5 Reasons to Install a Standby Generator in Georgetown, SC

5 Reasons to Install a Standby Generator in Georgetown, SC

We all know the dread of a severe power outage in the middle of the night. Languishing in your pitch-dark house, with no electricity and crying children can be quite an ill-fated experience. Instead of getting a good night’s sleep, now you’re just at the mercy of time, waiting for the electricity to get back.

This is a typical scenario of every household living without a generator. A prudent family in Georgetown, SC, that is well acquainted with the rough weather conditions and frequent power outage would never live without a backup source of electricity.

Getting a standby generator in Georgetown, SC, is one of the most important ways to safe-proof your home from complete darkness, and the inconvenience that follows after. However, when it comes to backup electricity, there are many different kinds of generators. Here, we tell you what makes a standby generator stand out the most.

What are Standby Generators?

Simply put, standby generators are known as “emergency power systems” that automatically start when the electricity goes out. They are most commonly used in large government buildings like hospitals, schools, and banks.

Knowing that power failures are hugely common these days, the presence of a standby generator in Georgetown, SC, is extremely necessary. These generators usually have a diesel or a gas-powered tank that can run up to 2 days without disruption. Hence, even when there are fears of an indefinite power outage, a standby generator will keep you covered.

The reason why they’re known as “standby generators” is because their standby system is designed to turn on at any given time. They have a nerve centre that immediately kicks in electricity when the National Grid does not supply electricity to households.

The good thing about standby generators in Georgetown, SC, is that they use a water heater to maintain a constant temperature of their engines. Through this, the engines are already warm and conducive to power electricity in the house.

Standby generators in Georgetown, SC, are one of the finest, household-friendly, and technologically advanced sources of backup electricity. Let’s explore 5 important reasons to install them in your house, workplaces, and big buildings.

1.   Starts Automatically

If you’ve had any experience with portable generators, you’ll know that the very process of switching on one requires you to look for the extension cord, the fuel, and sometimes even the generator itself. However, standby generators in Georgetown, SC, switch on in a matter of seconds. As explained above, they don’t need you to get up at all.

With automatic sensors, they will give power to all your rooms in a jiffy. In fact, the latest models of standby generators actually send out quick reports on the power outage to inform you that the generator has been switched on and the number of hours it was functional. This is a great advantage, especially if you’re not present at home.

2.   Safe and Convenient

Standby generators in Georgetown, SC, are already installed with a pre-wire system by a professional contractor. With a portable generator, you have to disconnect the main utility power every time the electricity is back. They also require you to tally the total voltage usurped by each household appliance to make sure the portable generator can power it.

However, with standby generators, you don’t have to experience any of these inconveniences. With an automatic transfer switch, it automatically disconnects from the main utility power and then switches itself on. When the electricity is back, the standby generator connects again without any work from your side. This makes it incredibly safe, convenient, and user-friendly to use.

3.   More Long-lasting than Portable generators

Standby generators in Georgetown, SC, can work for 42 hours straight without any issues. As long as they’re properly fueled with diesel or gas, you can peacefully sleep away. On the other hand, a portable generator will work for as long as the fuel lasts. If they run out, you will have to get some more.

Standby generators simply connect to the main fuel source, either liquid propane or natural gas, to power the entire house for a super-long runtime. This is why they are the most reliable choice in Georgetown, SC.

4.   Power Major Household Appliances

The greatest advantage of a standby generator in Georgetown, SC, is that it powers major household appliances without tripping. Depending on the fuel and size of the unit, it can power your refrigerator, cooling/heating systems, and heavy electrical appliances.

During extreme weather conditions, like a rainstorm or a particularly hot day, power outages happen for an indefinite time. There are chances that the meat and fresh food in your fridge may start rotting by then. However, with a standby generator, you can keep them fresh and cold for longer than 2 days. You can also conveniently use your electrical heaters and air-conditioners when temperatures become unbearable.

If you have a major security system installed, your standby generator will keep it active all night long. Not to scare you, but most robberies and thefts take place when the lights go out. It isn’t safe to spend the night in a dark house. However, with standby generators in Georgetown, SCyou can conveniently light up the entire house without stressing about the fuel running out.

5.   Minimum Noise

Another advantage of standby generators is that they have a silencer, which can decrease the noise and lead to a peaceful sleep. They usually emit noise between 65-100 decibels, which is ideal for household use. They are built to a standard level of noise, which is much quieter even during cold winters, when you’re not likely to turn on fans or use a cooling unit.

Where to Find a Reliable Contractor in Georgetown, SC

Now that you know the invaluable importance of installing a standby generator in Georgetown, SC, if you’re looking for a professional contractor, then contact Mister Sparky generators. As they operate in different areas, you can find them in Georgetown, SC, and get top-notch professional services for a standby generator.