Best Home Generators for Every Climate | Home Generators in Horry County, SC

Best Home Generators for Every Climate | Home Generators in Horry County, SC

While home generators in Horry County, SC may not be considered a necessity in today’s world, they’re most certainly not a luxury. It’s only good preparation for a sudden power outage or a natural disaster to have a backup power source. This allows you not only to be content with yourself that you don’t have to rely on anyone else if the power goes out, but it also provides you with peace of mind that you will have when everything remains under control in case a disaster strikes.

It’s also about fortifying your home with the necessary backups. Just as how you keep extra food or water in your home for emergency situations or extra money in a savings account, home generators in Horry County, SC help prepare for such an emergency, even though there are no immediate signs of threat around the corner.

The Effect of Climate on Generators

There are different designs suited to different climates for home generators in Horry County, SC. Generators tend to de-rate their power depending on the increasing temperatures and altitude. Over a certain temperature, generators will begin to lose power (about 1000 Watts of power over 110 F), and above a certain altitude, generators will begin to function less and less efficiently.

Hence, it’s better to know which generators will work best for you. Here are a few suggestions for the major types of climates that are experienced around the world.

Generators for Extreme Heat

For extreme heat, the general consensus is that liquid-cooled generators operate more efficiency. The cooling system on board is not so different from the ones found in cars and trucks to avoid the engines seizing up.

The engine pumps a liquid coolant into the engine which absorbs the heat and turns it into a radiator. The fan inside the engine then blows the air out through the radiator in order to cool the liquid inside.

This allows the generator to function even in hot temperatures beyond 120 F. As the engine is sufficiently and efficiently removing heat from the engine like a heat dump, it allows the generator to function for hours on end without stopping once.

The advantage of liquid-cooled home generators in Horry County, SC is that they provide the exact power on natural gas that they do on propane. Moreover, they serve as much more efficient power generation devices than air-cooled units in high altitudes.

Generators for Extreme Cold

Cold temperatures present a different problem for home generators in Horry County, SC. Most generators are rated to operate over 32 F without any cold weather accessories. And then there’s the problem with fuel. Since the viscosity of oil drops sharply when it is cooled, it becomes harder for the engine to turn over. It also reduces the combustibility of the fuel which results in hard starting.

A generator won’t generally have any problem starting unless the temperature drops to subzero temperatures, but it will still decrease the efficiency of its engine to operate below the suboptimal temperatures.

Cold weather kits are specially designed to allow generators for home use in Horry County, SC to start and keep running under subzero temperatures. There are oil warmers which heat the oil to increase its viscosity and lubricate the engine. Other accessories include battery pad warmers and breather heaters to reduce icing on the generators.

Other generator engines include hydraulic lifters which power the generator for reliability through many years. Pressurized oil systems ensure that there is proper lubrication and that high altitudes don’t affect the efficiency of the engine. The latter gives the generator the ability to run unattended for a long time. It extends the maintenance interval to about a single year.

Generators for the Rain and/or Snow

Remember that running a generator in the open rain or snow is always a bad idea. However, there are areas on the earth where avoiding the rain or snow isn’t really an option. So, here are a few things you can do to run generators for home use in Horry County, SC, in the rain or snow.

  • Make sure that you have a clean and dry enclosure area where the snow or rain can’t penetrate. Here, you can either build a rainproof enclosure or a safety canopy which is specially designed for portable generators. There are special canopies which can withstand snow, sleet, ice, and even light hail.
  • Make sure that the cover has an outlet or an opening so that proper ventilation can take place and the generator doesn’t overheat.
  • Wrap and tape the socket and connections with material that is water resistant.
  • Provide a thick foundation on which your generator can rest.
  • Check the cables and extension cords of your home generators in Horry County, SC for any defects like chipped off insulations to prevent electric shocks or short circuits, etc.
  • Make sure that proper grounding has been done for your own safety.
  • Never run your generator inside the home no matter how severe the rain or snow is outside. It can release toxic fumes in the house which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Never add fuel to your home generators in Horry County, SC while they are running. It has to be shut off and properly cooled before you can do that.

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