Backup Generator Maintenance Service Is Part Of Your Protection | Marion, SC

Backup Generator Maintenance Service Is Part Of Your Protection | Marion, SC

Your backup generator is a high-quality piece of equipment, but it’s a machine and needs maintenance to keep it operating reliably in Marion, SC. Our Mister Sparky Generators backup generator maintenance service is easy to arrange so that you can have confidence in your generator. Even if your generator hasn’t had to work hard yet to keep your lights on and more, it has been exposed to the weather, temperature changes, condensation, and other factors. Your generator serves you during critical times when failure is not an option. That’s one reason why we keep checking it, cleaning and testing and making minor repairs like filter changes. The other essential reason is to ensure that it stays in top condition to serve you for many years to come. Even if your backup generator runs a periodic startup and basic self-test as some models do, our technicians go beyond with a visual inspection and additional tests to make sure it is ready no matter what causes a power outage.

How Often Should You Schedule a Visit?

Many commercial generators with business operations and sometimes lives at stake are checked on at least a weekly, monthly, and annual basis, with different levels of backup generator maintenance service at each type of visit. We can help you determine what the right frequency is for your power source, and which services are vital depending on the make and model, fuel source, and capacity. For units that self-test, there’s the added opportunity to have any concerns noted during automatic testing resolved by an in-person technician visit in Marion, SC. It’s easy to get used to having your generator sitting quietly by your home, looking something like an AC unit and hardly noticeable. Scheduling regular visits makes sure that out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind when maintenance is required.

Thinking About Your Generator Can Lead to Occasional Configuration Updates

What happens if your generator supplies power for your whole house, and you install new appliances? Some, like a tankless water heater or EV charger, present a significant load when they’re operating. In addition to backup generator maintenance service, it pays to occasionally catch up on any changes in your home’s power needs. Usually, we’ve planned ahead for the capacity you might need, but big changes can be worth discussing. Overloading, and sometimes underloading by a significant amount, can affect how the generator operates and add wear and service needs. We’re here to make sure everything runs perfectly, and keep generator ownership as simple and solid as possible.

One Inspection That Can Prevent Significant Damage

A benefit of regular visual inspection of your generator that you might not anticipate is a check for signs of animal intrusion, especially rodents. A routine backup generator maintenance service inspection that identifies gaps in the cover can help avoid significant damage if nesting occurs inside. It’s the same as any other quiet, sheltered location around your property, perfect for creatures raising their young. Unfortunately, in the process they typically gnaw on wires, gather generator materials for their nest, and cause a lot of damage. Routine checks can help keep the cover well sealed, and make sure no creatures have taken up residence inside. If there are any concerns, we’ll be able to take care of them right away, to keep your generator ready to serve you.

Your Generator’s Battery Is Critical, So We Check It Carefully

It depends on your generator make and model, of course. There are a number of routine tests, monthly checks, and annual services we provide. A critical check is the battery charging system, which uses power from your house to keep the starter battery ready when power fails. If that connection gets broken, over time your battery will lose charge, and its ability to start your generator may be limited when it’s needed most. We also check and replace the battery as needed to make sure it’s able to hold a full charge and be ready to start your generator at any time of the year. The purpose of our backup generator maintenance service is to provide readiness no matter what, so our battery inspections are no-compromise.

Belts, Hoses, and Other Components that Wear

The pleasure of owning a generator is that for many models, you can run them for days if you need to. Our backup generator maintenance service checks belts and hoses, plus other components that age or wear, so that they’re all solid and durable when your generator springs to action and stays running for some time. We carry them with us, so in most cases we can simply take care of cracked, frayed, or aging parts on the spot. You never know when your generator will be called upon to serve you, so it’s important not to wait when even preventive care is needed.

Fluids and Lubricants

Your generator can serve you for many years, but the coolant, lubricants, even liquid fuels like diesel all need to be replaced as they age. Each type has a service life, and our backup generator maintenance service tracks their replacement times. We may also check fluid quality, color, and other characteristics, especially after the generator has been run for testing or providing power. We can get valuable service and wear information about the state of your generator’s engine and power-producing alternator as well.

Your Backup Generator Experts

You can count on Mister Sparky Generators to provide a comprehensive backup generator maintenance service that checks and updates your generator on a regular basis. While many devices can fail and be repaired in the course of their service, backup generators are different and need to stay vigilant and ready to provide important electrical power when they are called upon at your home or business in Marion, SC. Give us a call at Mister Sparky Generators and schedule your next backup generator maintenance service, or start the process of creating the perfect backup power solution for you today!

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