Generator Repair Service: Signs You Need To Repair Your Generator | Marion, SC

Generator Repair Service: Signs You Need To Repair Your Generator | Marion, SC

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With power outages becoming more frequent and many individuals working from home during this Covid 19 pandemic, no one wants an unreliable power supply. Besides, the US Energy reports indicated that an average of 1.3 electric interruptions was registered in 2016. This has led some residents in Marion, SC, to opt for standby generators. However, generators don’t last forever regardless of their model or make. Hence, it’s important to have routine maintenance to increase your generator’s lifespan.

Although the generator has become part of the home for some residents it can easily be forgotten until a natural disaster strikes or a power outage. No one wants to be caught off guard with a generator repair service when you need the system the most.

You do not want to realize you need a generator repair when you need it the most. The good news is that there are some signs that you may notice to know it’s time for a generator repair.

Visible Damages

You may notice some obvious damage to your generator and still choose to ignore it. However, this could lead to bigger problems in the long run if no action is taken. Visible damages can present themselves as loose wires and the crushed pull cord on movable generators. Sometimes, noticeable damages on automatic generators are a common occurrence following a catastrophic event such as a hurricane storm or irritating outdoor pests.

You can request generator repair services to have a detailed inspection to identify chewed wires and dents. This will go a long way in preventing costly, extensive damages that may result in the entire generator replacement.

Your Generator Has Trouble Starting

Nothing frustrates a homeowner more than a generator failing to start, especially during a blackout. There are multiple reasons behind this problem, including insufficient oil in the crankcase.

Ensure to close the choke and sometimes examine the carburetor and the fuel valve. There can be sediment accumulation resulting in blockages. Once in a while, schedule an appointment with your generator repair company to clean the spark plug or have it replaced. It assists a great deal in minimizing such undesirable experiences. When your generator fails to start, it’s worth noting that the battery may be faulty.

It’s also important to avoid plugging some objects into the device while switching the generator on. Moreover, the dirty air filter may hinder the supply of oxygen, stopping the generator from running.

Inconsistent Power

Homeowners purchase generators thinking that the machines will operate smoothly without any disappointments. Although the generator is a perfect power supply backup, at times, it can cause major inconveniences when it keeps switching on and off.

Glimmering lights from your generator can indicate that you have the wrong wattage machine for your electrical demands. Therefore, ensure your generator has adequate oil to keep the household lights on and power the appliances.

A Strange Smell

A foul smell generated from the generator could imply that your generator is damaged. It’s a sign that the gas escaping from your machine should be handled immediately by a trained generator repair service provider in Marion, SC. Without proper attention, it can result in extensive damages such as possible fire threats and health implications.

The strange smell can be unpleasant to your family and even embarrassing if you have guests. You may even have to go to the extent of spraying your generator using an air freshener, which introduces toxins to the air, affecting your home’s outdoor and indoor air quality. Ensure to reach out to a trained generator repair provider in Marion, SC, to fix the issue.

Presence of Internal or External Leak

You might find it hard to detect an internal fuel leak from a generator without a detailed inspection by a generator repair service specialist. However, the presence of oil below your generator could imply some components are damaged. An external leak is simple to spot and appears as a rainbow-colored solution with a film.

If you notice a similar occurrence, move your generator to a ventilated area and examine the fuel lines and hoses for any sign of punctures, tearing, or cracking. Sometimes, fluid leaks may be a result of a damaged storage pan. In such cases, it’s advisable to request a generator repair service to avoid such problems.

You Haven’t Started Your Generator in More Than Six Months

Every homeowner needs to keep their generator up and operational. This will go a long way in ensuring your electric battery is charged and in optimum condition throughout. Many reported cases concerning the generator originate from leaving the machine idle for a long period.

Although the problem may be easy to fix, the presence of sludge or corrosion following inactivity may call for the expertise of a well-trained generator repair service specialist.

Your Generator Is Too Old

Most generators are rated to perform between 1,000 to 10,000 hours as long as there are consistent oil changes and regular maintenance. Always check the manual for information about your generator’s lifespan.

If the generator has reached the end of its expected service lifespan, you will expect to do more repairs and deal with inconsistent performance. In such cases, the best option is to replace the generator.

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