouts. This is why having a generator is a necessity rather than a luxury. Since your power system is dependent on your backup generator, it is important that you keep your generator well maintained so that it works properly.

Backup generators in Florence, SC aren’t used for most of the year which is why they rarely experience any technical problems. Owing to the rare usage of generators, it becomes difficult to detect whether they need repair when problems arise. Luckily there are a few warning signs that can help you detect whether your generator needs repair.

Self Alert System

Most of the commercial and residential backup generators have a self alert system that can alert you when the generator is in need of repair due to some technical fault. These generators are designed to perform weekly tests on themselves. These tests help in warning you if there is any discrepancy in the functioning and operation of the generator. As soon as you notice even the slightest deviation in these tests, you need to call for generator repair in Florence, SC. Moreover, if your generator doesn’t have this self alert system, you will need to call a technician to check and maintain it.

Wear and Tear

Generators aren’t generally damaged in their early years. However any visible signs of wear and tear from the outside must prompt you to call for generator repair in Florence, SC. This damage can occur through changing weather conditions or human error. The main frame can get damaged as it develops cracks and dents. The wires can also become frayed causing glitches to the overall working of the generator. In such a condition of wear and tear, generators need urgent repair to prevent the inner unit from malfunctioning.


As backup generators start to age, they experience complications in their structure and functioning. In these old generators, leaks can occur. It is really difficult to spot a leak since it can come from anywhere. Moreover, the nature of the leaking substance depends on the type of generator you have. The leak could be gas, oil, diesel fuel or some coolant. Leakages should be taken seriously as they can affect the overall performance of the generator. These substances are reactive and if they are accumulated in a puddle form near the generator, they can be extremely hazardous for your health and safety. This is why you need to regularly check whether there are any puddles of leakage near your generator and if you spot one, then get your generator repaired immediately.

Damaged Electrical Components

A generator has certain key electrical components that should be well-maintained at all times. These components include wiring, buttons, switches, battery, and connectors. If a fault arises in any of these components, the generator can malfunction. You can detect a problem in the electrical component through an unusual noise or smell coming from the generator. Getting these electrical components repaired should be a top priority as they may cost you your backup power in extreme weather conditions.

Low Voltage

Whenever you feel like there is a low power supply from your generator, it is a sign that you might need generator repair in Florence, SC. Low voltage in your electrical appliances indicates that the generator is having trouble supplying power to them. In such a situation, you need to have a trained expert repair and fix your generator.

Trouble in Starting and Automatically Shutting Down

If your generator doesn’t start smoothly then it means it has a low or bad fuel or the battery is dying out. It may also fail to start due to a malfunction in the electrical lines. To ensure backup power is available when you need it, you need to get your backup generator repaired.

If your generator shuts down automatically a few moments after starting then this could mean the battery is failing. The generator also shuts down as a safety measure because of the possibility of being overheated. This indicates that your generator has a problem with its coolant, which means that there is a leakage from it. As discussed above, leakages can be fatal for your health and safety.

This is why if your generator is inconsistent with starting and stopping then get generator service in Florence, SC.

Idle for a Long Period of Time

As mentioned before, generators are generally used according to seasonal changes. Due to their rare use, they remain idle for most of the year. This may damage the machine by draining its battery. Moreover, you would need to get the oil changed when you use it again after a long period of time. This is why you need an experienced technician to fix these problems so your generator can run smoothly.

Generator repair in Florence, SC is necessary, especially in a stormy weather as there is no guarantee of the power remaining. You need a well-maintained generator to serve as your backup power supply. To get your generator repaired and maintained, contact Mister Sparky Generators. They are highly qualified and well-trained in fixing generators.