Keep the Lights On In The Storm With Mister Sparky And Briggs Generators | Myrtle Beach, SC

Keep the Lights On In The Storm With Mister Sparky And Briggs Generators | Myrtle Beach, SC

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A Familiar Name in Power Sources for Over 100 Years

If you’ve never heard of Briggs & Stratton, you’ve got all the hand tools in your barn. They’re famous with generations for their engines, powering all manner of outdoor equipment and taking a lot of punishment in the process. Briggs generators just sit in place providing power, but their heritage is power and mobility wherever it’s needed and that’s why we recommend them.

We also repair generators, but that’s the trouble with high quality — not as much need for repairing them. So, if you buy one or more of our Briggs generators, we ask that you spread the word about your success with them. You can tell the neighbors when they come over to find out why you’re the only ones with the lights still on.

Briggs Generators and Engines

Briggs and Stratton engines were first developed in 1908. Since then, they have been the power behind power and riding mowers, snow blowers, commercial applications, utility applications, and even racing. The company has been enhancing the durability, efficiency, and serviceability of their engines since Mr. Briggs and Mr. Stratton put their ideas together and created a workhorse that powered diverse applications around the early 20th century home and farm. Briggs generators benefit from a long history of engines that people can count on for everyday use.

Mobile and Replacement Electrical Power, the Purposes of Generators

Briggs generators are available as portable, residential, and light commercial standby power sources. They provide power for everyone from campers to small businesses so they can keep the lights on and all systems go, even when the power is out. Modern generators have several different ways of producing electricity depending on requirements for quiet operation, reliability, pure sine wave power for sensitive electronics, and safety of operation near living quarters.

Where a Generator Is a Necessary Protection

Generators can be essential parts of remote operations such as radio towers or emergency services, operational outposts, or unmanned pump stations. Generators can keep the lights on for residential quarters or camps in remote locations, power weekend family cabins, and supply electricity to offices that need to be available even when power fails in stormy weather. In many cases, backup power is essential for safety and to ensure that services continue to be available even when commercial power is out.

Where a Generator Can Be Helpful

Quiet, portable Briggs generators make camping a bit less scary for families, providing lights and power for entertainment and communications. When volunteer organizations need power to support events such as bicycle races or fundraising walks, generators can power the equipment in a first aid tent or administration outpost. If your sports team needs lights for night games, look to generators to power your gear without having to pay for wires to be strung by the power company.

Portable Generators for Emergency Power

In the Myrtle Beach, SC area we know all too well about storm-related power outages. Small business operations sometimes need to keep going even when the weather gets wild or the lines go down for other reasons. Light industrial generators can provide enough electrical power to keep the operation going until conditions improve. Likewise, families can keep permanently installed standby generators out back or roll portable generators from their garages and use them to provide power to key parts of their homes. Generators power not just the television and lights, but also cooking equipment and computers, of course! Any time people are having to improvise to survive, portable power can make a huge difference and make their lives a bit more civilized.

Portable Generators For Off-Grid Power

Even the rustic life may occasionally need a power source in the cabin to operate power tools or modernize living when visitors come. Small generators provide power on standby that doesn’t cost much, and provides plenty of power security. Any time the power lines are reaching far into the woods, to a mountain top or a remote seaside location, Briggs generators can be inexpensive sources of power when the lines are down.

New Generators

Inverter generators provide quieter operation in compact packages, and generators are now available with special features such as Bluetooth monitoring, carbon monoxide sensors, wireless interfaces, and safety shutdown features. The line of Briggs generators is constantly expanding and adding new technology and transport features, making them easier to use and rely on.

Maintenance and Inspection

As reliable as they are, generators should be checked periodically with a test start and power generation evaluation. Routine maintenance ensures that moving parts are in good shape, safety items are intact, and the oil has been changed as recommended.

Upgrades and Repairs

If you’ve been a long-term generator customer, you may eventually need a repair for your unit or even an upgrade to meet your growing backup power needs. We’re glad to help!

Permanent Installation

Mister Sparky Generators not only sells and services Briggs generators in Myrtle Beach, SC but we also provide professional permanent installation of residential and commercial generators. As licensed electricians, we can connect your backup power so that it conveniently supplies your home or office, and help you make sure that you purchase enough power generating capacity to meet your needs. We can run power circuits to key locations in your building so that you can provide your essential equipment with backup power automatically available should the commercial power fail.

Count on Mister Sparky Generators for Briggs & Stratton Power

We know that our backup power customers need to know that power will be there when they need it, and we provide maintenance and repair services for generators to make sure they’re ready to kick in when called upon. Give us a call at 843-213-6610 to have yours inspected, maintained, or repaired — or to get a new, reliable Briggs Generator installed at your location.