Generator Installation Company: Reasons You Need A Backup Generator For Your Home During Winter | Dillon, SC

Generator Installation Company: Reasons You Need A Backup Generator For Your Home During Winter | Dillon, SC

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You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone! Lack of power in your home can be very inconvenient. However, what’s frustrating are the blackouts during winter. Winters without power mean your heating systems, including electric furnaces and water heaters, can’t operate. It means you and your family will be uncomfortable and be exposed to health conditions such as pneumonia and asthma. Without a backup generator to offset this void when there is a power outage, it would be impossible to power up electrical appliances that you use for your day-to-day chores.

To avoid power outage inconveniences, you can reach out to a generator installation company in Dillon, SC, to recommend and install the generator size and quality that suits your power needs. Some of the reasons you’ll need to invest in a backup generator are discussed below.

Backup Heating

The winter in Dillon, SC, can get cold, with temperatures dropping to about 36°F. Therefore, having your home heated during the winter is an essential need for comfort around the house. Heat is also necessary to alleviate the risk of catching infectious diseases that individuals and pests are susceptible to during the winter.

If you house the elderly or children in your home, the need for a backup source of power increases to protect them from the adverse effects of the winter. Reach out to a reliable backup generator installation company to ensure that you and your loved ones stay warm during the harsh winter season.

Continue Running Your Business

Power outages may yield inconveniences if you conduct your online business at home or you are a freelancer. It can jeopardize your business and make matters worse; you may lose your long-term customers. Power outages may last for days or weeks in some circumstances, including snow during the winter. Having an alternative source of power could mean the difference between survival and financial loss for your business or job.

You should schedule an appointment with a professional from a trusted generator company for reliable and affordable solutions. If you have a generator that’s not operating, you can look for an electrician to repair it to keep your business on track when lights go out.

Keep Your Sump Pump Running

During the winter, heavy runoffs from snow and ice can lead to puddles of water in the basement of your home. Therefore, having a functional sump pump running is necessary to keep the basement dry and prevent structural damage that can lower the value of your home. The sump pump requires electricity to run. During long periods of a power outage alongside heavy downpours, your basement may come under threat of flooding.

Experts recommend procuring the services of a backup generator company to get a backup generator. It will help you avoid the expensive process of water damage repair in the future.

Charge Your Electric Car

The winter presents you with an opportunity to utilize the benefits of an electric car over a diesel or petrol car. During the winter, diesel and petrol cars are usually under undue strain as the diesel and petrol efficiency declines by 10 percent. Additionally, electric cars warm up faster than gasoline-enabled ones during the winter.

A backup generator installation company can help you get a generator to charge your electric car during power outages to prevent inconveniences. Electric cars are safer and easier to drive in the cold winters than diesel and petrol cars. Get a generator to keep enjoying your rides through winters with power outages.

Keeps Your Refrigerator On

Homeowners can be rest assured the perishable goods in their refrigerators and freezers won’t go bad when power outages occur as long as they have a backup generator. Consuming spoilt food from the refrigerators could spell doom, including food poisoning.

Health experts recommend you discard cooked food in the fridge after four hours of a power blackout. During winters with prolonged and persistent outages, you should consult with a generator installation company to equip your home with a backup generator to preserve the food in your freezer and refrigerator.

Protect Your Home’s Plumbing

The plumbing in your home is susceptible to damage by frigid temperatures of the winter. For instance, during the winter, ice accumulation on land could cause the water inside the pipes to freeze, making the pipes expand and burst. You will have to deal with a malfunctioned plumbing system and floods into your home.

Keeping your home warm during the winter can help alleviate this situation. That’s why you should contact a generator installation company to hook up a backup generator in your home to prevent damage to the plumbing system and minimize losses whenever there’s a power outage.


Darkness falls in earlier during the winter, implying longer nights and shorter days. While candles are a fire hazard and flashlights are frustrating to use while doing your chores, a generator-powered night light could come in handy when there’s a blackout. It can get kids calm and also allow safe movements within the house.

Additionally, it can keep away intruders motivated to strike when power outages occur. Procure the services of a reliable backup generator installation company to ensure your nightlife is not compromised whenever there’s a blackout. A professional from your generator company should recommend the best generator size for electrical appliances and light fixtures for your home.

General Peace of Mind

You may get worried when winter kicks in because of the incoming power outage, especially if your home isn’t equipped with a backup generator. However, if your home has a backup generator, you will rest easy knowing your comfort and convenience will not be compromised whenever there’s a power blackout.

Contacting a generator installation company to assign you an electrician to mount a backup generator in your home before winter can ease the stress brought about by the bad weather.

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