Common Problems With Commercial Generators That Need A Generator Repair Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Problems With Commercial Generators That Need A Generator Repair Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

In the last few years, power outages have been increasing steadily. Extreme weather conditions and aging infrastructure are among the leading causes of this change. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, power outages cost businesses roughly $150 billion annually. With the recent storms and hurricanes, these numbers will likely increase drastically.

Power outages have a negative effect on businesses. Loss of data and inventory, decrease in customers, increased risk of theft, and damaged equipment are just a few of the adverse effects caused by prolonged outages.

Because frequent blackouts make it difficult to rely on the grid for energy needs, you may have decided to invest in a commercial generator for your business in Myrtle Beach, SC. As with all equipment, issues with your generator will arise, and it may fail you when you need it most.

Read on to learn about common problems of commercial generators and how a generator repair service provider can help you solve them.


Leaks usually happen if the generator is not frequently serviced. Gaskets and seals wear out faster due to the hot temperature produced in the engine. Sometimes the leak is due to wet stacking.

When a generator works on a lower-than-recommended load, the engine does not get hot enough to burn the fuel completely. Wet stacking is the result of this fuel pooling in the engine.

After a while, the fuel starts leaking from the exhaust. If that happens, immediately call a generator repair service, as the leaking fuel can easily cause fires.

Block Heater

The block heater must run around the clock to keep the engine at a working temperature. The block heater does that by heating the coolant that circulates the engine. It keeps the engine warm during cold weather and ensures it stays cool during summer.

Because it is always on, the block heater tends to wear out faster. Due to the constant heat, the coolant hoses weaken, leading to leaks. A generator repair service will ensure all the block heater parts are in good working order.

Low Coolant Level

Low coolant levels may lead to overheating, cracked engine heads, and other severe damage to the generator. If the coolant has just been refilled but the low coolant warning persists, you need to seek a generator repair service.

A low coolant level is often due to external or internal leaks. Sometimes it could be a problem with the pump. Make sure the coolant is refilled regularly. Avoid exceeding the recommended amount, as overfilling can also cause leaks.

The Generator Does Not Run

This can be due to several reasons. For example, the engine ran out of fuel. If the tank is replenished, but the generator won’t start, it could mean that the fuel system has taken in the air or the valves are not working correctly.

But sometimes air gets trapped due to different reasons. To comply with emission requirements, newer generators restrict the fuel flow, thus increasing the probability of air getting inside the fuel system. You will need a generator service provider to remove the air, as most generators are mechanical.

Other times the control panel displays the message “Not in Auto.” This means that the control switch was shut off. Sometimes the generator causes a short in the main circuit. Contact a generator repair service in Myrtle Beach, SC, to determine the real cause of the failure.

Dead Batteries

Dead batteries are the most common reason people call generator repair services. If the batteries fail, the automatic transfer switch (ATS), which starts the generator during an outage, won’t go on.

The control panel that monitors the generator will not be able to sense changes or problems in the engine and will fail to warn you in time. The battery charge tends to drop over time. During cold weather, batteries recharge much slower.

A generator repair service technician will tell you if the batteries need to be replaced. The pro will also check the cables for damages and tighten the connections if necessary.

Reduction in Fuel Supply

Leaks are not the only cause of a reduction in fuel supply. If the generator has not been used for a while, the fuel will start to fog. This is especially true with diesel fuel. Diesel contains petroleum that will separate from the fuel and form a thick mush. The resulting sludge will not burn as quickly and move sluggishly through the engine, causing blockages.

The thickened fuel can coat the tank causing a decrease in holding capacity. This may cause the generator to shut down only after a few hours of running. Only a generator repair service professional should clean out the tank and other parts. The expert knows how to discard or recycle the fuel properly.

Wear and Tear

Even if you take good care of your generator and have it serviced frequently, some things are bound to happen over time. Belts may crack; components may burn; filters may need to be replaced.

Weather and even pests can cause significant damage. If you’ve been using your generator for several years, ask your generator repair service company to perform a thorough check next time they come for maintenance. You might be able to save yourself a lot of trouble.

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