Best Generator Maintenance Tips | Generators for Home Use in Georgetown, SC

Best Generator Maintenance Tips | Generators for Home Use in Georgetown, SC

A generator that is reliable can last for years, maybe decades as well if maintained properly. The operative word in that sentence is not last or decades, but maintenance. It is not foolish to consider a generator or any other appliance for that matter in the same way that we treat our bodies and overall health.


For instance, if an individual eats well and exercises, they will be fit as a fiddle and face fewer health concerns comparatively. In essence, making sensible choices is a way of maintain your body and preserving your mind.

In principle, the same can be said for generators for home use in Georgetown, SC. Just like the body needs food for sustenance, a generator for home use in Georgetown, SC warrants maintenance in order to prevent it from deteriorating.

The superior the maintenance, the longer the generator will endure and function without concern. Residents can save themselves from the hassle as well as the cost of repairs. The latter can entail the purchase of expensive components and may even require replacing an entire unit. Therefore, maintenance should be carried out adequately.

So what are the best maintenance tips that buyers should focus on?


A tip that individuals who are looking for generators for home use in Georgetown, SC should always adhere to is to purchase a generator with a warranty. They must never compromise on the fact, since it has several advantages.

An investment in a warranty may be the best course of action to protect yourself from cases like power outages. Anyway, generators can be exorbitantly priced and are considered a long term investment as well.

Therefore, when seeking a new generators for home use in Georgetown, SC, buyers to ensure that they accumulate the maximum information pertaining to the coverage, such as whether it will be full or partial, for instance.

Adequate Cover or Enclosure

Placement of a generator for home use in Georgetown, SC is vital and should not be taken for granted by residents. A generator itself is worth a significant amount of money and repairs can be quite costly as well. Users will want to avoid the latter as much as possible, which is why they must ascertain that their generator is covered properly or that it is installed in an enclosure.

For example, it is common knowledge that water conducts electricity. Given this fact, generator owners should concentrate on electricity’s susceptibility to water and ensure that not even the slightest contact is made between both agents.

Imagine a scenario where torrential rainfall hits Georgetown and your generator is exposed to it. This would spell catastrophe in capital letters! Even minimal exposure to water may cost residents dearly. Hence, depending on whether your generator is a standby model or a portable one, you may be required to make arrangements for a cover or an enclosure.

Another suggestion that occupants can follow is to construct a garage that is specifically built for accommodating a generator. This is not a makeshift solution but a permanent one and residents should be aware of it beforehand, so they can make it happen.


Homework is not just important in school; it must be done whenever you are thinking of buying a new commodity. A generator for home use in Georgetown, SC falls in this category. Buyers should be well aware of all the variables before they enter the shop to purchase a generator for home use in Georgetown, SC.

This saves them from all sorts of issues that may transpire at a later stage. For example, they will not want to purchase a generator for home use in Georgetown, SC that is likely to excess the maximum capacity that the generator can accommodate. Also, home owners will be faced with a challenge if they end up buying a larger generator that required and space constraints mean they are unable to store it properly. These are common concerns that sufficient research can avoid.

In the former case, buyers are advised to peruse through the ratings beforehand. These are likely to include the maximum or starting point or the rated or continuous watts. Also, if buyers are looking for a generator for home use in Georgetown, SC that packs higher power, they should know that it will only work for shorter periods at a given level.

Charging Your Generator

Manufacturers of generators strongly recommend that users run their generators every three months of so for at least half an hour. Users are urged to do this in order to keep the battery charged for the electric starter.

This is the same issue that may occur with vehicles as well. If you have an automobile that you haven’t driven in months, chances are its battery may be kaput when you want to use it after months of dormancy.

Generators are also electrical appliances which means they work in similar fashion. They last thing users will want to face is that the electrical starter of their generator is not working when it is needed the most.

Oil and Filters

This tip pertains to the operation of the generator for home use in Georgetown, SC. Inhabitants must ensure that they keep their generator humming, similar to the point we just discussed. Pumping out watts can put a strain on engine oil and oil change intervals are short in general.

Therefore, those who have a generator for home use in Georgetown, SC should purchase sufficient oil beforehand. Doing this enables them to get through a lengthy power outage, should such circumstances arise.

Furthermore, most generators, even brand-new ones, require an oil change after 20-30 hours of operation. This means disposing the old in favor of the new and refilling the generator every 50-60 hours. This becomes easier when users have oil stored in proximity.

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