Which of the Briggs Generators Is Best For Me | Myrtle Beach, SC

Which of the Briggs Generators Is Best For Me | Myrtle Beach, SC

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If you’ve ever dealt with power outages you know that they can be a major pain. You never know when the power may kick out or what weather system will break down the electrical grid in Myrtle Beach, SC you can always count on a Briggs & Stratton Generator. They offer a wide selection of generators that include two major categories, portable, or standby generators. Briggs & Stratton is a well known and reputable brand that will stand up to the most extreme conditions thrown at it at a price that will work for you.


The Briggs History

Briggs & Stratton started out in 1908 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. They are well known for their small engines in lawn mowers and pressure washers today but are also a leader in generators. They actually made cars for a short time before making automotive and marine components along with their highly regarded small engine business. The first Briggs Generators were sold in 2000 when they purchased Beacon Group.


Why Portable Generators?

Portable generators are a great option for your house if you’re looking for a small overall footprint and a lower cost. Being portable is great so you can take it with you if you own an RV or a second home that may not always have reliable power. Portable generators of today don’t have to be the huge pipe post frame on hardened wheels that you may think. In fact Briggs Generators may be light enough to just pick up and carry, depending on the model.


The Smallest of the Portable Briggs Generators

Briggs offers a small generator they consider a camping generator called the P2200 PowerSmart Inverter. This generator is rated at 59 decibels, less than a normal conversation, and includes their smart quiet power technology to adjust engine speed to reduce noise, fuel use, and emission. The P2200 offers three outlets, one DC and two household outlets along with a USB adapter to ensure you get all the power you need. The P2200 runs at a tested 1700 watts and expected to run for eight hours. It weighs 54 pounds in total, which is very light for a generator.


The Most Powerful of the Portable Briggs Generators

If you need something a little bit more intense to run your whole house while your power is out take a look at the 8000 Watt Elite Series. It comes in two versions, one of which comes with bluetooth compatibility so you can monitor it’s usage without having to head outside. As the name implies the 8000 Watt series runs with 8000 watts of available power and is rated to run for nine hours. It also features a control panel that adds four Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 120 volt outlets with rubber covers to keep the elements away. With 12 inch wheels and a 7.5 gallon tank you should be able to get this where you want to go with minimal trouble.

Why Standby Generators?

While they are more expensive standby generators allow better response to power outages at your house. No longer will you have to go pull the old portable out of the garage or shed and get it close to your house, standby Briggs Generators are hooked right into your house’s native electric system allowing near instantaneous results. Briggs & Stratton offers two different brands of standby generators, the standard brand which is offered through retailers and has warranties up to five years and the Fortress brand which is sold and serviced through your authorized Briggs Generators dealer that offer warranties up to ten years, a commodity in the Myrtle Beach, SC area when a strong storm comes through.


The Briggs & Stratton Standby Line

The Briggs & Stratton Standby line offers units from the size of 10 kilowatts up to 30 kilowatts worth of power. All of them offer both 120 and 240 volt lines and hook up to propane fuel tanks or natural gas depending on the model. With total amp allowance between 41 and 110 they can power everything you would need for a long term power outage. These standard Briggs Generators standby lines are around 70 decibels from a tested seven meter distance. The Briggs & Stratton Standby line of generators is also able to be used by commercial businesses, meaning if you own a storefront you can stay open and still serve your customers with certain models three phase usage.


The Fortress Standby Line

The Fortress Briggs Generators have models that are available from 10 kilowatts up to 60 kilowatts. As previously mentioned these are residential only units but have longer warranties than the standard Briggs & Stratton Standby line. The Fortress Standby line offers a total amp allowance of 50 in their smallest model up to 300 in the 60 kilowatt model. They all offer both 120 and 240 volt lines and depending on the model use either liquid propane or natural gas. From a tested seven meter distance the Fortress line has a sound level around 70 decibels.


So Which Type Is for Me?

If you want a more reliable option, especially if the power goes out when you are not home, the standby generator is the option for you. They may cost more but the peace of mind offered by Briggs Generators standby lines can’t be beat. If you are unable to place a standby generator because of space constrictions, or want your generator to go where you do a portable generator will be the better choice. Portable generators have come a long way and they offer you the convenience of being where you want them.


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