The Process of Generator Installation | Dillon, SC

The Process of Generator Installation | Dillon, SC

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Are you planning to put in a generator in your home? If you are then there are definitely some things you should know about the process before you get started. We’re going to walk you through the entire process of generator installation in Dillon, SC so you’re prepared before you even pick up that phone to schedule the appointment. You want to know what to expect, after all, and we want to make sure that you’re not surprised when the team shows up to get things started.

Evaluation and Consultation

The first step of a generator installation is to sit down with you and talk about what you’re really expecting and what you need. Talking with a professional is going to help you realize just what that new generator is going to do and what it’s not. This is also where you’re going to talk about things like how much it’s going to cost, how it’s going to be set up, where it’s going to go and more. All of these things are part of the prep process so you can feel more comfortable with the rest of the plan.


The next stage is where the company you hired for your generator installation is going to come into your home and start doing all of the measuring and the planning for the system. A standby generator can be quite large and it needs to be in a location where it can easily be connected into everything. It also needs to be able to connect directly into your gas line. All of this can take a bit of planning and it’s definitely going to take a professional to get it all figured out.

Getting Approval

You’re going to have to approve the final plans, but you’re not the only one. Chances are you’re going to need to get permits to do this type of work in your home and that means your city, council or some other board is going to have to approve the plans as well. This is going to be a safety feature for you and your family because whoever is evaluating and approving the plans needs to know exactly what they mean. This is a secondary check that everything the generator installation company is doing is actually exactly what they should be doing.


The next stage is the execution stage and this is the longest part of the process. This is where everything is actually going to be taken care of and it’s going to be a more involved experience. You’re not going to need to do anything at this point because the generator installation company that you hire is going to do all of the work for you. They’ll make sure that all of the pre-planning they did was proper and they’ll make sure that they follow through with all of those plans. This is where they’re going to actually install the generator itself.

Once they start the installation you’re going to have a little bit of time of waiting. If your power goes out during this time you’re unfortunately not going to have any way of dealing with it (unless you still have a portable generator around somewhere). It could take a little while to get everything connected and ready so that it will kick in when you want. You can also decide just how long you want the generator to wait before it kicks in to give you power. Some people want it immediately and others might want a little more of a buffer.

Using Your Generator

Of course, you’re not going to use your generator as soon as it’s installed because it’s there in case the power goes out. But your generator installation team may want to check some of the connections and make sure that everything is installed properly. At this point, they’re going to look everything over and determine whether the system is functioning properly and will function properly when you want to use it. This could involve a little bit of testing to be sure.

Finally, you’re going to know everything is working exactly the way that it should when you actually lose power again and need to use that generator. You’ll be able to rest assured that the generator installation process was definitely worth it and the generator that you have now is going to continue to keep your family a whole lot safer and more comfortable every time you lose power. Whether you lose it for only a few hours or even for a few days. Because the generator is installed directly into your gas line it won’t run out of fuel, no matter how long you’re out of power.

Choosing the Right Path

When you’re ready for generator installation make sure that you’re choosing the right company to help you with the whole process. You want to make sure that you have a quality generator and that it’s put in the right way and that’s exactly what you’re going to get with Mister Sparky Generators of Dillon, SC. You’re going to have a team of professionals who will take care of your home just the way we would want someone to take care of ours. And we’re going to make sure that your generator works just like you would expect.

If you’re even thinking about generator installation, call our team to find out more about the process and what you can expect from that new generator. We’ll get someone out to you to answer your questions and help you with the evaluation and pre-planning process. Whenever you’re ready, we can get started installing your standby generator so your family doesn’t have to be without power ever again. How much more convenient would it be for you if you never had to deal with losing your lights, your heat and your air conditioning, no matter what’s going on outside? That’s going to be a whole lot better for your whole family.