Generator Installation Company: Adding Convenience And Security To Your Home With A Backup Generator For Support | Dillon, SC

Generator Installation Company: Adding Convenience And Security To Your Home With A Backup Generator For Support | Dillon, SC

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The more you add electrical conveniences and features to your Dillon, SC area home, the more you need backup power from Mister Sparky Generators to support them when the electrical grid isn’t feeding your home. Storms, pole damage, and larger issues can leave you without power for hours or even days. In the meantime, your home office, electric driveway gate, a wake-up call from your favorite smart speaker, whole smart home installation, even your EV charging station for your car may be limping on short-term battery power or out cold until the power returns. Chances are, you probably don’t even know what you’d be missing at this point. Our generator installation company can help you make sure you don’t miss anything.

From Concrete Pedestals and Permits to In-House Wiring, We Do It All

As your local Dillon, SC generator company, we know the local processes and procedures for proper installation and permitting of your backup generator. We’re a commercial and industrial generator installation company as well as residential, so we’re used to meeting exacting requirements. Our residential specialty adds an understanding of home-based needs including extra-quiet operation so you can sleep, power for your home’s devices such as refrigerators, electric stoves, and comfort systems, support for medical devices, and other things that keep you comfortable and safe during the storm or general power outage.

Creating a Backup Power Design that Meets Your Needs

Our generator installation company team pulls together your family’s needs, ideas, and existing power sources and wiring and creates a solution that works for you. We start with what you want to power during an outage, and any other sources you have such as solar that you might want to use. We calculate the backup generator’s required capacity, design an interconnect including an automatic transfer switch, and see whether you want to connect to your whole-house wiring or provide power to certain outlets for a reduced load. We also consider whether UPS battery power would help keep your electronics operating during the brief generator switchover time after a power loss is detected, so you don’t have to reboot your office computer or network routers, for example. From a grand design to keep your house running independent of the rest of the world, to power that keeps your food fresh and the heat on, you choose what you need and our generator installation company designs it.

Fuel Sources, Generator Types, and Generator Replacement Strategies

Selecting a type of generator and an overall installation plan usually comes after a thorough review of what the power system needs to offer. For a new backup generator system, we’ll talk about the type of fuel that it will use. Natural gas runs without refills, while propane, diesel, and gasoline eventually need refills so they can’t run unattended for long periods of time. For many homes a standard 120V supply is all that you’ll need, but for whole-house and specialized use, you may want to consider a 240V option and even 3-phase power. We can explain why you might want these, and what generator systems offer them. Remote monitoring systems are helpful options, too, providing the ability to check the generator status from inside the home so you don’t have to go out in the weather, and potentially adding other abilities such as automatic identification of maintenance and repair issues so you can easily get the appropriate service from your generator installation company. Some monitoring options are available via smartphone so that you can keep an eye on your home or vacation home’s generator power while you’re not around.

Specialized Power Options

Does your business or home need 3-phase power, higher voltages such as 240V, and other specialized power? We can help. The same goes for supporting your EV charging station for your electric car so you don’t wind up stuck during a prolonged power outage. These days, electrical power is an important part of many of our activities and homes are being designed with a wide range of wiring options, so it makes sense that our systems support what you have. Our generator installation company has skilled electricians who help design and install a complete system that meets your needs, from the generator itself to the outlets and lights in your home, garage, and outbuildings. You choose what life should be like when the utility power goes out, and we take it from there.

We Do Business and Commercial Power, Too

If you’re a local business owner or facility manager, our generator installation company can provide the backup power you need for your office building, auto shop, factory, clinic, retail store, or other commercial building with top-quality installation, maintenance, and repair to keep your backup power ready to support your organization. These are times when you never know if you’ll need an alternative to commercial power, whether because of weather-related outages, substation and power line damage, or other issues that may take time to repair. If yours is a critical business, it’s especially important to make sure that you have the power you need to keep running, and power that’s designed and installed as a permanent part of your operation. Our team can make sure that you’re covered, including your specialized power needs and UPS transitional power for your computer systems. With the right local support, if your business is active on a national or international scale, you’ll remain on-line and competitive even when there’s a power problem at home.

A Generator Installation Company that Understands Your Needs

At Mister Sparky Generators, we make sure that we understand what our customers in the Dillon, SC area need, and we show them the amazing options that current generator lines we offer can provide them. We’ll be glad to help you with your generator installation company needs, or with generator repair and maintenance or replacement. Give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do for you.