A New Backup Plan With A Generator Installation Company: 6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Generator | Dillon, SC

A New Backup Plan With A Generator Installation Company: 6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Generator | Dillon, SC

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Dillon, SC, residents are guaranteed downpours and intense wind because South Carolina is among the states vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. That’s why it’s critical they take steps to prepare their families for the adverse effects of these natural disasters. With the right equipment in place, such as generators, they can minimize risks.

Hurricanes trigger tornados, flooding, and power outages, making it difficult for emergency personnel to reach residents. That’s why many local residents prefer to install home generators that are reliable during an outage.

But even the finest generators don’t last forever; in fact, the average system lasts between 10 and 20 years, depending on usage. Homeowners are usually at crossroads at the right time to replace their machines. Not to worry though, this article discusses the signs that indicate that it’s time to contact a generator installation company for a replacement.

1.  The Generator No Longer The Right Size for Your Needs

This is the common reason why individuals replace their generators. Most homeowners purchase home generators to power a few types of equipment, such as stoves, A/C units, light bulbs, and the fridge.

However, once the family starts growing, the power usage starts increasing as homeowners keep more lights on during emergencies while using more appliances.

Also, moving to a new home may have you replacing your old generator. For instance, if you used a window unit at your old home but your new home has central air conditioning, you may have to purchase a new generator to generate enough power to keep your central A/C system functioning.

So, homeowners in Dillon, SC, who’ve made significant life changes such as having children or moving into bigger homes may need to reconsider their generators’ size, power, and tank size. They will have to call a generator installation company to upgrade.

2.  High Fuel Costs

If your fuel bills start increasing, then it’s time to start shopping for a new generator. Like cars and other machines, generators tend to lose their efficiency as they age due to the wearing of mechanical components. When parts such as belts and gears start wearing down, they can’t mesh well, hence you’ll have to spend more on fuel.

When you start refilling your generator frequently when you are using it, then it’s time for a replacement. Otherwise, in the long run, you’ll find that the amount spent on extra fuel is more than the cost you would have incurred when buying a new generator, especially a fuel-efficient model.

Most times, repairs and maintenance won’t help improve fuel efficiency; that’s why you need to go for a replacement. It’s important to call a generator company when you notice poor performance.

3.  Problems Starting Up

The first part of a generator that starts to wear off is the starter. You will notice the generator is taking longer to get started, which may eventually lead to your generator failing to start.

However, not all starter problems are the result of a deteriorating generator. Sometimes a damaged igniter or other starter components could be the cause, and in some cases, the generator’s fuel tank may be too low for the system to start properly. Such issues may need a simple fix and are simply avoided by servicing your generator regularly to ensure it’s in perfect condition.

If these problems are persistent, some generator components may be wearing down, and you should consider contacting a generator installation company for a replacement.

4.  Inconsistent Performance

A generator in a perfect shape should provide consistent and regular power directly to your home’s appliances and devices.

The moment it starts to deteriorate, you’ll notice inconsistencies in its performance, such as flickering lights or appliances that fail unexpectedly. This is not uncommon for appliances such as air conditioning systems, freezers, refrigerators, and stoves, which consume lots of power. When you notice such signs, you should take a look at your generator.

A generator that doesn’t provide sufficient power can damage your appliances since they are not built to perform from a substandard power source. Therefore, call a generator installation company for a replacement, otherwise the insufficient and failing power flow will end up damaging your appliances.

5.  Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that between 2005 and 2017, 900 persons had died from carbon monoxide poisoning from portable generators. The report also revealed that within that period, approximately 15,400 people were treated in emergency rooms for carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from portable generators.

The reason why portable and standby generators are placed outside homes is to allow the carbon monoxide produced to dissolve harmlessly in the atmosphere. That’s why it’s prohibited to hover around an active generator or operate it inside a garage, indoors, or enclosed spaces where the carbon monoxide cannot dissolve.

Homeowners are advised to monitor carbon monoxide levels around their generators and record them over time. When carbon monoxide levels start rising, it shows that your generator is becoming inefficient as more gases are being released, signifying various issues, and you need to call a generator installation company.

Your generator is at death’s door when it starts emitting excess carbon monoxide and becomes a health threat to you and your family, as well as pets and wildlife. Don’t wait to suffer from the adverse effects of carbon monoxide; get in touch with a generator company to replace your old machine.

6.  Constant Repairs

It’s normal for your generator to need repairs for common components from time to time since it requires regular maintenance to perform optimally. But if your generator is spending more time at the technician for repairs instead of at the back of your garage, then it’s time to start thinking about buying a new generator.

The reason for purchasing a generator in the first place is to have a reliable supply of instant power when there is an outage. If you can’t rely on your generator for even an hour, then consider replacing it.

Additionally, in the long run, generator repairs end up costing more than a new generator. Save yourself the hassle of an old generator by contacting a generator installation company to get a new system that’s under warranty.

Your Trusted Generator Installation Company in Dillon, SC

Whether you need a generator for air conditioning during a power outage or camping, it’s vital to have a system that guarantees consistent performance.

That’s why you should consider contacting a reliable generator installation company such as Mister Sparky Generators once you recognize the above signs. With over 10 years in business, our generator installation company will evaluate your situation and help you to choose the right generator. Whether you need a generator for your business, home, or recreational needs, we’ll find and install a unit that meets your needs.