Unexpected Benefits From Our Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

Unexpected Benefits From Our Generator Installation Company | Dillon, SC

You probably think about generators keeping the lights on and the refrigerator running when the power fails. For larger generators, there’s also keeping your AC or heat running and supplying whole-house power in Dillon, SC. At Mister Sparky Generators, there are other important purposes for having backup power that our generator installation company supplies. Some are on-location power for essential services or recreation. Another is keeping your home dry. You’ll probably never guess another important one, but it will make you smile when you realize how popular it is likely to be in the years to come. Here are a few of the unexpected ways that backup power from our generation installation company can change your life.

Keeping Your Sump Pumps and Network Running

It’s one of nature’s ironies that just when you’re hit by a big rainstorm and your basement starts to flood, lightning knocks out the power and disables your sump pumps that keep your basement dry. An automatically starting backup generator from our generator installation company will kick in and keep the power going to your sump pumps. You can probably think of other unusual ways that your home can be protected by backup power. One might be to keep your network box running so that WiFi-connected devices including baby monitors, flooding sensors, broken glass sound detectors, alarm systems, and voice control all remain operational. If you’re away from home and usually get alerts from a motion sensor video camera, you’ll want those to stay active. Once you become dependent on being connected to the internet, it can be as tough as losing power to lose your connection. You don’t want to find out what needs internet by losing power during a storm! Our generator installation company understands.

On-Location Power Keeps Services Going and Sports Active

It’s a risky situation if you’re at a sports field with great lighting, playing a night game and the power goes out. Suddenly, dozens of unprepared people are stuck in the dark, maybe even more, and they don’t know where their stuff is, how to get to their cars, all sorts of problems arise. Our generator installation company can install a self-starting generator that automatically kicks in and keeps the lights on. You can even finish the game, do your high-fives, and gather the equipment before you leave. All thanks to basic backup power with an automatic transfer switch. If there’s a concession stand, you won’t even waste the food. Another on-location purpose is remote equipment like pump houses, signal lights, and radio transmitters. Radio doesn’t just broadcast to the public, too. In addition to keeping your favorite DJ or talk show on the air, backup power by our generator installation company can also sustain a communications radio tower. Imagine, the crews responding to fix the power lines need a relay station to connect their radios together, and a backup generator keeps everyone working together to restore regular power. Communications and connectivity are increasingly important reasons to make sure you have reliable backup power, both at relay stations and cell towers, and at your home or office where communications originate.

Keeping You on the Road

Did you guess this one? If you have an electric vehicle or EV, an extended power outage will prevent you from charging at home. You’ll have to seek out a charging station elsewhere, and in broader power outages, they may not be available either, or they might be very busy. Whether you’re charging the basic way with a standard cord that takes a whole day, or you have a nice L2 charging station plugged into 240 Volt power, your backup generator can keep you charging and make sure you’re ready to go when you need to. Equipment installed by our generator installation company for you in Dillon, SC can supply plenty of power for equipment like HVAC systems, so it can also power your faster charging station. This will be a popular way to use generator power in the future. In fact, some state governments are thinking about requiring EV charging as standard in newly-built homes. Maybe they should include generators?

Does Your Home Office Have Backup Power?

A proper home office duplicates most of the amenities of your regular workplace, but one you may have overlooked is backup power. Large commercial buildings often have a generator tucked away to keep essential operations going, and perhaps more depending on the tenants. If you are part of a support team, for example, and on call for critical needs, you need to have power to do your job properly. In other cases, business executives who regularly participate in video conferences, including internationally, need to have power so they don’t have to have excuses if they’re not present for a critical discussion. Jobs which have tight deadlines, whether it’s finishing a critical piece of software, or writing a speech for a politician, need power to get the job done as well. These are reasons why our generator installation company takes our work seriously, because we know what may be at stake.

Your Full-Service Source for Backup Power Solutions

At Mister Sparky Generators, we’re ready to install, maintain, service, and repair your home or business generator in Dillon, SC, even in stormy weather. We’re the generator installation company you can count on for reliable power, and safe, effective home generator installation you won’t have to give a second thought to. Let us help keep your basement dry, your sports team playing, and your radio on the air, or whatever essential service or activity you need to have power to continue. Our careful designs protect your family against noise and carbon monoxide, and connect to natural gas if you prefer instead of keeping diesel or propane on hand. When paperwork is required, we’re ready to file it. Give us a call at Mister Sparky Generators to find out what our generator installation company can do for you, you may be surprised!

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